Venta Humidifier Review

Thanks to arising technologies, humidifiers have become a must in every home where dry air is taking a toll on people’s health. While we’ve seen many average humidifying units come and go, there’s something very special about the item we’re going to review today: the Venta LW45 humidifier that also acts as an air purifying unit. It integrates a superior technology that takes dry and dirty air, filters it and released a clean air output.

This is not just a sales proposition: efficiency is visible when you look inside the water tank and discover how much dust it can actually filter. Even if the price tag reflects that this is a premium unit that not everyone is willing to spend their money on, stick with us to discover if the LW45 really lives up to its price.

Venta Humidifier & Airwasher

  • 800 square feet of room coverage
  • 11.8 x 13 x 17.7 inches
  • Weighs 13 pounds

If you need about 800 square feet of room coverage, the LW45 is something to look into. For smaller rooms, you can opt for the smaller Venta air washer models, but note that smaller units may lack some of the features found on the LW45 (like having only 2 fan settings, instead of 3). But we’re here to determine how well the LW45 performs, what’s the technology behind the air purifying system, how easy (or difficult) it is to care for this unit and then draw the line to see if this is the right humidifier/air purifier for you.


  • Generous water tank capacity of 3 gallons.
  • Acts as both a humidifier and air purifier.
  • Comes with 10 years manufacturer’s warranty.
  • No filters require changing.
  • Auto shutdown feature for an empty tank.
  • The Silent unit reaches a maximum 42 dBA when setting to “high”
  • 3 fan speeds to choose from.


  • Lacks a built-in humidistat.

  • You can’t turn off the humidifier and have only the air purifying option on.
  • Very expensive.

  • Rotating disks cannot be removed, therefore become difficult to clean the space in between them.

Features & Benefits

The Venta in more than a humidifier: it’s an airwasher. This means that aside from moisturizing the air to increase humidity levels, it can actually clean the air inside your room (in with the bad, out with the good). Venta has about 27 years of experience in creating airwashers that have served people from all over the world. Since they don’t use filters to operate, the Venta machine is drastically reducing the need for consumables, even if it works based on a cold evaporation technology and we are used to needing filters in cold air machines. It’s important to mention that Venta also manufactures and sells a water treatment solution which, even if it’s an extra expense, does a great job in keeping the water inside the tank as clean as possible. But you don’t have to take our word for it: it’s the buyers that vouch for the product’s utility.

In the following paragraphs, we’re going to go over the features that make the Venta LW45 the best humidifying and air purifying unit currently available on the market. From low energy consumption to an amazing technology that sucks in dirty air particles and only gives out clean air, there are so many things that place the Venta on top of our preference list.

Tank Capacity

Room Size

Air Purifying

How It Works

The 2 rotating disks inside will pick up water from the tank. A fan then absorbs the dry room from the air and onto the plates and then picks up moisture, which is then released back into the room. Here is where the notable difference between the Venta and normal humidifiers kicks in: due to its air-purifying qualities, the airborne bacteria, allergens, and dirt from inside the room are sucked in the Venta. These particles can’t evaporate, so they never really exit the machine. The result is purified the humid air.

Operations Panel & Auto Shutdown

The operations panel on the LW45 is pretty easy to understand, thanks to its minimalist design. The first button is the ON/OFF switch, while the second (and last) button is the fan stage selector. In between them, you can find 2 symbols (a circle and a triangle), as well as the numbers 1 to 3. These are indicators that provide information about several things. The circle will light up depending on what the humidifier is currently doing. If the circle has a continuous light that means that the device is on. No light suggests the unit is off while flashing indicates an error that requires immediate attention. 

The numbers from 1 to 3 will indicate the current fan stage display. Since the LW45 is an upgrade compared to the smaller models in the series, it comes with 3 different fan speeds. To adjust the fan speed, you have to press the button with the right-pointing arrow on it.

The last indicator, a down-pointing triangle, is the automatic shutdown display. There are 3 different situations when this feature will kick-in:

If the water tank has little to no-water inside, you will have to switch off the LW45 and unplug the power cord from the socket. Remove the upper housing, fill the tank with fresh water, put the housing back on top of the unit, plug it in and turn on the humidifier by pressing the ON/OFF switch.

If the upper-housing isn’t properly fitted into its original position – If by any chance, you’ve not placed the upper casing into the proper position, the auto shutdown feature indicator will notify you. Turn off the unit, make sure that you’ve installed the upper case correctly and then switch the device back on again.

If the upper housing is left open – The upper part of the humidifier is held in place by latches, so always make sure they are pressed on the external ends so that the cover will stay in place.

