Best Indoor Outdoor Thermometer - Great Options For Your Home

Best Indoor Outdoor Thermometer – Great Options For Your Home

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Knowing the temperature of your surroundings helps you to plan your day out or adjust your home conditions accordingly.

Today’s thermometers have evolved to include things like digital displays and hygrometer functions, so it can be hard to choose the best device for you.

I’ve rounded up the best indoor-outdoor thermometers on the market for you to choose.

These products have passed our evaluation based on cost, accuracy, range of distance, and additional features.

Comparison Table of the 8 Best Indoor Outdoor Thermometers

Why Have an Indoor-Outdoor Thermometer?

The primary purpose of a thermometer that you can use indoors and outdoors is to gather information about the temperature without having to move.

If you are lazy to go down the wine cellar, just check the reading provided on the device mounted on your wall to see if the temperature is within the acceptable range. And if it’s too cold to check outside, you can consult the display on your thermometer for readings.

Some thermometers also give you an accurate reading of the time, humidity, and barometric pressure of your surroundings.

Some places you can put your indoor-outdoor temperature monitor in include the baby room, refrigerator, greenhouse, and barn. You can also use them on cars and trucks that carry snow or ice.

Do Indoor-Outdoor Thermometers Have Extra Features?

Some indoor-outdoor thermometers let you tell the time through their clock feature. Others have a hygrometer function that allows you to determine the humidity of your surroundings.

Trend arrows also let you know if the temperature is rising or going down. Other extra features include weather forecasts, graphical representations of the weather, barometric pressure, and the moon phase.

Can I use an indoor-outdoor thermometer in an apartment or rental unit?

Girl adjusts and regulate the room temperature with smart phone on switch wall

Yes, you can. Wanting to monitor the temperature of your rental unit does not violate any rule as long as you do not drill holes to hang the thermometer on the wall. Most indoor-outdoor thermometers let you sit the device on top of a flat surface.

Features of the Best Indoor-Outdoor Thermometers

Most thermometers now fit modern smart homes because of their sleek design and impressive performance. If you want to make a practical purchase, here are the most essential features to look for in an indoor-outdoor thermometer.

Accurate Readings

Accuracy is the most vital aspect and notable feature you should consider when deciding on an outdoor or indoor thermometer. For things such as barometric pressure readings, humidity trends, environmental conditions, and temperature accuracy.

These devices usually don’t have the same temperature range indoors and outdoor, so it’s best to choose one with the highest possible range to give you more reliable data 24/7.

Such range will allow you to place the device in areas with extreme temperatures like your yard or freezer.

If you need it for outside, make sure to get one with an outdoor sensor that can withstand a list of weather conditions such as wind, water, direct sunlight, and other things.

Thermometers usually arrive pre-calibrated already, meaning they provide accurate data straight out of the box. But it should still have an option for you to manually calibrate it.

Hygrometer Function

Digital hygro thermometer in laboratory

Some may find the hygrometer function unnecessary, but you also have to gather information about the humidity of your household. For example, if you have allergies or asthma, you will benefit from a hygrometer to ensure that the space isn’t too dry or humid.

If you have cigars at home, you need to make sure that the flavor and aroma don’t get dried out by the environment. You can also prevent cracks on your guitar if they are kept at a safe temperature and humidity levels.


The size of your indoor-outdoor thermometer depends purely on your preference. But you need to take note that the larger the display screen, the more readable the digits are.

With a digital display screen, you will need bigger numbers and symbols that do not feel cramped.

Some thermometers also feature a backlight so you can read the information even in the dark with a bold display. You can also get some models with color displays to differentiate between each mode such as the humidity gauge, temperature, and more.

The display size and display unit also come into play here. Whether you have an indoor unit or one placed outside, make sure you get a model that has a large enough display screen to show the indoor or outdoor readings in an easy-to-see manner.

