Best Danby Dehumidifier - 2020 Reviews

Danby Dehumidifier Reviews

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Albert Einstein once said that “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” While striving for balance is a popular buzzword in our busy society, finding that balance isn’t easily attainable.For example, moving the moisture from the air to create a healthy balance of humidity within your living space is imperative for good health, but isn’t easily achieved. In fact, most people aren’t aware of the amount of dampness in their environment until there is an issue to be dealt with.

Top 5 Danby Dehumidifier Comparisons

Danby DDR50B3WP ​​​Danby DDR50B3WP
  • 43.5 pounds
  • 3000 SF
  • Full 2 Year Danby Warranty
Danby DDR30B3WP ​​​Danby DDR30B3WP
  • 30.9 lbs.
  • 1500 SF
  • 24 month coverage for parts and labor with carry-in service.
Danby DDR60A2GP ​​​Danby DDR60A2GP
  • 30.9 lbs.
  • 1500 SF
  • 24 month coverage for parts and labor with carry-in service.
Danby DDR45B3WP ​​​Danby DDR45B3WP
  • 32.4 lbs.
  • 2500 SF
  • 24 months warranty for parts and labor – excludes installation and maintenance.
Danby 70 Pint Danby 70 Pint
  • 48.6 lbs
  • 1200 SF
  • 24-Month Warranty on Parts & Labor Carry-In Service.

The delicate equilibrium between having too much or too little moisture in a living space can impact the harmony in your home, and could have adverse effects on your family, pets, and belongings. For comfort and good health, it’s good to maintain adequate levels of moisture in your home or office.If you have too much humidity, you may have issues with odor, mold, and mildew whereas a lack of moisture can create a virtual indoor desert of cracked furniture, dry skin, and overall discomfort.Unfortunately, for most people, creating a balanced degree of moisture in your environment isn’t common knowledge such as decorating or cleanliness. Therefore, it’s important to find a way to achieve the balance.

What is a Dehumidifier?


A dehumidifier is an electrical appliance that is designed to remove the moisture from the air inside a room. The Danby appliances come in various sizes and shapes, with a variety of capabilities and specifications to suit anyone’s area or situation.There are portable humidifiers with wheels that can be placed anywhere in the space, and continuous home models that are intended to work with the home’s heating and cooling system for an all-inclusive method of balancing moisture.Some air conditioning units contain a dehumidifying function as well as different colored units with features unique to the specific brand and model.

Why Do You Need A Dehumidifier?


Using a dehumidifier is a wonderful way to prevent the nasty odors that accumulate when mildew gathers due to excess moisture. These units can also help keep your home adequately moisturized for optimal health and comfort.Since dehumidifiers have a special filter to assist with the removal of allergens such as dust resulting in an overall air purification. Suffice it to say that another reason to dehumidify your space is creating an environment for optimal health.

Studies show that exposure to an environment that is excessively moist and moldy can cause various negative health consequences. For those who are sensitive to allergens, mold, and mildew, a humidifier can assist to make the area safer and more pleasant.

Symptoms Of Mold Exposure


Some of the symptoms associated with mold include irritation of the throat, persistent coughs, eye irritation, auto-immune issues, and more severe infections. Because the indoor exposure to mold can cause serious repercussions such as upper respiratory tract infections in those with asthma, a dehumidifier can be a useful and effective appliance in your home.The EPA confirms that mold can produce allergens, and sensitive individuals can experience allergic reactions to mold such as a rash, skin and eye irritations.

Controlling The Mold


In fact, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) reported that controlling the levels of mold in your home could be accomplished by managing the humidity levels in your living space. Also, managing mold can be achieved by handling any window or pipe leaks, keeping the space clean and have a home that is well-ventilated.You can learn more about preventing and managing Mold in your home by checking out the document published by the Environmental Protection Agency.

It is recommended that you keep the humidity levels in your home between 45-55 percent. So how would you know if your home is too humid? If your windows have visible interior condensation, or you notice a dull and musty odor, chances are there is too much moisture in the space. If you don’t notice these visible signs, feel free to monitor your home moisture levels with a hygrometer.

While an air conditioning unit can help keep the moisture level at bay, a humidifier will do the trick nicely. Many good products on the market will remove the moisture in your home or office. But can the top dehumidifiers really deliver? Will a robot-like machine make the difference in our living space? Since Danby is a popular brand with many different humidifiers to choose from, I’ve compiled a list of useful Danby dehumidifier reviews and information to help you decide which of the popular dehumidifier models would be the appropriate fit for your home and situation.

Which Danby Dehumidifier Is Right For You?


Because of the large volume of Danby models available, it can be helpful to narrow down your choices based on specific needs. For example, do you have children or pets? Are you home often or is your home empty? Do you have the time and ability to change out the air filter or will you need assistance in doing so? Finally, you may wish to consider the climate and interior environment to determine the best size for your space.

You can find models that are portable, with wheels to move them easily from one room to another and models that help you to reduce your electricity bills due to energy efficiency.When choosing from the top rated brands like Danby, it can be helpful to select a product that has the features that are necessary to perform the objectives to make your life easier and your home safer and more comfortable. For example, if you aren’t home a lot, being able to set the temperature using electronic controls is a wonderful amenity. Or, if you have a larger space, you may wish to choose a unit that has a larger capacity to satisfy the space requirements.

