Best RV Pet Temperature Monitors - Reviews And Buyer's Guide

Best RV Pet Temperature Monitors – Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

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It’s always fun to include your pet in your vacations, especially if you are traveling using an RV. But, there are some activities that will require you to leave them in the vehicle.

A pet RV monitor will guarantee your little one is safe and comfortable as they wait for you to return.

The numerous options on the market can make it a challenge to pick the best monitoring system. But we have made a buying guide and compiled a list of the five best pet temperature monitors you should consider.

Comparison Table of The 5 Best RV Pet Temperature Monitors

What is a Wi-Fi Temperature Sensor?

Woman Controlling the Indoor Temperature of Her Smart Home with an App on Her Mobile Phone.

A Wi-Fi temperature sensor is a tool that senses an environment’s temperature, humidity, and pressure. It can wirelessly transmit the data through a Wi-Fi connection.

You can get information through a mobile application, web browser, email, or text message.

Motorhome owners, then, can check the comfort levels in their RV even when they’re away as long as they have a stable Wi-Fi or cellular connection.

Wi-Fi temperature sensors are also useful as pet temperature monitors to improve their quality of life.

You don’t need to worry about them suffering from hypothermia or heat stroke when you leave them inside the vehicle because the device updates the environmental conditions.

It’s essential for every rig owner who owns a pet. We all know how dangerous it is to travel with our four-legged friends, especially when we have to perform tasks that require us to leave them in the vehicle.

Benefits of an RV Pet Temperature Monitor

A temperature sensor for remote monitoring is a no-brainer for any pet owner. It assures you that your cat or dog is cozy inside the vehicle no matter what.

Pet Safety

The main benefit of having an RV temperature monitor is keeping your pet safe in the RV while you are away. You’ll easily know if the temperature changes and if you need to adjust the air conditioning. You’ll be able to rescue your pet in case it gets too hot or cold.

Helps You Take Action

Suppose you are updated about the suspicious changes in the temperature of your RV. In that case, you have the opportunity to check other issues, like the possibility of overheating cables and burst pipes. You’ll also save more money on expensive repairs.

Useful in Other Places

Remote temperature monitors are not just for tracking the conditions in your RV for your pet’s comfort.

You can also use it at home, your wine cellar, baby room, greenhouses, and offices. Make sure you have a Wi-Fi connection or data plan so you can operate the device anywhere.

What is the Ideal Temperature for Pets Inside the RV?

Pet in a Camper RV Motorhome

The acceptable levels of the temperature inside your RV depend on what kind of pet you have. It also depends on their age, breed, and health status.

In general, dogs and cats are safe in RVs if the temperature does not exceed 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, for brachycephalic breeds like Pugs and Bulldogs, the temperature must be lower to not have difficulty breathing. Always leave a bowl of water for them and park the RV in a shaded area.

If you have a bird inside the RV, the ideal temperature is between 40 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. They can handle the heat since they originate from tropical areas anyway.

Guinea pigs, rabbits, and hamsters are safe when the temperature is around 55 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

What to Consider When Buying a Remote Temperature Monitor

Now that you know how a remote temperature monitor works, you might wonder how to choose the right product. Here’s a list of the important features to consider when buying a pet temperature sensor for the RV.


Pet temperature sensors are usually classified according to their connectivity: Wi-Fi and cellular network.

Wifi connections

A Wi-Fi temperature sensor is operated by connecting it to any Wi-Fi router for alerts and information straight to your electronic phone.

Get your router or purchase a mobile hotspot because guest Wi-Fi networks are unsafe and unreliable. Having your own will save you more time from reconnecting every couple of hours.

The price of Wi-Fi sensors is more affordable after the initial costs since you don’t have to pay for monthly subscription plans anymore.

Meanwhile, a cellular temperature sensor for your RV can be more reliable than those operated on a Wi-Fi router that plugs into a wall outlet. Traveling off the grid usually entails a loss of power, so it’s ideal to use a cellular connection to continue monitoring the temperature of your vehicle. But these devices are usually more expensive because they require monthly plans.

Easy to Set Up

Ease of use is crucial, especially for users who are not tech-savvy. It must have a downloadable smartphone application that won’t take up a lot of your phone’s storage. The data must be easy to understand and calibrate for beginners and experts alike. Users should have the option to choose what kind of alert they want to receive.

Some temperature monitors for RVs support both iPhone and Android, but only a few products are exclusive to one.

In addition to the app, the installation process of the sensor should not require a professional. It should be easily mounted on the wall, stood on top of a surface, or magnetized. You can determine this feature in the product manual before purchasing.


Another factor to consider is the temperature sensor’s portability. Your device has to be compact and lightweight so that it’s easy to carry and mount anywhere in your RV.

