Temp Stick Review & Setup

Temp Stick Review & Setup

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Do you want to monitor the temperature and humidity of your home without having to buy an all-in-one weather station? A simple WiFi temperature and humidity sensor like Temp Stick will do.

Today, I’m providing a review of the famous Temp Stick WiFi Temperature and Humidity Sensor. Keep reading to know more about what we liked and didn’t like about the product.

Overview of the Temp Stick Wireless Temperature Sensor

Temp Stick Remote WiFi Temperature & Humidity Sensor

The Temp Stick wireless temperature sensor is the acclaimed remote temperature monitor in the market which gives you real-time data about the temperature in your room, wine cellar, incubator, office, and other spaces with WiFi connections. It can also alert you through email, text, or mobile application if the temperature reaches a harmful level.

The package comes with 3.5 x 1.25-inch devices, 2 AA batteries, and an adhesive Velcro which lets you mount the sensor. It has a high-temperature accuracy of ±0.4 °C that can read between –40 and +125 °C. The humidity sensor’s operating range is from 0 to 100%.


  • Most accurate sensor in the market
  • Completely wireless connection
  • Free subscription and unlimited data history
  • User-friendly mobile application
  • Long battery life
  • No subscription fee
  • Industrial penetration sensor
  • Ability to look at full history of sensor readings
  • Easy battery replacement
  • AC connection
  • Alerts via phone and email
  • Easy setup process
  • Excellent customer service


  • Expensive
  • No LCD screen display
  • Does not support 2.4 GHz WiFi
  • Abysmal battery life if you don’t invest in good batteries

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24/7 Monitoring with Extra Sensors

The unit lets you supervise the hotness or coldness of space anytime and anywhere. It can also send an alert when it’s already low in power. The built-in temperature sensor, as well as many extra sensors, makes this an accurate and reliable model. 

Long Battery Life and Good Battery Power

This completely wireless sensor lasts up to 1 year on only AA batteries. There’s no need to set up wires and gateways as long as you replace the batteries every year. The Temp Stick wireless temperature sensor is a user favorite with excellent battery power. However, the impact on battery life can drain pretty fast, so be sure to invest in good rechargeable lithium batteries. 

Email and Text Alerts

Smart phone and tablet pc on wooden table background

Some WiFi temperature sensors require paid subscriptions to give you email and text alerts. But TempStick gives you the option not to download the app and just rely on these notifications. Enjoy access to its collection of sensors right in your hand. 

Unlimited Data History

Compared to other WiFi sensors, TempStick keeps a record of all your data at zero cost. The application presents graphs and charts that are easy to read and download as a file.


In terms of warranties, this device has one of the best. With a 3-year limited warranty, you can invest in the Temp Stick with peace of mind. With all the additional sensors and features, you’ll want a great warranty like this.

Before Buying a Temperature and Humidity Sensor Like the Temp Stick Wireless Temperature Sensor

Those who are always away from home may benefit from a WiFi temperature sensor to be alerted in case the metrics reach a dangerous level. Too high or too low temperature can damage your possessions, such as your plants and wine. Too high or too low humidity levels can ruin your cigars and wooden musical instruments. 

With a sensor, you can quickly troubleshoot problems like system failure or frozen pipes to avoid flooding or fire. If you have pets at home who easily get hot or cold, a wine cellar with aged drinks, or a freezer with sensitive items, you might also want to consider getting a WiFi temperature and humidity sensor for your convenience.

However, if you’re looking to monitor the temperature from outdoors, along with the humidity levels and air pressure, a WiFi temperature and humidity sensor isn’t the ideal option. Instead, you should get a professional weather station to monitor outdoor conditions. These devices can also monitor wind speed and precipitation levels.

