Is An Air Conditioner Healthy For A Newborn Baby?

Is An Air Conditioner Healthy For A Newborn Baby?

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Newborn babies can’t regulate their little body’s temperature, making it difficult for parents to keep them warm or cool enough at any time. Wrapping up a newborn in a cozy blanket is something to be expected, but if you have a baby in the middle of a heatwave, you need another plan.

Or you might be pregnant and worried about your little one’s arrival. That is okay, worrying is normal. from the moment you found out you were pregnant you have probably been worrying, and guess what, that does not go away. Take your mind off worrying for a moment and check out this pregnancy page for some facts and other general pregnancy information. 

Babies are comfortable in a room that is 22 to 23 degrees Celsius. In a place like Florida in the summer, such a temperature is impossible to maintain without cranking up an air conditioner. When you have a baby in hot climates, the nurses in the hospital advise parents to turn the air conditioner on at home so that the baby doesn’t overheat.

If a newborn baby overheats, they will be incredibly sleepy and struggle to wake up for their feeds. This is incredibly dangerous as it could result in your little one getting dehydrated or worse, suffering from heatstroke. 

How to Correctly Use Air Conditioners With a Newborn Baby 

So, now that you know that air conditioners are okay to use with a newborn baby in the house, you need to make sure you are using them safely and correctly to comply with the baby’s needs. Here is a ‘how-to’ guide for using air conditioners with a newborn;

1. Always Have a Thermostat in the Room 

We feel the heat differently to babies, if you are feeling hot and clammy, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the baby is uncomfortably hot too. Check the temperature on the thermostat before turning the air conditioner on to avoid making the room too cold for the baby. 

2. Set the Temperature to 23 Degrees Celsius 

If you can set a permanent temperature setting for the room on your air conditioning system then even better. That way the air conditioner will turn itself on and off automatically and keep the room at a steady temperature. 

3. Never Turn the Air Conditioner on After Bath Time 

Wait at least 30 minutes after bath time to turn the air conditioner on. If the baby is wet while the air conditioner is on then he or she is at high risk of getting sick. 

4. Put a Hat on the Baby 

Put a thin hat on the baby when the air conditioner is on so that the cold air doesn’t blow on their head. Just like you wouldn’t like having cold air blasting on your bare head, neither does your baby, so a hat will stop them fussing with discomfort while the air conditioner is on. 

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