TempStick is only 3.5 x 1.25 x 1.25 inches, so it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

But a smaller size should not mean less coverage. Make sure that your temperature sensor can still cover the temperature of the entire vehicle for the safety of your pet. Obstacles like seats, walls, and compartments should not be hindrances to accurate readings.

Power Source

From a socket, metaphor for saving electrical energy

Temperature sensors can run on USB power ports, wall outlets, lithium batteries, or internal batteries. Some are a combination of these power sources.

Built-in batteries may be necessary for on-the-road monitoring in the event that the power goes out. If the device is battery-operated, make sure you have extra ones in the vehicle to replace them.  


The sensor is more likely to be exposed to changing weather and vibrations when you’re out and about. The monitor should be able to handle these situations through its sturdy construction.

Take a look at the customer reviews before checking out. You don’t want to buy a model that won’t work after getting wet. This will leave you with no choice but to leave your pet in the RV without a way to monitor if they feel too hot or cold.

Look for models with high-quality designs like TemptStick. It has a low-profile but durable design that can last a long time. 


Above all, you must consider how much you’re willing to spend on an RV pet temperature monitor. The average price for these devices is $100. Those below $100 can still send you push notifications when temperature changes are observed. However, they might require a monthly or annual membership.

If you’re willing to pay more than $100, you’ll be getting higher-end sensors that offer real-time, accurate, and consistent alerts. Some have the option to let you connect additional sensors, although this feature is unnecessary for a small RV.

Top 5 RV Pet Temperature Monitor Reviews

Now that we’ve set the criteria for choosing the best RV pet temperature monitors, here are five of the best sensors that made it to the list.

1. Temp Stick Wi-Fi Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Temp Stick Remote WiFi Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Temp Stick is deemed the most reliable temperature and humidity sensor for RVs and other settings because it lets you monitor even the most extreme conditions. Whether you’re traveling somewhere that can reach negative 40 degrees Fahrenheit or going to a desert that’s 125 degrees Fahrenheit, you can count on the free smartphone application to give you alerts.

The RV temperature monitor is easy to use and set up as long as you have a decent Wi-Fi connection. Temp Stick runs on a battery, which makes it ideal for RVs. The app can also notify you about the battery levels and Wi-Fi signal loss. Make sure you have extra batteries because Temp Stick does not have a battery backup.

You can also set the normal range of temperature and humidity so it can send alerts if the metrics reach a dangerous level. The mobile phone application, which can be downloaded on Android and Apple, is also helpful if you’ll be leaving your pets in the RV for a while. Just set the intervals for app notifications so you can guarantee that your pets are safe and comfortable every 10, 15, 30, or 60 minutes.

One of its cool features is that the readings are done 24/7 and saved online for an unlimited time. You can check the log to look for previous readings and trends and help you optimize the temperature and humidity of your RV.


  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Most accurate readings
  • Free and easy setup
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Mobile device application is user-friendly
  • Detailed history reporting for an unlimited time
  • Free phone and email support
  • 3-year warranty
  • No monthly subscription fees of monthly plan


  • The shortest interval for readings is 5 minutes
  • Short battery life, especially if readings are provided more frequently
  • No screen display on the sensor

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2. MarCELL PRO Cellular Monitoring System with Water Sensor

MarCELL Cellular Temperature, Humidity & Power Monitor

We understand how hard it is to stay connected to a reliable Wi-Fi connection when you’re on the road.

That’s why you should go for MarCELL Pro Cellular Monitoring System which relies on a cellular network instead. It’s the best device if you’re looking for an advanced but also simple temperature and humidity sensor when you don’t have a reliable Wi-Fi connection.

Or if you’re traveling somewhere that’s prone to power outages.

Like other Smartphone-enabled sensors, it sends readings on your cell phone but in the form of texts, phone calls, and emails. It notifies you when the levels reach dangerous ranges.

It’s easy to set up, and you can place it near your pet to make sure it’s detecting the environment they’re in.

Marcell has received a ton of positive reviews, especially when it comes to pet safety and monitoring the heat in customers’ RVs. It has an intuitive smartphone app that lets you calibrate the device. Set parameters for normal ranges so that it will send you a message when your pet is in an unsafe condition.

The readings are logged every 30 minutes as long as Verizon cellular service is uploaded to the dashboard every 8 hours. However, unlike Temp Stick, you need to pay monthly subscription costs for real-time readings.

But what makes this pet temperature monitoring system stand out is its ability to monitor water leaks through SPucks. Just use the ender wire included in the package to remotely monitor leaks and overflows in critical environments.


