#29 of the Best Places to Buy Furnace Filters

As the winter months approach, it’s a perfect time to start doing some routine maintenance on appliances that heat the home, such as heaters and furnaces. It’s important to make sure that these appliances are kept clean and in dry places to ensure they are working properly and to prevent any accidents from happening.

One of the top things to remember, especially when dealing with furnaces, is to keep the filters clean. It’s also a good idea to start stocking up on some extra filters, since it’s important to change out a furnace filter regularly. In this article, we’ll discuss where to buy furnace filters. A lot of these places have both physical and online stores, so it’s up to you what works best!

1. FilterEasy

If you’re looking where to find furnace filters you can’t get any easier than FilterEasy. This is what they specialize in – tons and tons of filters. Instead of having to sift through countless brands or types of filters, you can simply type in some keywords into the search bar in order to find your specific type of furnace filter super fast. Check out our FilterEasy review here.

2. Nordic Pure

Nordic Pure is an industry leader in the filtration market and have been selling products online since 2004. They sell filters in all shapes,  sizes, and yes, they also do custom filters. The best part? All their products come with 100% money-back guarantee!

3. Filters Delivered

Filters Delivered promises a hassle-free and inexpensive way to order your air filters. They offer free shipping within the US and promises your money back if you're not 100% satisfied.

4. Amazon

Amazon is the greatest, isn’t it? They sell virtually everything, and for whatever reason if they don’t carry it, they often supply links to manufacturers that do carry your specific item. The same goes with furnace filters. If you have an Amazon Prime membership, expect super fast shipping, too. This could be considered a place with the best price on furnace filters.

5. Atomic Filters

Best place to buy furnace filters? Atomicfilters.com is the perfect spot to find all kinds of them, even water filters. In this case, they have plenty of filter replacements for humidifiers, so you can virtually find your brand of filter and type with ease. This is super convenient because they have so many products right at your fingertips.

6. Filter Buy 

Filterbuy.com is super great because they will remember your order, making it one of the best places to buy furnace filters online. Once you subscribe, you can either receive replacement filters regularly, or simply control your account online. They have a customer service line, and if you subscribe, you will save five percent on your filters.

7 Global Filter Source

Global-filter.com boasts that they have been serving the air purification and filtration world for over 25 years. This is the perfect place to browse for your specific type of filter and they supply filter replacements or refills for commercial and residential sized furnaces.

8. Slickdeals

Slickdeals.net is super great because you can find all kinds of deals online, and this includes finding deals on furnace filters. Along with finding deals for all kinds of other appliance items, this website also has deals on electronics, shopping and even services. This would be a great website to look for gifts.

9. U.S Home Filter

Ushomefilter.com is super great because they offer fast shipping and a really great assortment of any type of filter you may need. In the case of furnace filters, they have so many, it’d be easier to make sure you know your model number to make sure you are getting the right filter for your furnace.

10. A/C Filters 4 Less

At the acfilters4less.com site, you can expect to find plenty of discounted filters for all kinds of different brands of filters. This is a great site to look for quality items on a budget since they don’t charge too much for shipping, either. They are sure to have what you’re looking for at this site.

11. Air Filters Delivered

At airfiltersdelivered.com, you can be sure to find the exact filter you’re looking for. They have all kinds of sizes, models and brands that it’d be impossible for you not to find what you’re looking for. They even have a $5 off coupon just for visiting the site and signing up for the email subscription.

12. Costco

Who doesn’t love Costco? They have everything and usually in bulk. What’s great about Costco is that you get a lot more for a lot less and you end up saving quite a lot of money at the end of the year. You can definitely find the furnace filters you need at this super awesome store.

13. Discount Filters

You guessed it – this site sells discount filters. Much like some of the other sites that we saw earlier in this article, this site will have the exact type of filter you need for a lot less than other brand name websites. That’s not to say you can’t find your brand, but it’s a cheaper site than most.

14. Factory Direct Filters

Factorydirectfilters.ca out of California boasts to have filters straight from the factory and ready to be shipped right to your doorstep. This is a great website when you are looking for more industrial sized filters or need a brand that you may have trouble finding on other sites.