To sum up, make sure you have a unit that has:

  • Current temperature
  • Daily temperatures
  • Attractive display
  • Easy-to-read display
  • Air temperature
  • Ground temperature
  • Outdoor temperature reading
  • Indoor temperature reading
  • Humidity monitor and humidity level
  • Display of time
  • Weather forecasting
  • Atmospheric pressure

Can Be Placed Anywhere

If you’re placing your sensor outdoors, you should be able to hang it to a hook or mount it on the wall. If you’re keeping it indoors, make sure it can be mounted on the wall or placed on top of a flat surface.

Multiple mounting options give you tons of choices on the strategic places to leave your thermometer. Just don’t put it near an appliance that radiates heat to keep the temperature readings accurate.

The same goes for humidity. Be mindful of where you place it so as to not cause the humidity sensor to perform incorrectly. If you’ve got an air conditioner, dehumidifier, or humidifier, these will all affect the readings.


An affordable price is just as important as a good warranty in a wireless temperature sensor. You need an indoor-outdoor thermometer that lets you get more than your money’s worth. You can get very affordable ones that are complete with trend arrows, a hygrometer, a backlight, and a wide range of transmissions. But you also have to make sure that they will last a long time, especially in extreme conditions.

Battery Life

Digital models need batteries. The longevity of your batteries depends on what type you choose for your indoor-outdoor thermometer. Rechargeable batteries are recommended, not only for their quality but for their ability to reuse them. Lithium batteries are one of the more common types and an ideal choice for battery power. 

Top 8 Outdoor Thermometer Reviews

1. ThermoPro TP60S Digital Hygrometer Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

ThermoPro TP60 Digital Hygrometer Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Wireless Temperature and Humidity Gauge

ThermoPro TP60S (from Amazon) is our top recommendation for indoor-outdoor thermometers because it’s one of the most affordable indoor-outdoor thermometers from the brand with the best features.

Even though it’s budget-friendly, this device remains more reliable than other thermometers. It’s definitely an excellent choice.

It has a setting for indoor and outdoor temperatures and humidity percentages, along with three sensors that you can place in different locations. This is great because you’ll easily get updates about the weather from multiple places. And it gives an accurate measurement of these things.

ThermoPro has a wireless range of 200 feet, making it one of the most acclaimed in the market. You can also manage readings from the three different sensors easily because the device rotates between these points. Even though the device can’t handle fog, the sensor’s LCD screen display is very easy to read.


  • Comes with batteries and a screwdriver for the cover of the battery
  • Affordable
  • Can connect to multiple sensors
  • 24-hour report on humidity and temperature


  • The min/max button is at the back, so the unit must be removed from the wall to adjust.

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2. AcuRite Digital Thermometer with Indoor and Outdoor Temperature 00424CA

AcuRite Digital Thermometer with Indoor, Outdoor Temperature and Daily High and Lows

If you are looking for a convenient device and a small thermometer that provides temperature readings straightforwardly, AcuRite 00424 (from Amazon) would be a wise choice. It’s great for those who don’t need to monitor the humidity levels indoors and outdoors. We love the minimalistic design and modern style. Other models have larger screens, but this one sums up a range of readings in a compact way.

The accurate and reliable temperature reading is contently displayed on the tiny LCD screen. Compared to AcuRite’s other models like the AcuRite 02081M, AcuRite 00424 features temperature trend arrows that determine if the temperature rises, falls, or stays the same. It also displays the highest and lowest recorded temperature over the past 24 hours.

People who wish to install sensors outdoors that are not too far away can also use AcuRite since it has a range of 165 feet, a little smaller than some indoor-outdoor thermometers. If you’re unsure where to place it, use the signal strength indicator as a guide.