  • The cellular connection is ideal for those in remote locations without a Wi-Fi connection
  • Accurate readings
  • Supports water leak sensor SPucks
  • Features a 48-hour backup battery


  • Not as compact and portable as TemptStick
  • Monthly/annual service fees
  • Expensive device

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3. Waggle Store RV/Dog Safety Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Waggle RV/Dog Safety Temperature & Humidity Sensor | Wireless Pet monitoring system

While the previous products have versatile uses, Waggle is specifically marketed for pet owners who wish to travel with their pets. The mobile-enabled device has a modern and clean design as it offers reliable performance in checking the temperature and humidity levels anywhere in your RV.

One of the most excellent features of this pet temperature monitor is its ability to provide real-time updates on your RV’s temperature, humidity, and heat index. It changes every minute to leave no gap. We also like that it includes an internal battery to continue working even if it’s low in battery or there is power loss.

Waggle does not have information on its temperature and humidity range, but you can still receive emails or texts depending on your preference. Make sure you have a cellular signal and subscribe to the app to experience these benefits.

Don’t worry because the company offers flexible subscription offers. You may choose from their quarterly to annual plans to ensure your pet’s comfort wherever you are.

Waggle does not have an integrated LCD in terms of design, but the device is rather compact. Its low-profile design doesn’t take up any space in the RV. Just mount it anywhere and operate everything else with your phone.


  • Offers live readings
  • Easy to set up and install
  • Readings are instant and customizable


  • Doesn’t work in areas without Verizon signal
  • Mobile application is not user-friendly
  • Expensive subscription fees
  • No digital display
  • No GPS tracking

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4. SensorPush HT1 Wireless Thermometer and Hygrometer

SensorPush HT1 Wireless Thermometer/Hygrometer for iPhone/Android

SensorPush HT1 is a wireless temperature and humidity monitor that is considered one of the most innovative in the market. It’s a compact yet premium thermometer and hygrometer that does a great job at providing humidity and temperature alerts.

This RV temperature monitor has a range of 325 feet or almost 100 meters wireless range so you can track the whole RV or even a whole house. Setting up the unit is a breeze, as well as accessing the mobile application. It’s completely free for you to record and receive temperature and humidity readings for a long time.

SensorPush features a wide range of temperatures from negative 40 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, making it great for monitoring your furry friend’s safety. The sensor is Swiss-made, with a built-in hygrometer for reliable readings straight to your cellular phone. You can be confident about the quality of this device to keep your pets safe.

One issue with the Sensor Push HT1 is that it has no digital display station. You need to rely on your cellular unit for updates and messages. It doesn’t come with a free Wi-Fi getaway for remote monitoring, but you can upgrade it anytime you want.


  • Equipped with professional-level sensors that provide accurate readings
  • Bluetooth connectivity of up to 325 feet
  • Easy to set up


  • Not waterproof
  • The battery life is shorter than expected (unless you use a lithium-ion battery)
  • No digital display station

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5. Petcube New 2020 Cam Pet Monitoring Camera

Petcube Cam Indoor Wi-Fi Pet and Security Camera with Phone App

If you want to add another pet monitoring system alongside your thermometer and hygrometer, you might consider getting the Petcube 2020 Monitoring Camera. It’s also ideal to be used in the RV in case you leave your four-legged friend inside for a while. It offers real-time surveillance of your pet to ensure their safety while they are alone.

Check out what your pet is doing from time to time with its camera, which records in 1080p and features a 110-degree vision field for you to see the whole room. At night or in any low-light situation, the night vision mode is activated.

It also has two-way audio which lets you talk on the app for your pet to hear from the device. The camera has a microphone so you can hear your dog bark. It supports only 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi routers, so the videos might take time to load.  

Take note that this unit does not offer temperature and humidity readings in your RV. It’s meant to be an additional monitoring system to give you some peace of mind knowing Fido is safe in the vehicle. Purchase it alongside Temp Stick for a fully optimized pet monitoring service.


  • Night vision mode is automatic
  • Easy to setup
  • Wide angle lens to cover the entire room
  • inexpensive


  • No pet temperature alerts
  • Subscription is required if you want to store the video
  • Video streaming takes too long to load

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Final Thoughts

It makes sense that you should install an RV temperature monitor when you’re traveling with your pet because there will be times when you have to leave them in the vehicle.

After reviewing the best temperature monitors for pets and RVs, it’s obvious that the TempStick Wi-Fi Temperature Sensor stands out among the others. Next to it are MarCELL PRO Cellular Monitoring System and Waggle Store RV/Dog Safety Temperature and Humidity Sensor.

Temp Stick has the widest range of temperature at -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 140 degrees Fahrenheit with an accuracy of 4 degrees compared to SensorPush HT1. While Waggle’s app is not beginner-friendly, Temp Stick is easy to navigate and has unlimited storage for temperature alerts. 

Overall, you can count on Temp Stick for its accurate readings, Wi-Fi connectivity, and phone notifications to keep your pets safe while you are away from the RV. Want more awesome guides like this? Check out our suggestions for the best diffuser humidifier.

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