Air o Swiss Humidifier Reviews

The Air-O Swiss Humidifier Review

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Back in a time before humidifiers were here to save humanity from dry air, we turned to all kinds of ingenious ways to increase the humidity inside our homes. From laying down bowls with boiled water all around the home to placing damp towels on heaters, we would always find weird ways to get rid of this unhealthy air.

What dry air can do to our bodies is not a secret. Nor is the fact that it’s killing our forests, as well as our plants. But what may be a secret to some is how awesome the Air-O-Swiss humidifier (from Amazon) is and how it provides a safe and real solution to increasing the overall humidity inside your home.

Air-O Swiss Humidifier

Air-O-Swiss 7147 Ultrasonic Humidifier

Is this the best humidifier Air-O-Swiss has made? Hands down, this is one of the most modern, feature, and useful humidifiers that money can buy. Be aware, this is not your average 2-speed humidifier, priced at $50 or less. This is a product for those to want comfort and optimal humidity levels and aren’t shy about spending some extra bucks on a unit that is carefully designed, enhanced with a bunch of features, and promises to deliver high-quality humid air.

Even if this humidifier isn’t perfect, the pros outweigh the cons, making this product ideal for everyone struggling with problems caused by dry indoor air. One particular thing we found annoying is the fact that you have to dig deep in order to discover the capacity of the water tank (which is 1.3 gallons, by the way). This is an important piece of information that should have been mentioned from the start on both the manufacturer’s official website, as well as on the humidifier’s dedicated Amazon page.


  • Ionic Silver Stick uses the power of silver to deliver high-quality air output.
  • The humidifier comes with 3 different levels of mist output settings.
  • The unit is very quiet and doesn’t bother your sleep.
  • Possibility to opt for either cool or warm mist.
  • Hygrostat allows you to enter the desired humidity level.
  • Unit warns you when it’s time to refill the water tank/clean it.


  • The unit is pricey compared to the average humidifier.
  • There are consumables that will require changing.
  • The user manual is very important, as the humidifier is not that intuitive.
  • The display can’t be turned off.

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Features & Benefits

Features and benefits

You don’t even have to open up the user manual to figure out that this unit has a ton of features compared to the average humidifier. However, the first thing you have to do once the humidifier is delivered to your doorstep is read the instructions manual. Since this unit uses several technologies that are uncommon on other models, it’s very important to know the essentials, like how to soak the demineralization cartridge before first use, where the Ionic Silver Stick goes, how to take the unit apart when you have to clean it, how to refill the water tank or what each of those front side buttons does. Remember that human error can void the warranty, so it’s best to consult the user manual as often as needed, whenever you have any questions on what to do next.

After having done so, you will fully understand the power of this particular humidifier and make the best of it. Featuring a rotating output nozzle, a water filter and treatment kit, and even the possibility to set your own desired humidity level, this humidifier is highly customizable and packed with a bunch of cool settings and features.


As per most Air-O-Swiss humidifier reviews, this model is pretty safe. A humidifier is an electrical-powered unit. As always, you need to make sure that you’ve taken all safety measures required when first installing the device, but also when you take it apart for cleaning and putting it back together.

When you’re scouting the room in search of a spot to place the unit, make sure you choose a flat and dry surface, preferably out of the reach of children or pets. As a general recommendation, place the humidifier on an elevated stand that’s at least 90 cm away from the ground and at least 120 cm away from the ceiling. Make sure that the supporting stand can withstand the total weight of the device.

Ionic Silver Stick

The ionic Silver Stick delivered with this humidifier features antimicrobial properties and is a signature feature of BONECO humidifiers. When it comes in contact with water, the Silver Stick begins its work. What the silver stick basically does is use the power of silver to inhibit microbial growth inside the humidifier. Unlike the other consumables in this particular unit, you only need to replace the Silver Stick once every year.


There is a button located on the front side of the humidifier which depicts a drawing of 3 water drops. This helps operate the hygrostat, which is one of the best features you can ask for in a humidifier. With a single press of the button, you can input the desired moisture level you want inside the room where the humidifier is placed.

Measurements go from 5 to 5 and, once the humidity inside the room has reached the desired input, the device will automatically switch off. As you input the desired level, you will notice the display mentioning “Desired” above the actual percentage level. As the optimal humidity is reached, the display will show “Current”.

Air-O-Swiss 7147 Ultrasonic Humidifier
  • High Output: Up to 3 gallons/24 hours for rooms up to 600 sq ft
  • Auto Mode for fully automated operation


If you’ve read reviews of at least a couple of different humidifiers, you’ve noticed that a timer is not a common feature on lower-end units. But this is not your average humidifier. The timer button is located right above the hygrostat one. You can set an operation time for the unit, varying between 1 to 8 hours.

You can also opt for continuous operation, a case in which the integrated display will show the symbol This feature is ideal for all users who want to use the humidifier only for a set number of hours each day, or maybe just for a couple of hours during the night, after which they want the device to shut down.


The very first button found on the front side of the unit is dedicated to switching the pre-heating on and off. By pressing it, you are setting the humidifier to pre-heat the water inside the reservoir at a temperature of 80 degrees Celsius before entering the nebulizer. It generally takes about 10 to 15 minutes to mildly heat the water inside the base. This function is designated for those who prefer warm mist over cool mist output.

Auto & Sleep Mode

A single press of this button will switch the device to auto function. This is the hassle-free option that lets the humidifier do its job normally and moisturize the air according to the pre-set humidity value. Switching the unit to sleep mode will enable a different settings combo: the timer will automatically be set to 6 hours and the pre-heating function will be activated. The device will also adjust the output quantity, depending on the target value you entered and the actual humidity value in the room.

