Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2 Review -Robust Features & Performance

Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2 Review -Robust Features & Performance

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Are you growing out of your weather station and are looking to upgrade to a professional-grade device? Well look no further. The Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2 has set the bar for accuracy and expandability.

It is the first of Davis’s advanced weather instruments. If you have not heard about this model, you are missing out and need to read this Davis Vantage Pro2 review. Use this guide to decide whether or not you should get it. 

Overview of Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2

Davis Instruments 6163 Vantage Pro2 Plus Wireless Weather Station with UV Sensor

Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2 Weather Station (from Amazon) sets a standard for how a weather station should perform in the wild.

Not only is the Vantage Pro2 their best-selling product, but it is also the top-rated in marketplaces. 

The launch of this professional weather station has forever changed the game among weather enthusiasts. New models started emerging in an attempt to compare with Pro2. 

The Vantage Pro2’s most significant feature is its expandable sensor array. It is deemed the most accurate professional weather station among other units.

The package includes the wireless integrated sensor suite and the console with a backlit LCD. It doesn’t have batteries and a mounting pole inside.


  • Multiple sensors
  • The most accurate weather station
  • Upgradable
  • Strong internet Connectivity


  • Outdated display console
  • Expensive

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Weather Station

Searching for the best weather station is not an easy task. Here are some valuable features to look for before buying one.

Multiple Sensors

The most basic weather stations have the following sensors:

  • Thermometer for measuring temperature.
  • Hygrometer for measuring the humidity.
  • Barometer to check the atmospheric pressure.
  • Rain gauge to monitor the rainfall and precipitation.
  • Anemometer for wind speed and wind direction.

Are these five sensors enough for you? Or do you need a weather station with UV sensors, leaf wetness sensors, and solar radiation sensors?


Since your sensors should work 24/7 outdoors, they should continue serving you despite harsh conditions. Poorly constructed weather stations won’t be able to do this. Low-grade plastic units will last for only less than a year. 

Look for a weather station made of solid materials with shielding for longevity. If you’re planning to buy an all-in-one sensor, make sure it’s sturdy enough. A broken sensor array means replacing the whole thing instead of just one sensor. 

Easy Installation

I suggest getting a wireless weather station for easier installation. All you should worry about when mounting the device is the maximum transmission range. But with a cabled weather station, you need to consider the distance, wiring, and the use of extension cords.


Accuracy is the most crucial factor you should consider when getting a weather station. It should give precise data reports and weather forecasts when in the correct location.

Davis Instruments 6163 Vantage Pro2 Plus Wireless Weather Station with UV Sensor, Solar Radiation Sensor and 24-hr Fan-Aspirated Radiation Shield
  • ACCURATE, RELIABLE & CUSTOMIZABLE: Professional wireless weather station with weather data updates every 2.5 seconds
  • WIDE RANGE OF SENSORS: Measure rainfall, wind speed & direction, temperature, humidity, UV and solar radiation

Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2 Features

The Davis Pro 2 wireless weather station is a cult favorite among farmers, schools, businesses, and other serious weather observers. Here are its main features. 

Accurate Weather Sensors

At a glance, the Pro2 may look like a simple 5-in-1 sensor array, just like any good weather station. However, the multiple sensors’ readings are the closest you can get to accurate weather readings. This market leader boasts of its precise readings and weather forecast.

The primary sensors include:

  • Indoor and outdoor thermometers for temperature.
  • Indoor and outdoor hygrometers for humidity.
  • Barometric senso for barometric pressure.
  • Detachable wind vane anemometer for wind speed.

The weather sensor is also expandable to add instruments for UV and solar radiation. Other additional sensors include soil moisture sensors, leaf wetness sensors, and dew points. Here are the specs of each sensor:

  • Indoor temperature: +32°F to +140°F with 0.5°F accuracy.
  • Outside temperature: -40°F to 140°F with 0.5°F accuracy.
  • Indoor humidity: 1 to 100% with 2% RH accuracy.
  • Outdoor humidity:  1 to 100% with 2% RH accuracy.
  • Barometric pressure: 16” to 32.5” Hg with 0.03 Hg accuracy.
  • Wind direction: 0 to 360° with 3° accuracy.
  • Wind speed: 0 to 200mph.
  • Wind chill: -110°F to 135°F with 2°F accuracy.
  • Solar radiation: 0 to 1800.
  • UV index: 0 to 16.
  • Rain rate: 96”/hr.
  • Leaf wetness: 0 to 15.
  • Soil moisture: 0 to 200 Cb.