Top 5 Danby Dehumidifier Reviews

Danby DDR50B3WP 24 High Energy Star Rated 50-pint Dehumidifier in White
      • Weight: 43.5 pounds
      • Warranty: Full 2 Year Danby Warranty
      • Area Coverage: 3000 SF
      Check Price

The DDR50B3WP model features a 50 pint, 23.7-litre capacity and several amenities to keep users satisfied. This environmentally friendly design blends well with any décor as it comes in a traditional white finish. It has handy adjustable humidity settings, electronic controls, and easy to roll castors allowing for simple and smooth portability anywhere in the home. The easily removable air filter makes this unit a perfect fit for some who perhaps doesn’t have the skill, time or knowledge to clean the humidifier filter.Another good feature of this model is the useful de-icer that will prevent ice from building up on the coils. With a 3000 square feet moisture removal capability, this unit would suit a mid to larger size living or storage space. This model is also Energy Star Compliant.


  • Overall very quiet operation
  • Easy to use


  • Complaint about the 2-speed fan
  • Complaints about cryptic instruction graphics

Danby DDR30B3WP Premiere Dehumidifier, 30 pints, White
      • Weight: 30.9 lbs.
      • Warranty: 24 month coverage for parts and labor with carry-in service
      • Area Coverage: 1500SF
      Check Price

The DDRR30B3WP premier dehumidifier features 30-pint capacity and several conveniences such as two fan speeds and a capacity for 24 hours. With the power to take the moisture from about 1500 SF, this model would be suitable for someone in a smaller to mid-size space. The capacity is good per every 24 hours. Another useful feature is an auto restart that allows the user to leave the unit unattended for 24 hours without worry. This unit has a clean white color that will merge well with any style or blend silently into the background should you wish to hide it.Another quality feature of this model is the digital settings which allow the user to set the level of dryness based on user preference. Also, this unit has an automatic setting for the appliance to determine the levels of humidity based on the current interior temperature.


  • Accolades for efficient use in smaller spaces
  • Fairly quiet and easy to utilize


  • Complaints about air being pulled from the back and having to set the unit up backward
  • Complaints about small tank

Danby DDR60A2GP 60-Pint Dehumidifier
      • Weight: 30.9 lbs.
      • Warranty: 24 month coverage for parts and labor with carry-in service
      • Area Coverage: 1500SF
      Check Price

The DDR60A2GP Model has a larger capacity able to handle up to 60-Pints. This environmentally friendly R134A refrigerant unit features a 28.4-litre capacity that would be suitable for larger areas up to about 3600 square feet, depending upon the conditions of the space. With a 7 inch hose and quiet fan, this unit would be perfect for a basement or an occupied space.As an environmentally friendly unit this model is Energy Star compliant and has handy electronic controls that allow you to set the unit before you leave the house. As a parent of teens, I would value the large capacity feature and ability to set this unit and go.


  • Efficient and energy efficient
  • Large capacity


  • Complaints of leaking
  • Complaints when unit is set to the pump mode

Danby DDR45B3WP Premiere Dehumidifier, 45 pints, White
      • Weight: 32.4 lbs
      • Warranty: 24 months warranty for parts and labor – excludes installation and maintenance
      • Area Coverage: 2500SF
      Check Price

The DDR45B3WP model dehumidifier the can hold up to 45 pints or 21.3 liters of fluid. This model would be useful for those in a mid to large space, wishing to place it simply where they want and go about their day. The easy to blend white color would fit well in homes, offices or basements or any other rooms that may be too damp.This unit would be appropriate for those wishing to rid their space of up to 2,500 square feet of moisture. Another environmentally friendly Energy Star rated model; the 45-pint unit could reduce utility usage with its R410a refrigerant. Another feature of this unit includes the adjustable humidity setting design and a 2-speed fan that can be electronically controlled. Finally, this unit has a smart direct drainage system and removable filter.


  • Easy to operate and clean
  • Powerful for the size


  • Complaints of loud fan
  • Complaints of small capacity

Danby 70 Pint Dehumidifier with Pump
      • Weight: 48.6 lbs.
      • Warranty: 24-Month Warranty on Parts & Labor Carry-In Service. Installation and yearly maintenance are not covered under this warranty.
      • Coverage Area: 1200 SF
      Check Price

The Danby 70 Pint dehumidifier with pump is an excellent choice for those who prefer to dehumidify spaces effectively up to 1200 square feet. An Energy Star rated unit; this model may assist in controlling energy costs.Some of the features include digital controls that are fully programmable, which can be efficient if you aren’t home much. This type of model would certainly come in handy for me since I am usually rushing out the door in the mornings so being able to pre-programme the unit would be useful.Another useful feature of this model is the built-in digital humidistat that can provide accurate temperature readings in the room. The clearly visible LED display allows for clear viewing day to night.


  • Sleek Design
  • Easy to Read LED Display


  • Complaints of useless pump
  • Complaints related to emptying container

The Best Choice

In the case of the best Danby dehumidifier, the best choice would have to be the Danby DDR30B3WP Premiere Dehumidifier, 30 pints, White.This premier dehumidifier has features that most people could use, even with its smaller 30-pint capacity. The various amenities include a 2-fan speed and power to reduce the moisture in the air in a space of up to 1500 SF.This humidifier model would be an ideal solution for someone who is new to humidifiers with a reasonable mid-range price. Also, the DDR30B3Wp model would suit spaces within the small to mid-size range so if you have a smaller space, you will not outgrow the unit.What sets this unit apart from the others is the price, along with the higher-priced feature of an automatic setting which allows the machine to determine the levels of humidity based on the current interior temperature.Hands down, the DDR30B3WP Danby humidifier is an appliance worth looking into and the optimal choice if you want a removable air filter and reasonably priced way to improve the comfort and health of your living space.

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