Steam Humidifier Vs Ultrasonic

What is the Difference? Steam Humidifier VS Ultrasonic

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The colder weather is right around the corner, which means you will start using your home’s heating system to get rid of that chill in the air and keep your feet warm.

It is a known fact that unless you are lucky enough to live in a warm climate, the winter will come in and bring that bitter cold that seems to settle in your bones!

Once you start using a heat source both in the day and at night, the air in your home will become drier and less damp.

A lack of humidity in your house can lead to a dry and scratchy throat, dry irritated eyes, and even a persistent cough as the dry air sinks into your lungs and settles into your respiratory system.

But how can you effectively combat the humidity levels in your home? Especially when it is well-known that damp air can lead to a bunch of problems such as health issues, structural issues, and mold infestation.

By using a device that controls the humidity levels in your home – a humidifier.


Humidity is defined as the number of microscopic water particles that are located in the air surrounding you; regardless if that is the outside atmosphere or the air located inside a building or residence.

A humidifier is a household appliance that alters the level of moisture found in the air of a building and residence. Water is introduced to the air of a home by the use of an internal operating system that removes water from a reservoir to be propelled into the air, either through the use of a fan, vibrations or through a conversion to steam or mist.

Humidifier with ionic air purifier isolated on white background

The device should monitor the moisture levels of the home and only send water particles into the air when the air quality becomes dry and should automatically shut off once a certain number or a particular level of moisture has been sent.

Why Do You Need Humidity in a Home?

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Humidity is important in the home because of a variety of reasons, both physical and structural:


  • Dry air in a home can cause:
  • Dry skin
  • Dry eyes
  • Irritated throat
  • Flare-ups of existing skin conditions


  • Dry air in a home can cause:
  • The brittle or dry wooden beam that supports the structure
  • Warped or misshapen furniture
  • Fire hazards from dried-out belongings and furniture

Steam Humidifier VS Ultrasonic Comparison

Image ​Advantages ​​Disadvantages
Steam Humidifier

Steam Humidifier


  • Filters located inside the device will remove any bacteria or allergens from the water before it is emitted into the air
  • Steam models actually omit cleaner air as the water is boiled to the point it can fight off mold or bacteria that may be existing in your humidifier
  • The warm steam coming from the humidifier can warm up a room, especially when the device is in operation for a number of hours
  • Generally, a low-cost purchase, regardless of brand or features


  • The warm steam (mist) models can cause steam burns due to the temperature of the mist coming from the machine
  • More electricity may be used during operation because the water must be heated and maintain a certain temperature during operation
  • There are more internal parts located within the device that require a more vigorous cleaning schedule
  • The use of the fan to omit the water particles can increase noise levels in the room where it is being operated



  • ​Omits cooled water particles into the air, reducing the risk of burns
  • Considered being the quietest of all models on the market today
  • Lowest level of maintenance is required when you own and operate one of these humidifiers


  • Unless the reservoir of water is cleaned out according to the specific instructions, impurities or bacteria can be sent out into the air
  • Older models can emit a white dust-like substance that can irritate respiratory problems or cause throat irritations; however, newer models have special filters in place to remove this substance before the water particles are released into the air
  • Can also be avoided by using only distilled water in your humidifier
  • Can be more expensive than a basic steam humidifier

Steam Humidifier

Steam Humidifier

A steam humidifier is a device that will heat or boil water and then use a fan or impeller to disperse water particles into the air.

This damp steam will be warm and will be in the form of steam itself or mist, depending on the model purchased. The internal operating system is generally powered by some source of energy and will typically run off of electrical currents from a generic household plug-in or through a battery that is already installed in the humidifier.

Higher-end models might even come with an essential oil reservoir that can be used to emit a scent of your choice throughout the air or to omit a healthy beneficial essential oil.



An ultrasonic humidifier is a device that omits water particles into the air through the use of a ceramic diaphragm that vibrates at an ultrasonic frequency. These ultrasonic vibrations are how the reservoir of water is chopped up into tiny droplets to be sent out into the air of the room by the use of a tiny fan.

The water that is omitted from an ultrasonic humidifier is not heated and will exit the device at room temperature or a little cooler.


Now that you are more aware of how both the steam and ultrasonic humidifiers operate, you can make an informed decision on what product would be best for you. Look at trusted brand names and weigh return/repair policies for both.

Ensure that there is a warranty of some sort on your device and regularly get it to check for defects or worn-out parts.

Compare products and read customer reviews where possible, as they are great sources of information for everything from the operating system to the level of the output of humidity to the customer service experiences they have had.

Don’t spend your winter warm but uncomfortable, guzzling liquid at every chance, using eye drops whenever possible, and spending a fortune on cough drops!

Buy a steam humidifier or ultrasonic humidifier and restore those balances in your home before they even have a chance to drop!

Steam Humidifier Vs Ultrasonic

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