Molekule Review

Molekule Air Purifier Review

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  • An air purifier is a household appliance that can improve more than just the air quality in a home but the majority of people are not aware of just how helpful they can be.
  • In a world that is more educated than previous generations on what toxins can do to our body and a person’s immune system, it is a surprise that the number of air purifiers in homes is on the lower side of the scale.
  • Maybe it has something to do with the price or maybe people think that owning a dehumidifier is the same as owning a purifier.
  • While these two products definitely share similarities, they have a different goal when they are in your home.

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Another reason people might not own a purifier is that they are overwhelmed by the options that are available on today’s market; with numerous special features or particulars to choose from, it is definitely helpful when all the things you need in an air purifier can be broken down in absorbable knowledge.

Below is our detailed Molekule review:

Advantages of Owning an Air Purifier

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Owning and using an air purifier on a regular basis is worth it and definitely improves the overall breathing quality in the home but why does it improve the quality?

Oxygen quality is improved, along with the additional benefits listed below, when a purifier is in operation within the household.

Some of the reasons one should own their own personal purifier are because:

  • It removes any allergens, such as smoke, dust, germs, and/or pollen from the home in the residence which can alleviate the symptoms of allergic reactions in yourself or your family.
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  • Purifiers remove harmful bacteria that can cause long-term health problems from the air, reducing the risk of transmissible viruses making their rounds through yourself and family members.
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  • They work in enclosed spaces to cleanse the air with minimal overhead operating costs so they will not increase your monthly electricity bill.
  • A purifier will remove odors, such as smoke, cooking emissions, paint fumes, or fumes in general from the air that can cause irritation, headaches, or respiratory issues.
  • It can benefit those who suffer from a lower immune system or are currently sick with a long-term illness.
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  •  It can remove emissions from the home that are a result of household appliances (stove, refrigerator, etc.) or electronics (printer, fax machine, etc.).
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Air Purifier VS Dehumidifier

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Whynter-RPD-501WP dehumidifier-with-pump

Some people tend to be confused when asked if they use both an air purifier and a dehumidifier, as a lot of people view them as the same appliance or two appliances with similar functions.

They aren’t exactly wrong, as both appliances will increase the clean air quality of the home and the health of the occupants but the overall purpose of each is different enough to be considered their own appliances.

To further clarify both of these appliances, let’s take a review of the top pros and cons of each appliance.

The advantages of an air purifier, not including those described above in the previous section are:

  • They are portable appliances and they are easily transferred from room to room of the residence that has a constant source of electricity.
  • High-efficiency filters are available at your local hardware or department store to ensure that all the toxins are removed from the air you breathe on a daily basis.
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  • It can be used as a source of white noise due to the low whirring sound that is emitted from the air purifier during operation.
  • It can be run during any season throughout the year to remove emissions and allergens, from springtime pollen to wintertime wood smoke.
Four seasons: Spring, summer, autumn and winter
  • It can be purchased in a variety of sizes to best suit the room in which the air purifier will be placed. Some models are even available in attractive tabletop models that act as decorative pieces for a minimal cost.

But as with any appliance, there are some cons to consider before making your final decision on whether you should purchase a purifier for your home:

  • They can be expensive to purchase, ranging from $50.00 to $1000.00, especially when you want a unit for more than one room in the residence.
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  • Some portable models can use electrostatic-precipitator or ionizer technology that can produce ozone emissions which can irritate the lungs and throats of the occupants of the house.
  • It will cost money to operate on a frequent basis, from filter replacements to maintenance costs to increases in your monthly electricity bills.
  • Maintenance will need to be performed on a monthly or semi-monthly basis to remove toxins from the filter to prevent overworking the purifier or clogging the intake/output vents.
  • A purifier will not remove excess moisture from the home, only the toxins caused by it, allowing for the problem to reoccur.

Dehumidifiers, while improving the overall quality of the home, focus on restoring humidity levels in a residence by removing excess moisture from indoor air.

Dehumidifiers are beneficial appliances to have in your home in their own right because they:

  • Remove excess moisture from the air that can cause respiratory issues or aggravate conditions such as asthma.
  • It helps maintain the structure of the home by removing excess moisture that can soak into wooden furniture and support beams of the home, causing them to swell and warp under the additional weight.
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  • Removes the excess moisture from the air that encourages the growth of mold and other bacteria which can lead to serious long-term health issues and even structural problems.

Just like the purifiers, dehumidifiers can have their downsides, and it is important to be aware of what they are:

  • Will does not clean the air of toxins, allergens, or bacteria, as they will only remove the moisture that can encourage breeding grounds for them.
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  • Can cost additional money to operate from higher electricity bills to replacement filters to service costs.
  • Can be noisy while in operation, especially in a quiet bedroom when the occupants are trying to sleep.
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  • It will require frequent visual checks, as the water holding tank can only take up to a certain volume. While some models will beep or omit some other warning the water tank is full, it is still your responsibility to dump the water to restart the machine.
      • Dimensions: 23 x 8.25 inches
      • Weight: 18 lbs.
      • Power Consumption: 20 – 50 watts
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When it comes to purifiers, the Molekule Air Purifier has a high customer rating and a wide variety of special features to offset the higher price tag.

This purifier has a modern design that should fit into any home décor with its cyclonical shape and aluminum protective cover. With a great range that will purify the air in a larger room, it also works well in a smaller room.

The Molekule reviews are raving and approximately 8.5 out of 10 stars on numerous independent publications and this is due, largely in part, to the fact that instead of removing the toxins from the air, this purifier actually destroys them.

