Hisense Dehumidifier Reviews - 2024 Reviews and Comparison

Hisense Dehumidifier Reviews – 2023 Reviews and Comparison

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Thousands of people across the world use a dehumidifier every day to take moisture from the air and prevent dampness and mildew from building up in small, under-ventilated spaces.

A mechanical dehumidifier works by drawing air in and pushing it over cold coils which causes the moisture in the air to condense around the coils and collect in a removable bucket.

Best Hisense Dehumidifier Comparisons

Top Hisense Dehumidifier Reviews

Hisense DH-35K1SCLE

Hisense DH-35K1SCLE Energy Star 2-Speed Dehumidifier

The Hisense DH-35K1SCLE Energy Star dehumidifier offers two speeds and received good reviews. This unit would be suitable for someone who has a smaller space as the capacity size is upwards of 35 pints of moisture in a 24-hour period.

The electronic controls offer three different modes including continuous moisture control, automatic, and manual settings. Reviewers agree that the LCD panel is easy to read and displays the humidity and time.

The DH-35K1SCLE is another eco-friendly Energy Star rated model, and may, therefore, save on your energy expenses. Single parents who are watching expenses would certainly appreciate the potential to enjoy cost savings.


  • Accolades for space-efficient design
  • Praise for ease of use


  • Complaints of faulty auto shut-off
  • Issues with limited capacity

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Hisense DH-50KP1SDLE With Built-in Pump

Hisense50-Pint 2-Speed Dehumidifier with Built-In Pump 

The Hisense DH-50KP1SDLE 50-pint dehumidifier received several positive reviews. This 50-pint unit features a mid-level moisture capacity and a pump included.

This model has a larger capacity and may be suitable for someone looking to dehumidify up to 3000 SF. The electric control panel has an efficient pump function and three different operating modes including a manual set as well as auto dry and continuous moisture removal.

Homeowners with large basements would find the larger capacity of this unit very useful. Another feature is the washable filter which may reduce the airborne toxins while the automatic cleaning alarm would be a useful reminder for those busy users.

The clean white color of this unit will blend nicely with most home or office décor or maybe strategically hidden to merge silently into the background of the space. The automatic setting for this unit can continuously determine the levels of humidity.


  • Accolades for the LCD panel and auto settings
  • Considered sleek and efficient


  • Concerns about fan shutting off
  • Complaints of a short power cord

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Hisense DH-70KP1SDLE With Built-In Pump

Hisense 70 Pt. 2-Speed Dehumidifier with Built-In Pump

The DH-70KP1SKLE dehumidifier has a smooth design and comes in white to mix with any decor or blend nicely into the background.

This unit houses approximately 70 pints of liquid per day and comes with an easily accessible pull-out reservoir complete with an automatic turn-off that alerts the user if the tank is full.

The simple electronic control panels and pump features offer a manual setting allowing for automatic control of the humidity percentage.

As an Energy Star-rated model, this unit may save on energy costs. Other useful features include a washable filter and a handy indicator light.

The caster wheels and power cord storage offer ease of movement and placement of this unit.

Those who have never used a dehumidifier before would certainly appreciate the electronic control panel and caster wheels for ease of mobility.


  • Accolades for small portable design
  • Considered easy to use and maintain


  • Noisy built-in pump
  • Limited pump efficiency

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Best Hisense Dehumidifier Choice

In the case of the best Hisense dehumidifier, the best option would have to be the Hisense 70 Pt. 2-Speed Dehumidifier with Built-In Pump (from Amazon) This unit received many positive reviews for its efficient design and ease of use.

This smaller-size dehumidifier has several features that most people would find useful, especially the smaller (easier to transport and move) 35-pint tank capacity. Some of the useful features include an easy-to-read LCD, caster-style wheels, and a sleek design.

Hisense dehumidifiers are cost-effective choices that may be worth considering if you wish to obtain an economical and reasonably priced appliance that may improve the overall comfort of your living space, as well as your health.

Hisense Dehumidifier Reviews - 2023 Reviews and Comparison

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