Do Floor Tiles Make A Room Colder?

Do Floor Tiles Make A Room Colder?

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It is a common myth that tile floors make a room colder. Tiled floors are not going to be any colder than any other surfaces in your room, therefore they can’t impact the temperature of the room at all. 

Although the material of the floor might appear to be making a difference in the temperature of the room, it only impacts the ambiance, not the actual temperature.

Carpeted flooring, for example, is a very popular choice in England because of the fashion and culture. Britts chose carpet because they are soft and they feel more comfortable when walking on them with bare feet, giving the impression of a warmer room when really it changes nothing. 

You should not be choosing a flooring material based on how warm or cold it will make the room “feel”, because it doesn’t impact the temperature unless you have in-floor heating. So go for a floor type that suits your style and the style of your home and one that is easy to clean and maintain. 

There are many benefits to using tiled flooring in your home. Here are a few reasons why I love having tiled floors in my home:

Long Lasting

Tiled floors that have been fitted correctly will last a lifetime, especially if you have chosen good-quality tiles. If a tile cracks or chips, you only need to replace that one tile, saving you money on maintenance too. 

Easy to Clean 

You can see when a tiled floor needs to be cleaned, there isn’t any of that guessing work that comes with carpet flooring, that’s for sure. Using a mop is the quickest way of cleaning tiled floors, check out the 10 best mops for tile floors here.  

Less Maintenance Required

Actually, the best way to maintain your floor is by cleaning it regularly with a mop… it’s that simple. Carpets on the other hand must be professionally cleaned every 6 months to get rid of dirt build-up and so on. Natural wood floors need sealants and treatments regularly, as well as specific cleaning products suitable for weeds. Nightmare! 

They Don’t Hold Dust

Not only is this brilliant from a cleaning point of view, but it is great for health reasons too. If you have pets and someone in your home has a cat or dog allergy, they will feel a lot more comfortable with tiled floors because they can be cleaned of any pet hairs in just minutes.  But do them a favor anyway and make sure to brush them or get a hypoallergenic dog.

The same goes for people suffering from asthma, carpets collect dust and can flare up asthma attacks without warning. Tiled floors are far less likely to accumulate enough dust to bring on an asthma attack between cleaning than any other floor type. 


Tiled floors go with almost any decor, so if you get sick of the interior design of your home, you can just paint the walls and rearrange the furniture, leaving the floor as it is. 

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