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The Ultimate Source Renewable Energy Projects


​To start this topic off, the best approach would be to introduce energy in all forms for a more solid understanding. In the world today, there are two classifications of energy; renewable and non-renewable. The latter is more commonly used since it is easier to attain, store and use. Renewable energy, however, is slightly more […]

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Everything You Should Know About Renewable Energy Sources

It seems as if everyone is trying to get more green these days and for very good reasons. Getting to enjoy living on the earth we share doesn’t come without consequence. We need to learn how to help the earth and adopt environmentally conscious ways to live. A lot of resources we consume (water, electricity) […]

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All the Ways To Go Green at Home

When it comes to our planet and how we live, everyone has a desire to do more to conserve energy and be environmentally friendly. However, there are times that it just seems overwhelming to do so. After all, we can’t all have our own self-sustaining home or plant a large garden. We can’t all have […]

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Natural Gas VS Other Energy Sources: Pros & Cons

When you think of energy and sources, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Energy in terms of physical energy? Electricity? Gas? Propane? Natural or renewable sources? Or perhaps non-renewable sources that are becoming rapidly extinct. It can be hard to pinpoint just what it is and what the multiple types are but […]

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Why Should Geothermal Be A Fixture of All New Homes?

​This is a rising question we see a lot of lately. But what’s the basis of it? What are people of all ages now asking themselves what geothermal is and why it should be incorporated into every new home? The answer is simple. To save our planet.Image sourceEnergy costs are at an all-time high across […]

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#43 of The Best DIY Wind Turbine ideas

Wind turbines are super cool because they are relatively easy to construct and look really great. Whether you are using it for a science project or wind calculations, or you simply want one for the home, there are so many different types that you can build or create. In this article, we’ve combined some of the […]

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Solar Highways: What’s it all about?

Using solar technology, roadways, parking lots, sidewalks, driveways, tarmacs, bike paths, and outdoor recreational areas are replaced or upgraded. In this way, these surfaces and areas are able to power the neighborhood. Table Of Contents What is a Solar Highway?Solar Roadways – The JourneySpecificsClean EnergyWattwayBonus PointsEngineering Flaws? What is a Solar Highway? As the introduction […]

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