Temp Stick Remote WiFi Temperature & Humidity Sensor. No Subscription. 24/7 Monitor, Unlimited Text, Push & Email Alerts. Free Apps, Made in America. Use with Alexa, IFTTT. Monitor Anywhere, Anytime.
  • Remote WiFi temperature and humidity monitor with NO MONTHLY FEES. 3 year warranty; the last sensor you need! MADE IN AMERICA.
  • Sends Unlimited TEXT MESSAGE, EMAIL & PUSH ALERTS for High/Low Temperatures, Humidity levels, WiFi connection loss and low battery alert. All Features & NO Subscription Gimmicks!

Let’s take a look at the features to look for when buying a temperature and humidity sensor.


The temperature and humidity sensor should provide accurate data so that you will be alerted if the levels go beyond the normal range. This will allow you to safeguard your home and possessions. Some sensors only have a range between 32°F and 482°F. But the best sensors, including Temp Stick, have a temperature range between -40°F and 125°F.

Smartphone Application

As long as you have a stable internet connection, the smartphone application will give you real-time data about the temperature and humidity of your possessions. This will let you monitor the levels wherever you go. It will also alert you if it reaches dangerous levels. Look for easy setup and a user-friendly network. 

Power Source

Laptop power indicator

Some models run on USB connectors, while others run on batteries. Battery-operated WiFi temperature sensors are better so that they continue operating despite power outages. They will also save you a few bucks from your electric bills.


Choose a WiFi temperature sensor with the best features that will fit your budget. Watch out for brands that require hidden costs for subscription fees. Thankfully, Temp Stick will continue notifying you for a long time with no subscription fees.

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Features and Benefits of the Temp Stick Wireless Temperature Sensor

Keeping the temperature of your home stable with Temp Stick can help avoid irreparable damages. Here are some of the key features of Temp Stick.

Easy to Assemble

You don’t need to buy separate batteries for Temp Stick because the package, which claims to be all-in-one, already includes 2 AA lithium batteries to operate it. For those who would rather mount their devices than let them stand on surfaces, an adhesive Velcro is also included so you don’t have to bring out your tools anymore.

All you need to prepare is an active WiFi connection. But you might not be able to access data from Temp Stick if your router runs on 5 GHz since the device only supports 2.4 GHz WiFi routers. If you found a way to fix this, it may still take more time for the app’s dashboard to present information.

It’s easy to locate where you will insert the batteries. Simply detach the back of your device and put the two batteries in. A blinking light will signal that Temp Stick is already on.

The sensor is extremely lightweight, so mounting it on the wall was a breeze. It took me less than five minutes to do it without assistance from anyone. It looks tidy inside the house because no cords or external power source is needed.

Data Collection

Whether you’re always on your laptop or phone, Temp Stick data can be accessed on these gadgets through the web or by downloading a smartphone application. These options make it easy for non-techies to acquire readings about their temperature and humidity.

However, these devices are the only way to monitor the values. Temp Stick does not have an LCD screen to display the temperature and humidity of your space.

You need to set up an Ideal Sciences account to set up the application. You don’t need to provide various information, so you’ll be able to view your data right away. Signing up can be done even if you’re away from the sensor. It has no additional cost as long as you have a WiFi or 4G connection.

With 24/7 monitoring & alerts, you can collect data on:

  • Food storage monitoring
  • Freezer monitoring
  • Greenhouse temperature monitoring
  • Industrial monitoring
  • Animal monitoring
  • Basement conditions
  • Attic conditions
  • Any other constant monitoring you may need
Temp Stick Remote WiFi Temperature & Humidity Sensor. No Subscription. 24/7 Monitor, Unlimited Text, Push & Email Alerts. Free Apps, Made in America. Use with Alexa, IFTTT. Monitor Anywhere, Anytime.
  • Remote WiFi temperature and humidity monitor with NO MONTHLY FEES. 3 year warranty; the last sensor you need! MADE IN AMERICA.
  • Sends Unlimited TEXT MESSAGE, EMAIL & PUSH ALERTS for High/Low Temperatures, Humidity levels, WiFi connection loss and low battery alert. All Features & NO Subscription Gimmicks!