15. Lowe’s

Lowe’s is the ideal place to go to when it comes to finding anything for the home. From lighting to lumber, this store definitely has it all. The same applies to furnace filters. You can find the typical brands and sizes of filters at this store, and if you have one nearby, you won’t have to wait on the shipping.

16. Filter Market

Filtermarket.com is the place to visit when you have specific filter sizes or brands. Even better, this site will give you free shipping if you spend $100 or more on filters or supplies. They also have daily featured products that may garner a higher discount than other items, so, something to look out for.

17. Air Filters Now

This is an ideal site for when you need your filters – now! Just kidding, but not kidding on the quickness part. They offer some pretty speedy shipping options, and this is a pretty vast site to search for when it comes to finding your perfect filter. A good site to bookmark for filter replacements.

18. Quality Air Filters

At qualityairfilters.com, you can find some pretty great filters at a really great price. This is especially useful when you’re looking for a top-quality filter and a decent price. This is a good site to keep in mind when it comes time to fire up the furnace and preparing to make things toasty again.

19. Sears

Sears has been a top department store for many, many years, and for a very good reason. They have excellent customer service. This is the ideal department store when it comes to searching for home appliances or accessories – including filter replacements for furnaces.

20. The Filter Store

Thefilterstore.com is a super great site for when you need a lot of filters at once. This is a more industrial site, but you can certainly find your own brand of filters and specify your order. They also ship with FedEx, so this is a plus for when you really need some good filters fast.

21. Web Products

Webproducts.com is another really great site to access that specializes in filters or appliance accessories. They have a customer service line that seems readily available to anyone who has any questions about specific questions. There are also nifty tabs along the main menu, so you can access what department you need right off the bat.

22. Ace Hardware

​Think you won’t find air filters at a hardware store? Think again! Ace Hardware is super great at keeping all sorts of items in stock – even things that aren’t considered hardware such as furnace filters. This is a good place to visit in person, but if you don’t have one in your area, you can reap their online benefits.

23. ASM

This site, asm-air.com, boasts 25 years of heating and cooling service and installation. This is pretty handy, especially if you need any maintenance or repairs on your furnace or other household appliances that involve heating or cooling. Check them out for your filters and rest assured your product will be quality.

24. eBay

Kind of an offbeat site to visit for furnace filters, but still valid, eBay is a popular internet hub for all sorts of things. You could probably find a really good deal on a bundle of furnace filters, especially if you have an older model or are looking for filters that are a bit harder to find.

25. Home Depot

Home Depot is an awesome place for finding things for the home. They have everything you could imagine when it comes to home appliances, and that include accessories like furnace filters. They have a wide variety of filters, but you may need to check online for their full assortment.

26. True Value

True Value is a great place for finding replacement filters for the furnace since they specialize in home hardware items. They have all types of water and air filters, so rest assured they have your type of filter. If they don’t have it in stock, for whatever reason, you could easily find it online.

27. Standard Heating

At standardheating.com, you can find all sorts of filters for the furnace. They specialize in heating supplies and appliances, so they know exactly what you need for any type of furnace or heater you could think of. Their online store is also super easy to access and use.

28. Walgreens

Walgreens may not be your first thought when it comes to replacing furnace filters, but don’t rule them out. Walgreens actually has a lot of home goods and appliances for the home. They may not be a very big store, but they’re sure to have the basic items in stock.

29. Walmart

Walmart has all sorts of home goods, appliances and furnishing for the home. It’s a super store, basically, and some even have grocery areas. This is great because Walmart is kind of your one stop shop when it comes to all things home – and that includes when you’re in the market for some replacement furnace filters.


As you can see, there are so many places you can either visit in person or access online to find some replacement furnace filters. If you find an online store you especially like, most of them offer subscription services that will enable you to have money automatically withdrawn from your account on a regular basis so you’re never without clean air filters. A lot of these stores have physical locations, too so it’s entirely up to you what you prefer.

Do you have any experience in ordering online replacement furnace filters or do you have a favorite hardware store that you like to go to for these items? Tell us about it! Let us know about your preferences in the comments.