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Is a Diffuser Also a Humidifier?

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In this modern age, it is quite common to often come across new and beneficial technical innovations. These inventions are revolutionary and usually, serve to enhance our lives in some way. However, there can be so many new products, that it can be difficult to tell the difference between some! Diffusers and humidifiers are an … Read more

What is The Best Humidifier for Allergies?

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Dry air and allergies: this is a story as old as time itself.  By now, you probably already know that dry air is the culprit responsible for many nasal congestions, dry cough and inflammation of the sinuses, cracked and irritated skin, and even dandruff. Needless to say, if you’re suffering from allergies, breathing dry air … Read more

How to Clean a Crane humidifier

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The summer is a great time for spending time outdoors, enjoying the warm temperatures, and forgetting completely about winter. However, this momentary pause on reality cannot last forever, and it is important to start preparing before the cold season sets in on us again. One way to get ready is by investing in a Crane … Read more

Venta Humidifier Review

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Thanks to arising technologies, humidifiers have become a must in every home where dry air is taking a toll on people’s health. While we’ve seen many average humidifying units come and go, there’s something very special about the item we’re going to review today: the Venta LW45 humidifier that also acts as an air purifying … Read more

Best Vornado Humidifier Reviews

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Vornado is known for their energy technology, starting with fans and circulators and later entering into the market with humidifiers. The brand is the brainchild of aerodynamic and energy efficient design, created over the course of three decades and changing the industry of home comfort. The company’s products have been well received since the 1940s, … Read more

The Walgreens Humidifier Review

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Humidifiers have slowly turned into man’s best friend in areas where dry air is causing major issues during the colder seasons. Needless to say, just like humidity levels above 60% can cause health issues and do some damage, very low humidity levels have pretty much the same consequences. If high humidity favors the apparition of … Read more

A Holmes Humidifier Review

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A good humidifier can go a long way if you’re having problems with dry air inside your home. A number of health complication arise when humidity levels are not in the normal range of 40% to 60%, causing problems in both short and long-term. This is an issue that many people disregard and spend tremendous … Read more