Molekule VS Dyson Pure Cool Reviews 2024: What’s the Difference?

Molekule VS Dyson Pure Cool: What’s the Difference?

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Air purifiers have become a staple appliance for many households. Since air purifiers can clean the air of your home by removing contaminant particles like as dust and pollen, it’s no wonder they are so popular.

Air purifiers are very beneficial for people who have asthma, are sensitive to allergens, young children, and the elderly.

We all know it can be overwhelming to choose which air purifier is best for your home since there’s a large number of options on the market. So, here we will give a comparison of two of the best air purifiers you can buy today.

Molekule vs. Dyson Comparison

While both Molekule vs Dyson are reputable purifiers, they also come with their own set of pros and cons. Depending on your needs, it’s important to assess the differences between the two and see which air purifier would suit you better.

A Closer Look

Let’s break down the comparison and cover the main differences in terms of features, design, and uses.




  • It has an impeccable design and comes with an exterior aluminum casing paired with a leather handle
  • It’s compatible with your smartphone and integration is easy
  • It uses PECO (photo-electrochemical oxidation) which destroys pollutants as small as the nano level
  • Destroys particulate matters that are not usually trapped by a normal HEPA filter


  • The Molekule is lacking in speed settings as there are only three speeds to choose from. These speeds are silent, auto, and boost.
  • The boost setting is loud and you may not want to have it switched on while you’re in the room
  • Molekule only has a one-year warranty which can be frustrating if anything goes wrong beyond that period.


Molekule’s purifier is one of the more popular air purifiers available as it features a unique nanotechnology called the PECO-Filter that is meant to get rid of airborne pollutants at the molecular level. With the development of this technology, it helps to destroy pollutants that are 1,000 times smaller than traditional HEPA filters – eradicating pollutants at a microscopic scale. With this technological advance, it helps to improve allergy sufferer’s quality of life.

Either than its sleek design, it’s important to know how exactly the Molekule functions in filtering the air at your home. The Molekule, it utilizes technology to filter the air that’s even being used by NASA.

How it works

How it works is that the air first passes through a pre-filter which is similar to a traditional HEPA filter and helps to filter out particles of a larger size such as dust mites, pollen, and more. Thereafter, the air passes through the machine’s nano filter which has been coated in their Nano-PECO solution. This layer filters out smaller particulates.

Finally, a UV light will interact with the nano filter resulting in a chemical reaction that destroys all mold, viruses, bacteria, and allergens caught within the filter. This is different from the usual HEPA filtration as it destroys particulates that would normally not be trapped by a HEPA filter.

apparatus for preserving UV light

Once you’ve installed the Molekule, it will scan the air in your room and determine the air quality before doing some high-speed cleaning. Once the cleaning is complete, it will remain on auto until it detects an air quality issue or the user switches it to a different speed.

Special Features

The Molekule also comes in three different speeds of air ranging from silent to boost. During silent mode, airflow is generally low. At the auto mode, airflow is decent and while flow is stronger in boost mode, it is also significantly louder in sound.

Dyson Pure Cool

Dyson AM10 Humidifier White/Silver


  • Easy to set up and light to move around
  • It’s compatible with your smartphone and you can monitor the air quality to make sure that it’s good
  • Since the air purifier also comes with a cool fan, it’ll keep you from overheating on a warm day
  • It adjusts to the needs of your room – the air purifier will turn up and down depending on what would provide the best air quality


  • Since the Dyson air purifier is also a cooling device, it may not be appropriate for the winter months
  • While there is a two-year warranty, this warranty does not apply to the filters
  • There’s a bit of a clicking noise when the fan oscillates


Dyson which is another popular air purifier choice bases their cool purifier performance on cleaning efficiency rates. They’ve designed their purifier to focus on real home conditions rather than test chamber conditions. To facilitate this, Dyson engineers have delivered a purifying fan that senses pollution events automatically and captures the ultrafine pollutants and projects cleaner oxygen using a special technology called Air Multiplier.

How it works

While similar to the Molekule in the fact that it helps to filter the oxygen effectively, it works in a different way from the Molekule. The Dyson Pure Cool (from Amazon) purifier filters air through a filter that’s made of fine mesh material and pumps it out through a multiplier fan. This HEPA filter made of glass destroys up to 99.95% of various pollutants and anything that’s over 91 microns.

The air that it traps includes smoke, dust, mite, and various other irritants. The filter will also trap chemicals in the oxygen we breathe and remove any unpleasant smells.

Special Features

With the Dyson Pure Cool air purifier, you can also easily link it to your phone through an application to provide you with useful information. You’ll know the information of the filter life and when to change it as well as get an instant reading of the air quality indoors and outdoors along with a chart showing the air quality throughout the day and how often your air purifier was active.

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Since it has a fan setting, the Dyson Pure Cool can also help to facilitate airflow around the room. However, if your room is pretty large, you may have to turn up the Dyson Pure Cool fan settings up to the maximum level.

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Now that we’ve seen the differences between the Molekule vs. Dyson purifier, it’s safe to say that they’re both premium quality products that efficiently does what they’re supposed to do. While it’d be difficult to select between the two, the most important thing is to select the air purifier that would suit your needs best.

At the end of the day, purchasing a purifier is still an investment for your home. Hence, it’s best to do the necessary research to determine what would be the ideal air purifier for your home. You can read up on reviews online and get a better idea of what individuals who have purchased these air purifiers may have experienced.

If you have the time, it also wouldn’t hurt to head down to your local store and see how these air purifiers operate in person. After all, you do want to make sure that your investment is worthwhile!

Molekule VS Dyson Pure Cool - An Indepth Comparison

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