Mist & Evaporator Output

Thanks to this function, you can shuffle between different mist outputs, depending on the current humidity and your own personal preference. The display will show the level of output you’ve selected, which can be either low, medium or high.


The generous display of this humidifier will show several indicators that change depending on the different settings you’ve chosen. There is a timer indicator, that will show the current setting you’ve chosen (between 1 and 8 hours, or continuous), a mist output indicator (showing the current output level: low, medium, or high), a pre-heating indicator (that lights up when you’ve activated this feature), an auto-mode and sleep mode indicator (that also light up, depending on which of the 2 settings you’ve chosen).

There are 2 other very important indicators that will light up when actions need to be taken: the empty indicator will light up once the water tank is empty and needs to be refilled; the cleaning indicator will light up about once every 2 weeks, warning you that it’s been a while since you last cleaned the unit.

First Use

To get the best out of your Air-O-Swiss U7147 humidifier, there is a set of rules to be followed when first unboxing and installing the device. It’s important to keep the unit away from radiators and off floors that have integrated heating systems. Where the mist outlet is directed is also very important. It should be at least 50 cm away from any type of object, especially from plants.

The demineralization cartridge included needs to be soaked in a bowl of water for at least 24 hours before the first use. The fine granules inside the cartridge will absorb water in order to reach their full potential. Since this cartridge is consumable, you will need to purchase a new one about every 2 or 3 months.

Demineralization Cartridge

At the very core of this humidifier lies the demineralization cartridge. This will help your humidifier deliver a mist output that’s free of limescale of minerals. As a consumable, you will have to replace the cartridge with a new one every 2 or 3 months, depending on how often you use the humidifier. For instance, if you notice that the mist output leaves fine white dust that settles on your furniture, this is most likely a sign that the cartridge needs to be replaced.

In order to do so, you have to remove the water tank from its base and unscrew the cap. You will find the demineralization cartridge attached to the inside of the cap. Make sure that you don’t throw the cap away after detaching the cartridge. Before putting the new one inside the humidifier, make sure you soak it for at least 24 hours in a bowl of clean water. Once you’ve done that, you can attach the cartridge back to the cap and put it back in its original place.

Cleaning & Maintenance

As you should do with every type of appliance you need to clean, make sure the power cord is unplugged from the source before handling. After having removed the plug from the power outlet, you may clean the water tank and the nebulizer. It is recommended that you do so once a week, as to ensure a clean air output and a longer lifespan for your humidifier.

You should avoid using detergent for any of these 2 parts. When cleaning the water base, it is recommended that you purchase a decalcification agent. After using it, make sure you’ve rinsed the base with sufficient water. If you want to remove the mist outlet, you can either twist it to the left or right.

You will notice an arrow located on the outlet that should be aligned with the one located on the ring around it. When both of these arrows are aligned, it is safe to pull up the outlet.

Air-O-Swiss 7147 Ultrasonic Humidifier
  • High Output: Up to 3 gallons/24 hours for rooms up to 600 sq ft
  • Auto Mode for fully automated operation

Customer Opinions

customer service questionnaire drawn by 3d hand

If there is one thing that stands out when doing research about this certain humidifier is the difference in opinions regarding the individual customer experience. From what we could tell, people are either immensely happy or terribly displeased with this product, which leads to the following conclusion: there are high chance that the manufacturer sold a bad batch of this product and caused people to be unhappy about units malfunctioning within the first 6 months. In contrast, people who’ve shared their positive experience are enthusiastic about how well this humidifier does the job and have either ordered or planning to order another unit.

Noise Level


You’d expect a beast like this to make some serious noise when operating. However, users have reported being able to sleep even with a functioning unit inside the room, as noise levels are kept to a minimum, especially if you activate the sleep mode before going to bed.

Color Options

Since this particular model is available in both black and white, customers recommend the purchase of the black unit. It has a more elegant look and it doesn’t require that much case cleaning.


There is some debate going on related to some of the functions and settings of the Air-O-Swiss humidifier. One customer was particularly displeased with the fact that the unit doesn’t retain the previous settings when you shut down the device and take it apart for cleaning/refilling. This means that you have to manually adjust the settings each time. The automatic setting is a general preference, as this allows the humidifier to do its job without you having to worry about which setting is more appropriate at each time.


Even if the display is one of the best features of the Air-O-Swiss unit, as it shows important information and warnings, you can’t actually turn it off while you sleep. This can be annoying for people who are used to sleeping in a completely dark room.


Customers have reported that the humidifier helps alleviate sinus and nasal congestion problems. Thanks to the sleep mode, one can have peace of mind with the humidifier running during the night and moisturizing the air, to make it breathable and healthy.


We expected to see a lot of complaints regarding the fact that there are so many consumables that need changing as you use the Air-O-Swiss humidifier. However, users have reported that using distilled water actually prolongs the lifespan of the device and lowers the necessity for changing these consumables. It is generally recommended that you use distilled water no matter which type of humidifier you own, although this will add up to the total costs.

Bottom Line

There are so many reasons why the Air-O-Swiss humidifier (from Amazon) is one of the best buying choices out there. As a general note, a low-end to average humidifier will increase the humidity levels inside your home by about 10-15%. When you buy something as fierce as the Air-O-Swiss humidifier, you have much more flexibility in choosing the desired humidity levels, as well as the possibility to shuffle between a wide range of functions and settings. The Ionic Silver Stick is the first clue that pointed out how much research was put into developing a humidifier that isn’t just air moisturizing but also focused on quality mist output.

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From mist output control to setting the desired humidity level, the Air-O-Swiss humidifier seems to have it all. It’s true that once you’ve committed to buying this model, you will have to spend some extra money on the consumables that require changing, but we think it’s safe to assume that spending this amount of cash on a humidifier is a sign that you only want what’s best for you and your family.

Air o Swiss Humidifier Reviews

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