The user interface of the portal is simple and responsive. Even the least tech-savvy people can adjust the intervals at which Temp Stick updates. If you do not want your phone vibrating every 15 minutes just to give you numbers about the temperature of your room, you can switch it to a 60-minute interval. This will keep Temp Stick’s battery life longer.

I was also able to set the normal temperature and humidity with ease. If the values reach below or above this range, you will be alerted in no time. If you own multiple Temp Sticks for different areas of the house, you can give each one a name to avoid confusion.

-40°F to 140°F Temperature Range

The state-of-the-art model looks simple but it’s extremely powerful for providing accurate data within ±0.4 degrees Celsius for the temperature and within 4% for the humidity readings as long as it’s below 80%. For some, the humidity accuracy is a turn-off but Temp Stick remains at the top of the list of different remote temperature sensors in the market.

Girl adjusts and regulate the room temperature with smart phone on switch wall

It has an array of sensors to monitor and maintain any space. We just love the hassle-free temperature monitoring of this humidity remote monitoring system. It’s also suitable for those who do not know how to calibrate the unit since it’s already factory-calibrated. But you can also do it yourself. Just go to the device settings so you can adjust the settings.

I didn’t experience any difficulty receiving alerts. Temp Stick never fails to notify you when the temperature or humidity isn’t within the normal range. I also tried adjusting the temperature of my room to check if Temp Stick will send an alert. True to its promise, the sensor instantly sent a message providing accurate sensor readings.

It will continue doing this everywhere you go as long as the sensor isn’t placed more than 100-200 feet away from your WiFi router, and as long as it still has enough battery.

Can Be Placed  Anywhere

The best thing about Temp Stick is that its versatility. Anyone can use it to monitor the temperature and humidity of any room or item. While it usually caters to individuals who are always away from home but want to make sure there is no danger of freezing pipes or fire, it can also be used to ensure that your precious items are stored at an ideal temperature or humidity.

Cigars lose their aroma and flavor when the environment is too dry. Cigar enthusiasts, then, will benefit from the Temp Stick Monitor. Temp Stick also does a great job at ensuring your artwork, wines, and musical instruments are safe at their current temperature. When you are guaranteed that your guitar is stored at an ideal humidity, it is less likely to shrink and crack. It won’t also be prone to losing its tone over an extended period of time. 

Can Handle the Cold

Unlike some temperature monitoring sensors with a small range, Temp Stick can handle being in the freezer for a long time. This makes it nice because some food items need to reach a certain temperature to prevent them from rotting. For instance, butter needs to be frozen whole and wrapped tightly, along with yogurt, some produce, meat, and leftover food.

If you work in the server room, you know that it is prone to fire because managing and storing data produces heat. They may overheat anytime if the temperatures get too high, so you need a few men to monitor the room with you. It’s a good thing Temp Stick can accommodate more than ten contacts. In case it alerts you that the temperature is above normal, you can easily adjust the AC units or have a new airflow plan.

This frequent reporting service sets the Temp Stick above others in its category.


There are a lot more ways to use your Temp Stick digital sensor system. Its compact and lightweight design also makes it easy to transfer from one place to another. Or you can get more sensors and monitor all of them at once.

There’s no need to worry because it can accurately monitor all conditions 24/7 with unlimited history and true real-time reporting. Its active sensor for all readings is top-notch. Most sensors do not offer unlimited free storage, so you won’t regret anything with Temp Stick. I also attempted to download reports for a certain date range and it was a piece of cake.

Multiple Ways to Receive Alerts

Whether you’re on your desktop using a browser or always on the go with your mobile device, you will be able to monitor your Temp Stick anytime. As someone who’s always at work, it gives me peace of mind that I can constantly check how hot or cool my room is so that my pet stays safe and comfortable.

Wifi connections

The most reliable way to receive Temp Stick notifications is through SMS text messages. Those who have no internet connection all the time can still receive updates anywhere they go. Temp Stick also sends an email to a maximum of 10 contacts. Maybe your spouse and children are also interested in knowing the condition of your space. Those who use Temp Stick in the commercial setting will also thank the company for this feature.

