Damprid Review - Does It Really Work?

Damprid Review – Does It Really Work?

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The DampRid Moisture Absorber

DampRid Hanging Bag, Moisture Absorber

DampRid (from Amazon) helps you get rid of that sticky, sweety humid feeling that comes with those long summer days. Humidity is uncomfortable for you, and it can cause mold that will spread through your home, Yuck!.

Using DampRid will help to minimize all the damp and stale smells in your home as well as prevent any mold that loves the moist conditions.

Started in 1948, DampRid is an American company that was originally only sold in Florida. It wasn’t until 1960 that the company grew their customer base and started selling to retailers outside of state in drugstores and supermarkets.

Who’s It For?

This product is a powder-form substance all that simply needs to be done is the place this product in the rooms that require treatment and all you need to do is leave it to do its job. No electricity is needed as the DampRid crystals actually absorb water from the air, and as this happens, the powder hardens and a pool of water will collect at the bottom of the cup.

The DampRid moisture-absorbing powder is not toxic and is safe for use even in rooms with babies. That being said, make sure the powder is kept out of reach of small children. While it is safe to breathe in its surroundings, it is not recommended to be ingested.

DampRid effectively works in rooms that have 60% air humidity or above, which makes it ideal for people living in humid areas. It is also great to put in the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room even if you are in a dry area of the world. These rooms get damp due to the nature of their use and can retain stale smells.

DampRid Hanging Bag, Moisture Absorber, 1 box of 3 bag (16 oz. each bag.), Blue
  • DampRid Hanging Bag Moisture Absorber attracts and traps excess moisture from the air. Nontoxic and septic safe
  • By trapping excess moisture, these bags eliminate musty odors creating fresher, cleaner air

Do not use DampRid if the humidity in the rooms is below 60%, it simply won’t do very much for you.

What We Like About DampRid Moisture Absorber

  • Reduces condensation buildup in the room.
  • The crystals don’t need to be replaced often at all.
  • Works alongside or instead of dehumidifiers.
  • You can buy refills instead of having to get the crystals and the container every time.
  • Helps control that unpleasant stuffy shoe smell in your shoe closet.
  • It is reasonably priced for a pack of four, 10-ounce tubs.
  • Reduces condensation from the windows of small living spaces.

What We Don’t Like About DampRid Moisture Absorber

  • The scented beads in the powder can be a little bit overpowering.
  • You must seal the pack properly otherwise the DampRid moisture-absorbing powders not in use will get ruined easily.
  • Not recommended for use in unoccupied homes.



  • Overpowering lavender smell.
  • Does not remove all of the moisture in the air.
  • Space must have at least 60% moisture level in the air for the product to work.

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What’s Included?

There are five products in different containers, hanging bags, high-capacity tubs, refillable, mega tubs, and disposables. This is brilliant as you can choose what you need every time. The packaging instructs you on how to use the product and it is really simple to follow. The bucket of DampRid Moisture Absorber that we are talking about today isn’t going to break the bank for a 2.5 pound.

Overview Of Features

The simplicity of this product combined with its effectiveness is incredible. Sometimes you don’t need to overcomplicate things and this is an example of just that. Why install gadgets like dehumidifiers in places that aren’t safe to use them like bathrooms when you can solve the problem with this product?

Having scented beads amongst the crystals is a brilliant way to keep your closet fresh or any room for that matter that has a tendency to be a little stuffier than you would like. Being able to buy the hanging bags for a small closet makes everything that much better.

The lid locks on the DampRid container which prevents unwanted spillages. You will find that the design is one that can blend into the background of any room. The safety lid also keeps children and pets from playing with the product if you decide to place it on the floor.

Review Summary

Without a shadow of a doubt DampRid moisture absorber is worth every dollar you spend, and then some! It will over time actually save you a lot of money. Fixing moldy ceilings and walls isn’t a cheap job so prevention is 100% better than the repairs.

Use your intuition, if you feel like the room requires more than just DampRid to prevent molding and a bad odor then do use other methods. It all depends on the climate you live in and only you know what’s best for your home.
Be rest assured the DampRid moisture absorber will help you in some way no matter what the severity of the humidity. Even if you don’t live in an area with high humidity or condensation, DampRid will still freshen up a shoe or clothes closet that smells a bit stale.

DampRid Hanging Bag, Moisture Absorber, 1 box of 3 bag (16 oz. each bag.), Blue
  • DampRid Hanging Bag Moisture Absorber attracts and traps excess moisture from the air. Nontoxic and septic safe
  • By trapping excess moisture, these bags eliminate musty odors creating fresher, cleaner air

DampRid Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about the DampRid products. No question is a silly question, especially when it comes to being certain you are using a product properly so you gain the maximum benefits.

Question 1: Will DampRid ruin clothing in any way?
Answer: Absolutely not, DampRid will actually prevent damage to your clothing.

Question 2: How long will it last?
Answer: DampRid will last for years if stored correctly. The crystals in the cup should, however, be changed every 45 days to keep the product working at its maximum.

Question 3: How quickly will it work?
Answer: As soon as DampRid is placed in a room it begins to work instantly.

Question 4: How many square feet can my cup of DampRid cover?
Answer: You may be surprised to learn that DampRid will cover a room of up to 1000 square feet. Incredible!

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