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Benefits and Uses for a Dehumidifier

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When it comes to healthy living, we typically do a good job of making our environment comfortable and conducive to our needs. But there are some things we don’t always think of right off hand, and one of those is how humidity can affect us. That’s not just something to consider when you step outside … Read more

Dehumidifier vs AC: Which Is Better?

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We all love that refreshing moment when we walk from the hot outdoors into a nice, cool building. Or how about when we go down into the basement and find no trace of humidity? That’s always great, right? Nothing worse than a damp and dingy basement. Many of us have grown to depend on household … Read more

All the Different Uses for Dehumidifier Water

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Using a dehumidifier is important in homes where there are high levels of humidity. It can grow extremely uncomfortable to live in an incredibly humid space, causing excess sweat, sticky feelings, and musty smells. But having too much moisture leads to more dangerous health hazards. With the use of a dehumidifier, you can easily negate … Read more

Can a Dehumidifier Make You Sick?


As most people are aware, dehumidifiers can remove the excess humidity from a home, which reduces mold and water damage. This also clears the air and makes it easier to breathe and live in the space. However, people have been wondering if dehumidifiers are completely beneficial to you? Can a dehumidifier make you sick when … Read more