Cleaning & Maintenance

As with every humidifier, you will need to perform regular cleaning to ensure a longer lifespan for the product, as well as clean and healthy output for yourself. Every time you want to clean the Venta LW45, you need to make sure the device is switched off and then unplugged from its power source. The LW45 will require 2 different cleaning processes. The first one is to be performed every 2 weeks. You need to pour out the soiled water and, by using a properly-sized brush, clean the precipitated deposits from the lower housing and flush them out. The disk stacks should also be flushed with water before refilling the water tank. You can also add the Venta hygiene agent, the whose recommended dosage is specified on the back of the bottle.

General cleaning is recommended every 6 months. After having switched off and unplugged the device, you have to follow the instructions required to remove the latches of the upper housing. There is a sequence you have to follow for opening the top cover. Using light pressure, you have to pivot aside the 2 sides and then pivot the 2 ribbed wings after that. As mentioned in the instruction manual, you have to remove the cable connectors from the drive unit and then lift the drive unit out. Next step is to remove the main cable from the holder and pull it out through the opening in the upper housing. By following the steps backward, you can then put everything into place. Always make sure that you follow the correct sequence for putting the upper housing back into place: first the ribbed wings and then the latches.


As mentioned above, the operations panel is home to a circle indicator that will flash whenever there is something wrong with the unit. It if does, there are 3 possible solutions, 2 of which you can work on immediately. Should the humidifier fail to work, chances are the power cord isn’t properly connected. Make sure that the power cord is placed into position in both the humidifier socket, as well as the power outlet. Press the ON/OFF switch to turn the unit back on. Another possible error can be caused by the main cable connector not being plugged and latched into the drive unit, in which case you have to follow the “cleaning” steps mentioned both above and the instruction manual to make sure this cable is in its proper place. There is also a chance that the motor or gears are malfunctioning, in which case a call to customer service is the best solution.

Water Treatment

It is recommended that you use your Venta unit together with the designated anti-bacterial treatment. A small dosage can be added to the water tank once every 14 days, after cleaning and refilling the tank for regular maintenance. This treatment will help prevent mineral deposits, lime or calcium build-up. As customers have reported, this water treatment is not a scam to get you into purchasing useless extras. You can definitely tell the difference between using and not using it. The difference is both noticeable in the quality of the air output, as well as in how well the machine is performing. The prevention of bacteria formations inside the water tank is a major concern not only with the Venta LW45 but with every type of humidifier out there. Basically, this product is making sure that you get the

Customer Opinions

Tank Capacity & Refill

The Venta excels in how easy it makes it for the user to refill the water tank. Smaller humidifiers are an immense pain to most users, as the refill gap of the water reservoir is located on the bottom of the unit, making refilling and re-installing a nuisance. With the LW45, users have reported an operation as simple as lifting a lid, pouring a bucket of water inside the tank and then putting the lid back in place. Easy as pie! The 3-gallon water reservoir is a delight for most users, being one of the most generous reservoirs currently found on a humidifier.

Noise Output

On average, even buyers that weren’t happy with Venta’s performance still praised the low-level noise output of the unit. At the lowest fan speed, you can barely tell the device is running.


When having to discuss how easy it is to clean the LW45, there is no in-between: users have reported that it’s either very simple or quite difficult to perform this task. Since the general cleaning required messing around with cables, this creates a negative user experience. However, the Venta does require less cleaning compared to other types of cool mist or evaporative humidifiers. You will notice that tank may accumulate dust and hair, but that only means that it’s doing its job.

Energy Consumption

It’s amazing to discover that such a powerful and versatile product actually consumes as little energy as the Venta does. Even with the highest fan setting enable, the Venta consumes as little as 8 watts, while the lower 2 settings will draw in 3 and 5 watts respectively. Thanks to this low consumption unit, users have no trouble in leaving the humidifier to run 24/7.  

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Bottom Line

What is there left to say? If you have the money and need clean and humid air, there’s no question about it: the Venta IS the way to go. The simple fact that it guarantees air that’s free of airborne bacteria and dust while also raising the humidity levels inside the room should give you an idea of how useful this appliance is. With no white dust output, no cleaning every day and no filters that need exchanging, what more could you ask for?

The technology behind the Venta is pretty awesome. The integrated fan absorbs the dry and dirty air inside the room and then filters it thanks to the 2 rotating disks that draw clean water from inside the tank while leaving air-trapped residue inside the reservoir. So, if you find yourself cleaning the tank every 2 weeks, you will notice that all the dirty particles that used to be inside your room, in the air you breathe, are now lying trapped at the bottom of the reservoir.

Since there are no useless buttons and well-thought-of light indicators, getting acquainted with the Venta LW45 is pretty simple. You’d expect that a complex machine like this would have a gazillion buttons to get used to, but the simple user interface makes it ideal even for people who are not tech savvy. If you want to fully benefit from quality air output, you may want to add the Venta water treatment solution to your purchasing list. Aside from doing a great job in keeping the water fairly clean, it also doesn’t require a tremendous amount of solution to be used upon every single water tank refill: just add it every other week, after having cleaned the water tank.