With the Molekule Air Purifier winning multiple awards, such as Best New Product of 2017, this machine truly ensures that the air you are breathing within your home is clean, and fresh and will not cause irritation.

This purifier comes equipped with nanotechnology and uses this to destroy toxins on a molecular level in combination with a specialized filter to weed out what is harmful to the air or not.

It features a brightly lit LED screen so you can easily see and control the settings to your preference. Unlike other models of purifiers, this one even has a smartphone app so you can control the air purifier from another room or residence within a certain distance!


  • Modern design and look to fit into any décor with an aluminum protective covering.
  • Nanotechnology filtration destroys toxins and pollutants of all micron sizes rather than using filters that require frequent replacement.
  • Smartphone technology to control the air purifier from more than one location.
  • LED screen that allows you to easily control the settings and power all the controls, even when it is dark in the residence (bedtime).


  • A more expensive option at $799.00 plus taxes and possible shipping/delivery.
  • Only comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty that starts on the purchase date.
  • Can only be used at three different speeds, so it can take a while to purify a room that has been exposed to toxins (smoke, cooking emissions, etc.).
  • Filters need to be replaced on a yearly basis with a price tag of $129.00.



Typical purifier filters can become clogged over time if they are not maintained properly, which can send out air that has a higher level of toxins than the air that was sent through the machine.

This is because filters can become thick with dust, toxins, pollen, and mold spores when dampness or overuse occurs.

When the filter of the air purifier is clogged with debris, the machine also has to work harder to clean the air, which can in time burn out either parts of the internal operating system or the appliance itself.

With a smaller size, the Molekule Air Purifier can be placed next to other furniture, behind it or even tucked in a corner without taking up valuable floor space.

As long as there is a steady source of power, this air purifier will work to the best of its ability to clean the air in the residence.


Woman using her mobile phone , city skyline night light backgro

The initial set-up and follow-up controls are simple and easy to complete, with all you need is a smartphone and a solid Wifi connection.

This application is easily downloaded to your phone or tablet and will walk you through each step of installation before powering up the machine.

You will have to answer questions such as:

  • What is the size of the room which the air purifier will be placed?
  • Are there known toxins in the air?
Man in protective clothing with respirator. Infection control concept.

Once all the questions have been asked and answered, the air purifier will take air from the room to do a final assessment of the level of toxins in the air and use the appropriate settings.

If you do not have access to a Wi-Fi connection or a smart device, then simply use the controls on the LED screen to determine your preferred settings.



The LED screen on this purifier is also a touchscreen and will read the current setting levels in a brightly lit font that can be easily seen. If you want to dim the lights of the LED screen, a simple swipe of your finger puts it in dark mode or nighttime mode.


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The first thing that was noticed from customer reviews was that even during the highest speed, which is the boost mode, there was minimal sound compared to other purifiers.

With two additional speeds, auto and silent, there is never a large racket of noise coming from this air purifier which makes it a welcome addition to a bedroom where quiet is the key to a solid night of sleep.


When it comes to a product, unless it is absolutely perfect, you will find customers who have a different opinion on the worth or performance of the said product.

This is normal and actually educational, as what one may deem a downside or disadvantage (size, color, etc.), could be just the thing that draws you to a product.


Business man customer service satisfaction form

The overall customer service reviews seem to be on the positive side with the biggest exceptions being those who never received the replacement filters on time (while already paid for) and those who had issues connecting the Molekule smartphone application.

It seemed that Molekule was quick to send out new filters to those who didn’t receive those but only offered customers with connectivity issues the chance to update the app which didn’t fix the problem.

There is currently a new application in development for the air purifier but it is still in the testing stage at the time of this article.


Lifetime Entire Run Long Term Clock Time 3d Illustration

The lifespan of the product seems to be fairly good, according to the majority of customers, provided that proper maintenance steps are taken while the purifier is in use.

Changing the air filter when recommended is key to ensuring the air that is being sent out into the home is clean and pure without additional toxins.



At first glance, a year’s manufacturer’s warranty seems like a wonderful deal until you take into consideration the price tag of the air purifier.

The biggest issue from customers is the ratio of the current cost for this appliance that features pretty specific technology versus the warranty period, as visiting your local repair shop should there be an issue is not an option once the warranty runs out.


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The majority of customers love the sleek and modern design of this purifier. With its cylinder shape, attractive aluminum covering, and durable leather handle; there isn’t anything that people would change about this purifier.

It isn’t an overly big unit, which means the floor space needed is minimal and can be used for other decorations or furniture.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to a purifier, you want the best product possible to ensure that the air both you and your family are breathing is clean and fresh.

The Molekule Air Purifier doubles down on that expectation by using modern technology to destroy toxins and pollutants inside the machine before sending out uncontaminated air.

Available with special features such as the LED screen that accurately and efficiently tells you what is currently happening with your machine to the smartphone app that can control the settings, power, and more; this air purifier seemingly does it all.

There are some downsides to this product, however, and it is important to remember it only has three speeds for air purification.

If you are someone who suffers from severe allergies or there are pets in the home then you might need to have the purifier in operation on a pretty constant basis to ensure it is working for you.

With a price tag that is in the higher range, the one-year warranty can be a deterrent, as you might not feel you have gotten your money’s worth and suddenly repairs are your responsibility out of pocket.

We certainly hope that this short but detailed Molekule review can help you decide which to get and enjoy a cleaner and fresher air at home.

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Molekule Review

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