How Technology Has Changed the Way We Travel

How Technology Has Changed the Way We Travel

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There is little doubt that technology has revolutionized the way we think, enjoy, work, and travel. What seemed like an illusion a decade ago has turned into practical reality today, all thanks to the efforts invested in technology’s design and implementation.

Transport is one of those categories that has seen enormous highs of technology in the last two decades. It has made our trips faster and more comfortable. It has provided us with the opportunity to experience luxury, pleasure, and convenience in ways that couldn’t have been imagined before.

Here are a few ways the travel sector has transformed, owing to the boom in technology.

Ticketing / Booking Process from Home

Image of successful voyage girl 20s expressing delight while holding air tickets and smartphone in hands isolated over green background

Long gone are the times when people had to flock to train stations or airports to book tickets for their trips. Ticketing has acquired a completely digitized system whereby you can not only view the schedules, book the time of your flight or bus but can also pay through scanning QR code from your smartphone or by using other methods of contactless payments.

You can check the hotels and restaurants at your destination and pre-book them from mobile apps. This saves a large amount of paper which was previously used for maintaining records, printing tickets, and booking schedules. Digital methods are easy-to-understand and save time along with effort.

Every Place Is Familiar With Navigation

There was a time when the tourists would be worried to have arrived at an unfamiliar location because either they were too afraid to ask for directions from the locals or had a language barrier in between. Navigation apps in the smartphones including Google Maps, MapQuest and Waze have made life so much easier for tourists who can now navigate through the entire city with high precision. Neither you have to call your friend in the new city to come and pick you up from the airport nor you have to come to a halt after every turn to ask the pedestrians where your desired location is.

Not only this, you can search your nearby restaurants and hotels by using the “Near Me” feature of these apps which will navigate you to the place of your liking, be it a 4-star hotel or a restaurant with a bar. In addition, GPS navigation apps will help you even if you have taken a wrong turn by establishing a substitute path to the destination.

Enhanced Comfort

Tourist bus with passengers and built-in LCD tablets.

When was the last time you enjoyed free Wi-fi, integrated television, and an airconditioned interior within a bus? Not long ago, we assume but ask that question two decades ago and you would have gotten bewildered eyes. Yes! It’s the technology that has enhanced the comfort level of our traveling. With improved rides that have adaptive suspension systems, integrated communication facilities, comfortable seats, and top-notch engines, you can reach your destination faster and with a minimized level of fatigue.

RVs (Recreational vehicles) is a luxurious addition to the tourism travel sector which includes large vans that have living quarters including lounge, bedding space, washrooms and kitchens in them so you get a home-like experience on the wheels. Most comes with portable window AC units and some with rooftop air conditioners to keep the internal temperature as calming as one can imagine. You can also install RV Dehumidifiers to make the inner environment moisture free.

These vehicles can be parked anywhere as they can access tough terrains equally well and convert it into a picnic spot with a tent, chairs and streaming food prepared in the kitchen. It’s one of the most enjoyable amenities which you should consider while going on holiday with your friends and family.

Compact Packing Is The New Cool

Top view of globe and plane models, travel bag and passports with tickets on blue background

You must have seen those videos on Facebook which shows a bag with ingenious construction to hold all of your traveling belonging easily and transport it from one place to another safely. It contains foldable compartments, double spinner wheels, cross straps and security locks that are pretty hard to crack. You can go through specific social media videos showcasing how to utilize most of the available space.

You can read online blogs filtered according to top tourists’ attractions, getting to know which must-have items you need to carry. Also, there is no need to have an iPod to listen to music while you are on a journey because those can easily listen on the go if you have a Spotify or iTunes account. Cutting-edge technology is all about stocking the majority of features in a single gadget and that’s what it is doing.

All in all, technology has marked a highly positive impact on the traveling convenience of the people. Everchanging advances in this regard will continue to reshape the way people take their trips.

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