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Damprid Review – Does It Really Work?

Spilled powder from blue cup in white background

A Deep Dive Into The DampRid Moisture Absorber (from Amazon) helps you get rid of that horrible, sticky, humid feeling that typically occurs and is felt in the air on those long summer days. Not only is humidity uncomfortable for you, but it also causes mold that will spread throughout your home, which is very … Read more

Haier 14000 13,500 BTU 115V Dual-Hose Portable Review

Haier 14000 13,500 BTU 115V Dual-Hose Portable inside the room with blue wall and brown tiles floor

A Deep Dive Into The Haier 14000 13,500 BTU 115V Dual-Hose Portable Haier is an electrical and home appliances company that has been in business since 1984. The Chinese company is an all rounder in the sense that it designs, develops, manufactures and sells all of its goods making it middleman free. Their goods are … Read more

Do I Need To Wear A Mask Whilst Airbrushing?

Man waering A Mask Whilst Airbrushing inside the shop

Airbrushing has gained popularity as a hobby and even professional artists swear by it to produce incredibly detailed. Progressing to an airbrush is natural for creative people in the process of developing their skills. An airbrush shoots aerosolized particles of acrylic mediums, paints, and pigments alongside particulate matter in the form of overspray and fumes … Read more