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Everything You Need to Know About Self Sufficient Living

Self sufficient Living

The idea of self-sufficient living is everywhere these days. Between the apocalypse movies and shows like The Walking Dead that have people considering the ramifications and the need for a self-sufficient lifestyle and various ideas about government crashing and needing to have a protected, sufficient home, many people have made efforts to find ways to … Read more

The Good and Bad Human Impacts on the Environment

People's hands circling the globe in white background

Environmentalism has become more than just a movement; it’s a way of life. It started as a response to the mistreatment or disregard of nature by the majority of a society embracing the industrial revolution. The truth is, there have always been human impacts on the environment, but prior to the invention and mass use … Read more

Awesome List Of Science Energy Projects

Children Experimenting

In today’s world, it’s important to understand how energy works and where it comes from. Since the turn of the 20th century and the introduction of the Industrial Era, power has been taken from a variety of resources, some of which are not renewable energy, including fossil fuels, while newer innovations have allowed for us … Read more

Is Wave Energy A Renewable or Non-Renewable Source?

Blue ocean's wave

With all the concern that’s been going around about us consuming the Earth’s natural resources, people have invested time and money into harvesting or creating newer forms of renewable energy. Such an example is wave energy, but what does it mean, and how can we harvest a natural force? What Is Wave Energy and Is … Read more

Question: Are Aluminum Bottles Safe to Use?

Woman drinking water from blue bottle in sky blue background

People all over the world are starting to become more aware of how much good they can do by simply choosing reusable water bottles instead of single use ones, made from plastic. One of the most common replacements is the reusable aluminum bottle. But aluminum doesn’t really sound like something that should be inside the … Read more

The Advantages of Organic Food

Organic Foods in an outdoor setting

We hear it everywhere we go – eat organic. Everyone seems to be talking about going organic, with diet and purchases and everything we can. And in many ways, we see every day some new way that organic food is good for you. But not all organic foods are created equal. In fact, some food … Read more

A Serious Question: Why Don’t People Recycle?

Hand holding recycling materials in white background

By now, it’s no secret that recycling is one of the most important steps in conserving what’s left of our planet. Everyone who has ever used the internet or watched TV has seen at least one alarming statistic about polluted oceans/scarcity of natural resources/cutting down trees/etc. But despite the fact that recycling is 95% only … Read more