Why Is My Dehumidifier Leaking Water Onto The Floor

Why Is My Dehumidifier Leaking Water Onto The Floor

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Do you sometimes move your machine and notice the dehumidifier is leaking from the bottom? Or do you see a pool of water collecting under one that is fixed to a wall?

You have probably asked yourself, “Why is my dehumidifier leaking water onto the floor?”.

There are many reasons as to why a dehumidifier might be leaking water onto the floor but whatever the cause, it is a frustrating, and potentially hazardous, situation.

Help! My Dehumidifier Keeps Leaking On the Floor

A leaking dehumidifier can end up causing exactly the type of problem you are trying to solve – damp. If water is allowed to sit on the carpet it can damage it badly and even wood or lino can become spoiled over time.

Sitting water can be a breeding ground for bacteria which can cause health problems or affect people with ongoing medical conditions. Apart from the dampness and possible mold, a dehumidifier leaking from the bottom can cause an unpleasant smell. So why is your dehumidifier leaking and how can you stop it? There are a few basic things you can do to find out what is happening and repair it.

Check The Water Collection Bucket

Portable or non-permanent dehumidifiers have a bucket or reservoir to collect the water rather than a hose to transport it straight to a drain. This container should be regularly emptied to prevent it from overflowing or water sitting in it for too long. If you leave water in your unit, even when it is not running, the water can become stagnant and attract mold and mildew. For this reason, you should make sure to empty it regularly and wipe it clean with a soft cloth.
So firstly check your water collection system. Make sure it is empty and the filter which the water passes through isn’t blocked by anything. Most dehumidifiers have an easily removable bucket and some even come with a system that shuts off automatically if the dehumidifier becomes too full.

Is Your Hose Blocked?

Fixed dehumidifiers that are permanently installed on a wall or in a crawl space often have a hose that takes the water directly from the machine and into a drain. If this hose becomes blocked, you could see water being unable to get away from the unit efficiently and it could lead to the machine getting backed up. Disconnect your dehumidifier from the power and isolate the hose which leads to the drain. Run your hand down the pipe and feel for any kinks or bends that might be causing your unit problems. Then remove the hose entirely from the unit and wash it thoroughly in a bucket of water. Using fresh water, flow the water through the hose and check it is coming out smoothly. There are tons of great sources online that show you how to clear a blocked hose step by step.

Frigidaire Dehumidifier not draining

You should also check the drain itself for blockages. Even if there is something obstructing the drain quite far away from the unit itself, this could cause the water to back up and pressure could cause leaks along the hose or where the pipe meets the dehumidifier itself.

Make Sure The Pump Is Working

Some dehumidifiers use gravity to simply drain away the water and for units that are mounted high on a wall or in an elevated position, this usually works fine. But for some dehumidifiers, perhaps in your crawlspace or unable to be fixed in an elevated area, a pump is the best way to remove water from the unit itself. One of the first things to check with your pump is to see if it is jammed or blocked. If there is any debris inside the unit, this may cause your dehumidifier to leak water onto the floor.

The other reason your pump may have stopped working is a loss of power, check for loose wires or a faulty connection to the part itself.


Look For Ice

If your dehumidifier has been operating in temperatures below 65 degrees, you may find the coils inside the unit have iced over. Dehumidifiers draw air in through a filter and pass it over cool coils which condenses the water in the air and collects it in a bucket. If the dehumidifier has gotten too cold, you may find it has stopped working properly, and if the temperature rises again that could cause water leaking from the bottom of your dehumidifier as the ice melts. To de-ice your unit, increase the temperature of the room and clean the coils with a soft cloth until they return to the optimum operating temperature.

What To Do When The Dehumidifier Ices Up or Freezes Up

Has The Overflow Switch Stopped Working?

Another cause of a dehumidifier leaking is if the overflow switch has become faulty and stopped working. A lot of dehumidifier units have a built-in system which prevents them from overflowing and will cut out the dehumidifier unit if the reservoir becomes too full.

How To Fix Condensate Pump –  Broken Switch Replacement

It can be tricky to know whether this “float switch” in the dehumidifier is working just by looking at the unit and if you leave it running and it is broken you will soon have a puddle to deal with! One of the easiest ways to test if the switch is working is by using a volt-ohm meter like this one.


Simply unplug the dehumidifier and take out the switch you believe is not working. Disconnect the leads from the switch and hook up the volt-ohm meter then check your water bucket is empty and the unit is free from any blockages. Then set the meter to the RX1 scale and activate the switch. If there is no movement on the meter as the switch is clicked on and off then it is broken.


The fact of the matter is simply this; a dehumidifier can and most likely will leak water or ice up regardless if it’s a Kenmore, Frigidaire, Whirlpool, or Delonghi. The brand makes no difference because this is just a common occurrence in these machines. So if you’re struggling to work out why your dehumidifier is leaking water onto the floor, simply follow these actions and check them off as you go.

  • Empty the water collection bucket
  • Unblock the hose and check it isn’t kinked
  • Make sure the pump is working correctly
  • Check your dehumidifier is operating in a room that is the right temperature
  • Test the overflow switch

If you need further advice check out our other tips here. If you want to leave feedback, just comment below. Or feel free to share your own personal solution with us!

Why Is My Dehumidifier Leaking Water Onto The Floor?

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  1. Many times I have found that the drain pan (NOT THE COLLECTION BUCKET, instead the part that channels the water INTO the collection bucket is clogged) and when I pull the filter out it appears as though it hasn’t been cleaned since 1897. The solids will and do make their way through to the condensing fins, and the result is the flow down with the condensate water and eventually plug, or even grow mold to the point of plugging the drain holes, or even the hose bib. CLEAN THE FILTER WEEKLY (at least!)

    • Great comment. This IS the issue in 80%+ dehumidifier leaks. It will look like flooding and it will happen sporadically until you REALLY get in there and clean out the drain hole(drops water into bucket) and as Chris said clean your filter weekly.

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