Sustainable Interior Design and Home Decor Ideas this Summer

Sustainable Interior Design and Home Decor Ideas this Summer

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Many people decide to complete their home improvement projects over the summer months. Why not? The weather is nice and your schedule is less busy in the sunny season the perfect time to roll up your sleeves and give a facelift to your home.

But, if you were thinking of redesigning the interior of your home, it is not enough that you it “summerful”. It is best to incorporate some sustainable home design and decor ideas so that your home stays stylish all year round.

Here are some sustainable interior design and home decorating ideas this summer:

Patterns, shapes, and textures make your home pop

interior with sofa. 3d illustration

Turn your home into a summer oasis by incorporating bold patterns and beautiful textures. Here’s how:

Incorporate lovely tactile trend

Create a cozy feel in your living room by placing cushions and throw pillows made from natural materials and made using finished techniques (think crochet pillowcases and sofa covers). You can also play with woven cotton and wool cushions.

Mix and match patterns

Minimalism is out. Maximalism is in. But don’t worry if you still prefer a minimalist space over an artistic one. You can make your home summer-specific with eye-catching patterns. Don’t stick to one pattern. Go for a combination of styles. To ensure harmony, keep the same color tone.

Choose artisanal home accessories

Support local artists in your area by patronizing their products. Handmade décor is increasingly trendy. It’s also more sustainable than mass-produced products. Plus, they add a unique touch to your living space.

Trade edgy shapes for soft, rounded furniture

You want your space to feel comfortable. If you’re thinking of replacing furniture, go for curvy stuff, such as a curving scalloped edge chair. You can also incorporate scalloped shapes on other home items, such as your headboard, mirror, and other decorative accessories.

Colors are a fun way to update your home

modern interior design. Living coral concept. 3d rendering

Summer is the season to play with colors. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors to liven up that grey couch. Adding pops of color throughout your home can make it more appealing and inviting.

The following colors are trendy this summer but will surely make your home beautiful through all seasons.


Who says colors are just for walls? Sustainable home decor ideas are the trend for 2019. Add touches of green to your home with a few nature-inspired decors. Indoor plants will also keep the air cool and fresh inside your home.


Give your home a refreshing burst of colors in mustard hues, from your walls to your furniture and furnishings. Mustard is a versatile shade that works well with other trendy colors like millennial pink and teal.

Living Coral

The Pantone Color Institute announced Living Coral as the color of the year. It’s fresh, vibrant, and works well in your home. This warm, stunning hue will make your home as summery as the outdoors. And because it evokes warmth and reassurance, living coral will instantly turn your space into an inviting and tranquil sanctuary.

Choose vivid colors like red or yellow to add a flair of summer to your home. These hues are perfect for the entry door and window sills. Meanwhile, orange or pink adds a more unique style to your home.

Organic design concepts are amazing

Home office corner with desk and laptop in white living room interior with folded mattress sofa, fresh plants and metal rack

This summer, bring the outdoor vibe inside your home.

Choose eco-friendly furnishings

Sustainable homes feature the use of eco-friendly materials and furnishings. Classic chairs, tables, and furniture are, in the long-term, more environmentally than the styles that are more ‘disposable’. Adding recycled pieces to your home will not only make it pretty. It’s also good for your ecological footprint.

Look for home decorating pieces composed of recycled materials. Macramé and handmade accessories are also fit for the season. Combining handcrafted décor in natural colors with contemporary furnishings creates a relaxed, laidback summer feel in your home.

Keep things nice and comfortable

Whatever interior design idea you’re up to, never ever set aside comfort and functionality. Here are some important accessories and furnishings to make your home comfortable this summer:

  • Terracotta and ceramics

Terracotta flooring will give a fresh, garden-y feeling in your home. Meanwhile, organic-style ceramics will add an artisanal appeal to your home.

  • Hygge

This Danish- concept centers on cozy Scandinavian design. Think of a well-made bed with layers of comforters and blankets, a soft, cuddly sofa set with a handwoven rug underneath, deliciously scented candles, and a book nook. Hygge is all about a warm, welcoming, and restful environment.

  • Florals

Yes, florals are not only “in” during the summer. It’s the trend to follow this year. Try to incorporate floral prints in various sizes, colors, and sizes throughout your home – from your wallpapers to curtains, throw pillows, etc. It’s an easy way to add a pop of nature to any room in your house. And of course, don’t forget to stack some fresh flowers in your vase. Nothing is more comforting than the sight of lovely roses in your living room.

Sustainable Interior Design and Home Decor Ideas this Summer

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