Unlike some sensor units, this household weather station gives you the option to detach the sensors.

You can mount the anemometer at a higher position while the temperature sensors stay at eye level for more accuracy. You can also place the rain gauge at the right height. 

Davis also upgraded Vantage Pro2’s rain gauge to perform more efficiently in extreme rain events. The rain gauge sensor is called the “Aerocone,” and it can avoid turbulence on the gauge’s mouth. 

The anemometer also uses a cup and vane, which meteorologists prefer. You can separately mount it at a height of 33 feet for better placement and accuracy.

Update Frequency

Davis Instruments also wins the quickest weather station award with its ability to update every 2.5 seconds.

Some personal weather stations have the same refresh rate but can’t give accurate readings. Less advanced models only update every 30 seconds up to a minute. 

I don’t mind if my weather station updates every 10 seconds since I’m not a serious weather observer. But once I tried Davis’ 2.5-second refresh rate, I knew I would never go back. 

Radiation Shield 

I always look for a radiation shield when buying a weather station because I live in a tropical climate. Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2 Weather Station includes a radiation shield to protect the sensors. 

It prevents the materials from corroding due to sunlight exposure. It also contributes to the accuracy of temperature and humidity readings.

The standard Pro2 doesn’t have a fan aspiration, but the upgraded one does. The fan-aspirated radiation shield allows any heat buildup to flow out of the spot for better readings. 

This 24-hour fan-aspirated radiation shield is optional but much better than the standard shielding. You can obtain more accurate conditions with your Pro2 with the fan because it pushes away all the heat.

Internet Connectivity

Wifi connections

The Vantage Pro2 is available in wireless and wired options. The wireless weather station is more popular and reliable in transmitting data. It displays the readings on your console for up to 1000 feet. However, with the obstructions in your area, it only allows about 200-400 feet.

The wired version is also 1000 feet long. However, it’s harder to set up and connect to the console.

David Station allows you to import your data to Weather Underground and other weather services.

This advanced weather station lets you connect with three versions: Mac OS, Windows, and the internet-only version called WeatherLinkIP. 

WeatherLinkIP also has its own software, so you can download the information to your device. Just register for an account and import all information online. You can also view the data through Davis’ WeatherLink application. 

Unfortunately, this connectivity costs extra. WatherLinkIP is sold separately and plugged into the Ethernet cable of your router.

Console Display

Pro2 by Davis Instruments has a backlit LCD screen for more convenient viewing. Whether daytime or nighttime, you can clearly see all the information, graphs, alarms, and forecasts. There are also options to view the last 24 days, weeks, or years of data.

The display console isn’t fancy, but serious observers are not after the modern appearance. As long as the separate display console includes the hardware, it’s enough to work with the innovative sensor suite.

It also uses an AC adapter, although you can operate it using batteries alone. When a tropical storm causes a power outage in your home, it keeps running for up to nine months. All you need are three C-batteries. 

Like the outdoor sensors, the LCD screen has top-notch reliability. I enjoy placing it on my desk to see the information while accessing WUnderground on my laptop.


The price range of the Davis Vantage Pro2 is relatively high. However, for its quality and accuracy, I would consider it affordable. 

You would never find a more precise and upgradable weather sensor than Pro2. And the fact that it’s only $500-$700 makes it so accessible. You’re getting the best weather sensor at this price point.

What I Liked About Vantage Pro2

For me, the market-leading accuracy and upgradability of Vantage Pro2 are the weather station’s best selling point. 

The accurate home weather station’s system already makes it precise. But its ability to be detached and mounted on different locations multiplies its accuracy in readings. If you get the Pro2 Plus, you’ll get the optional 24-hour fan-aspirated radiation shield for improved precision.

I also like that the Davis Vantage Pro2 is an expandable weather instrument. It’s ideal for professionals who need a wide range of weather readings. But beginners can also purchase the Pro2 and expand when they have gained enough experience. 

This popular weather station is also expandable as it supports WeatherLink Live. These third-party services allow you to analyze weather information in many ways and predict future conditions.

What I Didn’t Like About Vantage Pro2

Despite its high-quality sensors, the Davis Pro2 does not have built-in connectivity. There’s no smart home connectivity. And internet connectivity costs more if you want weather station services. 