They can also take action if you didn’t get email alerts about dangerous temperature levels due to your cellphone being turned off.

This sensor is so reliable because it can also inform you if Temp Stick has internet connection loss. This usually means the battery isn’t working or it could not connect to the WiFi. In the case of a loss of connection, you can contact Temp Stick to retrieve any data you need.

What We Liked About Temp Stick

Temp Stick may be expensive but you surely get more than your money’s worth. The zero subscription fee itself already makes it a winner among other products out there. You can get unlimited storage for your data. You can also be alerted in different ways, whether it’s through text message, email, or the application.

Those who aren’t inclined to smartphones and technology can conveniently set it up because it’s completely wireless. Not to mention its long battery life and compact design!

We also love the 5-minute reporting interval feature, and the ability to adjust frequent reporting settings. The battery tolerance and adequate battery life (as long as you invest in good AA size batteries) is also great features. 

The indoor sensors are amazing, as well as the built-in sensor for outdoor use.

We love the app dashboard sensor check. It’s super user-friendly.  As well, the accuracy of the digital sensor is unparalleled. 

What We Didn’t Like About Temp Stick

The “unlikeable” features of Temp Stick aren’t that bad at all. First, the unit does not have an LCD screen display, which means you need to check the temperature from your phone even though you’re beside the device. It doesn’t support 2.4 GHz routers.

For those who need to receive an update every five minutes, Temp Stick may not be able to perform such intervals. It only reports in 15, 30, and 60-minute intervals to help save your battery life.

We hate having to give out our email address and be added to any mailing list. But it’s a great feature that provides that extra service that we actually love. 

Customer Reviews

We’ve consulted various customer reviews to check what they have to say about Temp Stick.

Saves the House from Freezing

If you notice that the temperature keeps on dropping, you can easily check if the thermostat is working properly or if the furnace is turned on. This is especially great if you’re away. You’ll get email alerts when any readings change.

Great for Traveling

Many travelers swear by Temp Stick for letting them observe the temperature and humidity in important areas of their house or office without using up a lot of their monthly data. The email notification option is a life-saver.

Functional for All Seasons

 is reliable and spot on all year round. It can match the temperature reading on the thermostat and can sense extreme heat in the summer or extreme cold in the winter.

An Amazing Investment

Consumers also agree that it’s better to invest in Temp Stick which is a bit more high-end rather than low-quality WiFi thermometers and hygrometers in the market.

Overall, the Temp Stick service is well-loved by customers for letting them monitor their home when they are not around. Some also report using it in their office, greenhouse, and motorhomes.

They are impressed by the fact that a small unit that only runs on AA batteries can log all temperatures and humidity for years without malfunctioning. We’d recommend using a lithium battery to ensure a strong battery level and longevity. Plus, they’re rechargeable. 

In Conclusion

It’s difficult to monitor potential fire hazards and freezing pipes at home when you’re away. You also won’t be able to check if extreme temperature and humidity are damaging your goods. It’s high time you get a WiFi temperature and humidity sensor to preserve these items and protect your property.

Temp Stick will give you peace of mind knowing that you’ll receive a notification when the temperature and humidity levels go beyond normal. It can also be placed anywhere, including freezers, guitar cases, RVs, greenhouses, and wine cellars.

Temp Stick Remote WiFi Temperature & Humidity Sensor. No Subscription. 24/7 Monitor, Unlimited Text, Push & Email Alerts. Free Apps, Made in America. Use with Alexa, IFTTT. Monitor Anywhere, Anytime.
  • Remote WiFi temperature and humidity monitor with NO MONTHLY FEES. 3 year warranty; the last sensor you need! MADE IN AMERICA.
  • Sends Unlimited TEXT MESSAGE, EMAIL & PUSH ALERTS for High/Low Temperatures, Humidity levels, WiFi connection loss and low battery alert. All Features & NO Subscription Gimmicks!

Temp Stick Wireless Remote WiFi Temperature & Humidity Sensor

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