  • Delivers accurate temperature readings
  • Most compact design
  • Sturdy construction
  • Has temperature trend arrows
  • Strong signal penetration
  • Wall adapter for wall installation 
  • Limited one-year warranty


  • No humidity readings
  • Acurite’s old model
  • Battery not included
  • Short wireless range

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3. SMARTRO SC 92 Professional Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

SMARTRO SC92 Professional Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Wireless Digital Hygrometer Room Humidity

If the organization and readability of the numbers are your priority, then you should definitely consider getting the SMARTRO SC92.

The battery-powered sensor can connect up to 3 wireless sensors, which means you can keep track of different parts of your house, indoors and outdoors.

It boasts precise readings with a color screen. The minimum readings for outdoor conditions as well as indoor are displayed in an easy-to-read way with a backlight display screen and large digits.

Just touch the top of the device on your LCD, and then the light will turn off to save power. It also lets you mount the device in different ways. Let it stand, hang, or attach to an appliance to help make reading easier.

SC92 lets you place the sensors 200 feet away, so those with big houses can benefit from it. The data provided are always accurate as long as it is within -40°F to 158°F for outdoor and indoor.

The only downside of this thermometer is that it’s not weather-resistant. Make sure to keep it away from direct rain or sunlight outdoors.


  • Connects up to three sensors
  • Accurate temperature and humidity
  • Backlit, digital display
  • Can be mounted anywhere
  • Colored Display


  • Expensive
  • The backlight does not stay on

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4. ThermoPro TP62 Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

ThermoPro TP62 Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Wireless Weather Hygrometer

Some thermometers need to be removed from the wall or fridge to adjust the settings behind. If you’re tired of this, ThermoPro TP62 has the most convenient front-facing buttons, so you can customize the device based on your needs.

ThermoPro claims to provide accurate measurements for temperature and humidity across three locations.

Many tend to overlook the importance of monitoring your room’s humidity when it can help you make your room comfortable and safe from illnesses. It’s a good thing this device also acts as a hygrometer.

The monitor of ThermoPro also shows trend indicators to keep you updated about the changes in your environment. Another enjoyable feature of ThermoPro is its orange backlit LCD which makes the large digits visible even from afar.

However, you should avoid placing the sensor in areas with wall obstructions for a strong signal.

Despite the different symbols and buttons, the unit offers a simplified user experience, making it perfect for non-techies. Get exact temperature readings and humidity levels with ease.


  • Provides 24-hour temperature and humidity display
  • The backlighting function makes the numbers readable
  • Colored LCD display
  • Has trend arrows
  • Highly accurate temperature readings
  • Comes with batteries
  • Backlight display


  • Incorrect readings for humidity
  • Poor accuracy range
  • Not weather-resistant

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5. Taylor Wired Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer

Taylor Wired Digital Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer

Taylor is another well-known brand in the world of thermometers that has been around for 170 years. Thrifty people will love their wired digital indoor/outdoor thermometer because, at less than $13, you can already monitor the temperature of your house.

The 10-foot probe may be a dealbreaker for some, but it can withstand extremely hot or cold temperatures, even outdoors. Taylor can provide accurate readings personalized to your spaces, whatever the season is.

Even though it’s budget-friendly Taylor 1710 Wired Thermometer has a competitive temperature range just like other wireless and new models in the market. It can even give you ice alerts so you can safely plan your travels and keep an eye on your surroundings.

Like most sensors, you can mount it on the wall or let it stand on a tabletop.

The LED display also acts as a clock, so you can easily compare temperatures between different times.


  • Instant and accurate temperature reading
  • Oversized numbers are more readable
  • Can be placed anywhere
  • Has ice alerts and a clock
  • affordable


  • No humidity readings
  • Wired setup
  • No backlight

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6. Taylor Precision Products Indoor/Outdoor Wall Thermometer

Taylor Extra Large Metal Wall Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

If you prefer to monitor the temperature of your surroundings more simply and practically, Taylor’s wall thermometer can help you do that.

With its classic analog design, there’s no need to adjust settings and check complicated trend indicators. But it has a little bracket that can be rotated to align the needles to the right temperature.