The interface of the backlit screen is also dated. Newer models feature sleek designs with colored trend indicators. But Pro2’s console looks old and inexpensive. 

It’s also not the typical all-around best weather station. Vantage Pro2 is not as accessible and affordable as other stations. It’s not the best investment for casual weather observers who only want to obtain basic readings from standard sensors.

Davis Instruments 6163 Vantage Pro2 Plus Wireless Weather Station with UV Sensor, Solar Radiation Sensor and 24-hr Fan-Aspirated Radiation Shield
  • ACCURATE, RELIABLE & CUSTOMIZABLE: Professional wireless weather station with weather data updates every 2.5 seconds
  • WIDE RANGE OF SENSORS: Measure rainfall, wind speed & direction, temperature, humidity, UV and solar radiation

What People Are Saying

Customers give the Vantage Pro2 Wireless Weather Station 4.5 stars out of 5 for accuracy and reliability. Individuals are satisfied with the range of sensors that offer comprehensive readings. In fact, 79% rate the product above average.

They describe the Pro2 as the perfect weather station for anyone who has a passion for weather. Both casual homeowners and farmers rely on the device for information about the current conditions. 

Most of the reviews praise the unit for its easy installation. However, most of them are already experienced weather enthusiasts. There are no statements from first-time users on whether setting up Pro2 was easy or difficult. 

Users also report that their Davis weather station has survived extreme weather conditions. It continues operating despite flash floods and strong winds. Even those that are close to abrasive saline environments can withstand the situation. 

Customers dislike the Pro2’s console, which is so “last year.” Other than that, the Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2 is an excellent weather station.

My Experience with Davis Vantage Pro2

Vantage Pro2 Wireless is a high-end weather station that makes a great investment. I have had a smooth experience setting it up and testing its accuracy. But there’s one feature I d like.


We all know that weather stations require a complex installation. But some devices are easier to set up than others, and Vantage Pro2 was one of them. If you’re an experienced weather station user, you’ll need about 30 minutes to install it. 

I read the step-by-step guide in the manual to set up the device, from mounting to connecting. If you’re a visual learner, there are several video tutorials on setting the Vantage Pro2 up.

The Vantage Pro2 is solar-powered, but I put batteries inside the instrument for backup. 


Vantage Pro2
Image Source: www.davisinstruments.com

The lack of connectivity options is a huge drawback for me. It’s not necessarily a dealbreaker since there are solutions, but I hate having to pay extra for this feature.

I bought the WeatherLinkIP to connect to the internet and import my data. I also find the WeatherUnderground on my laptop more informative than the console display itself.

I believe you will only get your money’s worth from Pro2 if you get the WeatherLinkIP and Envoy so you can get WeatherUnderground, CWOP, and other services. I use my good old laptop to access the data logger and analyze the weather conditions.

Davis can do better by manufacturing an accurate professional weather station with built-in connectivity and its own application. It would help to have a user-friendly smartphone app that allows me to remotely monitor the weather conditions at home.

Remember to install the dongle, create your WUnderground account, and test the sensors before mounting on a pole.

Testing Its Accuracy

Vantage Pro2
Image Source: www.davisinstruments.com

Accuracy is the most crucial aspect for me. I used the National Weather Service as a basis for testing Vantage Pro’s precision. Surprisingly, the readings are very similar. 

I also compared the readings of Davis Vantage Pro2 and the Ambient Weather WS-5000. Davis gives more accurate readings than Ambient.

Remember that the placement of sensors also affects the accuracy. Since the sensors are detachable, I mounted the temperature and humidity sensor four feet above the ground. Using a separate pole I bought, I hung my anemometer 33 feet above the ground. 

I regularly clean the sensor array housing to maintain Pro2’s accuracy. Maintaining the weather station is simple and the same as other devices. 

Overall, I am impressed with this rugged weather station equipment. It gives professional-grade accuracy that helps with proper weather predictions.

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Many expensive weather stations remain inaccurate and expandable, but not the Davis Instrument Vantage Pro2. It is by far the best-performing home weather station I have tried. 

No device compares to the accuracy of this integrated sensor suite. Aside from its reliable system, the sensors are detachable for proper placement and readings. It also features a fan-aspirated shield for even better performance.

You can also add more sensors to Vantage Pro2. Its expandability is the unit’s biggest selling point over its predecessors. 

If you are convinced to get the Davis Vantage Pro2, you may check its price here. For more great reviews, check out our breakdown of the TempStick.

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