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Everything You Need to Know About Natural Resources Laws

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This is a very sensitive topic and subject to endless debates. It is a fact that humans are currently consuming more resources that our planet’s capability of generating them. Each country has its own laws and regulations as far as natural resource management is concerned and the USA isn’t any different. In fact, the US … Read more

Eco-Friendly Products for the Home


The protection of our environment has become a major concern over the past years. Not only are we using our planet’s resources at an alarming rate, but we are also creating a lot of waste which is not properly disposed of and ends up harming the planet we live in. Due to some alarming statistics, … Read more

All the Ways To Go Green at Home

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When it comes to our planet and how we live, everyone has a desire to do more to conserve energy and be environmentally friendly. However, there are times that it just seems overwhelming to do so. After all, we can’t all have our own self-sustaining home or plant a large garden. We can’t all have … Read more

The Carbon Footprint of the Digital Age

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Yep, you read that right. Our digital devices contribute to the carbon based impact we’re leaving behind. And while it’s not anywhere near the number of emissions produced by machines, fossil fuels, vehicles, and pollution, it’s still producing numbers, no less. Each time we Google search something, ‘Like’ posts on Facebook, send emails, etc. CO2 … Read more

#30 of the Best Ideas for Earth Day Projects

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When it comes to teaching little ones about Earth Day, the most efficient way to educate on this important holiday is by way of demonstration. Even if you don’t have a particularly young audience to entertain or educate on the importance of this day, it doesn’t hurt to add some fun projects into the mix! … Read more

How to Be Eco-Friendly in Today’s Climate

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Everyone keeps talking about environmental issues, but how much do we really know about the problems nature is facing? Do we truly know how to be environmentally friendly? We’ve all heard advice like “stop cutting down trees” and “start recycling”, but do we really understand why this needs to be done? Let’s rephrase that: do … Read more

How Going Paperless Can Save The Planet

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I know the idea of zero-paper can be a bit of a concept to get used to. But it’s more important today more than ever to follow through and truly start implementing these ideas. Paperless means opting for email bank statements rather than the traditional mailed ones. Creating online billing profiles with your home utility … Read more