All you have to do with this device is see which value the red pointer is pointing to.

Although it’s best used outdoors, the clock-like thermometer is easy to read inside and outside the house. It doesn’t need to be backlit because it provides maximum readability at 18 inches.

We think it’s best for outdoor use so you can maximize its weather-resistant and shatterproof features.

It can withstand even the worst rainfalls and most extreme heat to provide you with accurate readings in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. It also makes a great décor outdoors, especially on barns, schools, and backyards.

Taylor includes two built-in hangers at the back of the device so you can conveniently hang them on walls. If you don’t care for things like colored LCD display, backlight display, or even weather icons, this is a great choice. 


  • Huge display makes temperature easy to read
  • Weather-resistant
  • Shatterproof design


  • Best for outdoor use
  • No humidity readings
  • No colored display
  • No backlight display
  • Can’t stand on a tabletop

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7. ThermoPro TP63B Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Hygrometer

ThermoPro TP63B Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Wireless Hygrometer

The widest range award goes to ThermoPro TP63B for providing accurate inside and outside temperature and humidity readings up to 500 feet away. This is ideal for people with huge houses.

You can also cover multiple household points because this model lets you connect up to three sensors. Place it in your yard, garage, baby room, wine cellar, living room, and anywhere else you want.

ThermoPro has a backlight LCD to help you read the digits even if you’re a few feet away and in the dark. You can also read trend indicators to keep you informed about all changes in your living conditions.

A touchable button is placed in front, so you don’t have to detach the device from the wall anymore.

One likable feature of ThermoPro is that it’s waterproof. Compared to other digital thermometers for outdoor use, this one does not get damaged in the rain. It can also handle cold temperatures.


  • Accurate temperature readings
  • Can sync multiple sensors
  • Ranges up to 500 feet
  • Backlit LCD screen with large digits
  • Includes batteries
  • Waterproof and cold-resistant


  • Humidity readings are not accurate

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8. Taylor Precision Products Wireless Digital Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer

Taylor Wireless Digital Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

Maybe you just need a small and simple thermometer for indoor use. If that’s the case, try the Taylor Precision Wireless Digital Thermometer. It provides accurate updates about the temperature in your household from approximately 200 feet away.

You will find that it’s a great choice because you can place the device anywhere within this range, and you’ll still get the numbers you need.

Even though the unit has no backlight and a small LCD screen, the digits are still large enough to be viewed from a certain distance.

Use lithium batteries if you live in a cold region to read the outdoor temperature from -40 to 140F. Alkaline batteries are acceptable for indoor use.

This thermometer also displays the time, so you can compare temperatures depending on the time. It’s also meant to sit on top of the table because of its fold-up stand.

Overall, Taylor is simple and easy to use in any area of the house. It displays temperatures and provides basic daily readings that you need.


  • Accurate temperature readings
  • Ranges up to 200 feet


  • No weather icons
  • Small LCD
  • No humidity readings

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Indoor and outdoor thermometers are an asset at home, so it’s just right that you pick the best one with complete features at a reasonable price. ThermoPro TP60S wins the battle of indoor-outdoor thermometers, followed by AcuRite 00424CA and SMARTRO SC 92.

ThermoPro TP60S is the most promising because it has a wireless range of 200 feet, compared to Acurite, which only covers 165 feet.

This makes it perfect for those with large properties where the sensor might be too far from the base unit. You can also connect ThermoPro to multiple sensors, unlike the Taylor Wired Thermometer, which stands alone.

This way, you can monitor the temperature of multiple household locations at once.

Most importantly, a good indoor-outdoor thermometer provides accurate readings of temperature levels, so it’s a good thing that ThermoPro has an indoor temperature range of -4°F-158°F and -58 °F-158°F for outdoors with an additional hygrometer function.

Did you enjoy this article? Let us know in the comments! And for more helpful tips, check out our guide to the best humidifiers for allergies.

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