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The Walgreens Humidifier Review

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Humidifiers have slowly turned into man’s best friend in areas where dry air is causing major issues during the colder seasons. Needless to say, just like humidity levels above 60% can cause health issues and do some damage, very low humidity levels have pretty much the same consequences. If high humidity favors the apparition of … Read more

A Holmes Humidifier Review

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A good humidifier can go a long way if you’re having problems with dry air inside your home. A number of health complication arise when humidity levels are not in the normal range of 40% to 60%, causing problems in both short and long-term. This is an issue that many people disregard and spend tremendous … Read more

What is The Best Humidifier for Dry Nose?

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Humidifiers are the best solution for solving dry nose problems. If left untreated, a dry nose can lead to discomfort, but also nosebleeds. When your sinuses are dry, they can cause infections and you will eventually need a medical treatment with antibiotics. Fortunately, these problems can all be avoided if you raise the humidity levels … Read more

The Air-O Swiss Humidifier Review


Back in the days before humidifiers were here to save us from dry air, we turned to all sorts of ingenious ways to boost the humidity inside our home. From putting bowls with boiled water all around the house, to placing damp towels on our heater, we would often find weird means to get rid … Read more

Molekule Air Purifier Review

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Another reason people might not own a purifier is that they are overwhelmed by the options that are available on today’s market; with numerous special features or particulars to choose from, it is definitely helpful when all the things you need in an air purifier can be broken down in absorbable knowledge. Below is our … Read more

Top 5 Dyson Air Purifiers

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The Dyson brand is synonymous with manufacturing abstract looking, out-of-the-box products with their very own unique look. Their air purifiers are no exception with very modernistic models that look nothing like the competition in the current market. But aesthetics is not the only thing Dyson excels at. All their products are backed by superior performance … Read more