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How to Clean Furnace Filters

Man checking at the furnace filter

It is the time of year when the holidays are just around the corner and you know that you have to clean down your home in preparation for company. The curtains get washed, the pillows freshened and the rugs get a good vacuuming with a little bit of fabric spray to add a light, fresh … Read more

Learn How to Change a Furnace Filter

Man holding a filter

During the colder seasons, warm blankets and furnaces are our best friends. And just as you remember to wash your blanket, you should also remember to change your furnace filter. Sadly, this chore is mandatory and often overlooked by many homeowners, as the hidden filtering device is easy to forget about. Today, we’re going to … Read more

How to Make DIY Eco-Friendly Kids Play Area

Play house with slides, swings in the playground

Outdoor play is crucial for kids. It helps them develop their learning abilities, as well as their creativity, social skills, well-being, and independence. Instead of watching YouTube or playing games on their phone or tablet, why not encourage your kids to explore the things around them and let them play? There are so many ways … Read more

How to Properly Measure Air Filter Size

Air Filter in blue background

So what you will need are the following. When the cold weather hits, it is important to take measures to ensure that both your home and vehicle is ready for the change in seasons. For your vehicle, you should place an emergency kit containing sand, blanket, matches, first aid kit, spare gloves, and similar items … Read more

Do Floor Tiles Make A Room Colder?

White tiles with one is pulled out

It is a common misconception that tile flooring will make a room colder. Tiled floors are actually not going to be any colder than other surfaces in the room, therefore they can’t impact the room temperature in any way.  The truth is, although the floor material may appear to make a difference to the temperature … Read more

Is An Air Conditioner Healthy For A Newborn Baby?

Mother holding a toddler with Air Purifiers in circle frame

Newborn babies can not regulate their body temperature, making it incredibly difficult for the parent to keep them warm enough or cool enough at any given time. Wrapping a newborn up in cozy blankets is something to be expected, but if you give birth in the middle of a heatwave that is not going to … Read more