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Determining The Best Whole House Dehumidifier

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Choosing the best whole-house dehumidifier for your home doesn’t have to be a headache. Sure, the amount of choice available in stores and online might seem overwhelming but once you understand what it is you want from the unit the decision will become simpler. I’ve put together the ultimate buyer’s guide to make sure you get all the pros and cons of different machines before making your purchase. All the whole-house dehumidifier reviews include comparisons so you know what unit will work best for your home.

4 Best Whole House Dehumidifier Comparisons

Things To Look For

Some of the top things you want to consider when buying a whole-house dehumidifier the power, energy efficiency (since you’re going to have it running pretty much all the time), noise, and durability or guarantee.


Dehumidifiers usually come with a rating telling the buyer how much water the unit takes from the air in a set period of time. This is useful as you can work out how much power you need based on the space you have inside your home.

Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is also a big deal. You don’t want to spend a fortune on a new appliance to discover it has doubled your electric bills! Most new units are energy rated and regulations dictate it must be to a certain standard – but it is still worth bearing in mind.


Noise is something else to consider. There will be a certain level with every unit but some may be quieter than others. Think about where it will go in your home and what effect the noise will have. Making sure you take this into account will save you headaches later on!

Make Sure You’re Using Your Machine Properly

To make sure your dehumidifier is running as efficiently as possible, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Keep It Clear

All dehumidifiers have an intake vent that runs the air over a filter. This vent should be clear of obstructions so don’t put it too close to furniture which could stop it from taking in enough air and cause it to overheat. Likewise, if you are fixing the unit to a wall, make sure the vent is not too close to the ceiling, floor, or another wall. A good rule of thumb is to allow at least six inches around the vent to allow for a good level of airflow.

Keep it Clean

Dehumidifiers also need regular cleaning and maintenance. Around once a month, wipe the vent and air filter clean and ensure it is dust-free. A damp cloth works best. Air filters usually need changing around once a year but this depends on the amount of work your unit is doing so it is worth checking over the filter every time you clean the dehumidifier.

The Tray

If you are using a portable unit, then clean the removable water tray regularly. Again, just wiping it out with a clean, soft cloth will be fine and it will stop water stagnating and causing a bad smell in your home.

Top 4 Whole House Dehumidifier Reviews

Honeywell DR90A2000 Truedry DR90 Whole House Dehumidifier

Honeywell DR90A2000 Truedry DR90 Whole House Dehumidifier

Honeywell is a trusted brand when it comes to electrical appliances. The international supplier and distributor launched in 1885 – so it has some staying power! Nowadays, the Fortune 100 company has a yearly turnover of $40billion.Known throughout the industry as the most energy-efficient systems, the Honeywell dehumidifiers (from Amazon) come in different sizes and powers to suit every home. All of their appliances are “Energy Star” rated which means they meet government regulations. The dehumidifiers can be installed out of the way in walls or cupboards to form part of a central heating or cooling system or the units themselves can be installed in small spaces like basements, crawlspaces, or attics where there may be a specific problem with damp. Plus, they offer a great dehumidifier for large houses. This dehumidifier is compact and the coils are coated with anti-corrosion product – meaning they should last longer. The main selling point of the Honeywell Truedry dehumidifier is its efficiency and the fact it can perform well without using too much energy.


  • Energy efficient
  • Can be centrally ducted


  • Noisy
  • Warranty only valid if installed by company contractor

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Aprilaire E130 Pro 130 Pint Dehumidifier

Aprilaire E130 Pro 130 Pint Dehumidifier

This whole house dehumidifier system works by drawing dry air from the top levels of your home into the lower levels of the property. Its sleek metal design is thin which makes it easier to hide out of the way in your home. This unit is easy to install and comes with clear instructions as well as a part checklist to make sure you have everything you need with your new unit. The bonus with this particular model is that due to the way it works, you don’t need to hook up a hose or remove and empty a water container. The summer and winter settings mean you can adjust the level it works depending on the climate and weather conditions.


  • Electronic control


  • Difficult to fix in one place due to vents
  • Unclear instructions

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Aprilaire 1850F Dehumidifier

Aprilaire 1850F Large Basement Pro Dehumidifier

Aprilaire has been making dehumidifiers and air quality solutions since the company began in 1938. And in 1954, they became the first company to create a whole house dehumidifier – so you could say this company is where it all started! This free-standing unit still has enough power and capacity to challenge even the biggest fixed units. This mechanical unit works by pulling air into the dehumidifier and then using an evaporator coil to reduce the temperature then condense the moisture in the air. One of the main selling points of this system is that it doesn’t need to be connected to ducts which makes it easier to install. It also comes with a control to turn off the unit in extremely cold weather which prevents it from frosting up. Aprilaire’s dehumidifiers come with a long guarantee and the company claims they are low maintenance.


  • Works without ducting
  • Not too noisy


  • Needs to be at 55 degrees to work properly
  • Bulky design

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Santa Fe Ultra205

Santa Fe Ultra205 205 Pint Dehumidifier for Whole Homes, Basements, Crawl Spaces

The Santa Fe Ultra205 (from Amazon) is the ultimate whole-house dehumidifier system. It is more versatile as, being portable, it doesn’t have to be hooked up to a hose continuously. Capable of removing more than 200 pints of liquid a day, its capacity is unmatched.

With an external display that you can mount anywhere, you will always know what is going on with the humidity in your home. It is powerful enough for a 5000sq foot home but still small enough to tuck away somewhere out of sight, and out of mind.


  • Versatile
  • An Energy Star rating


  • Problems with the pump experienced
  • Noisy

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So to sum up, it’s pretty clear who the winner is here, in my opinion, anyway. If money’s no object then invest in the Santa Fe Ultra205. For the initial investment, you will get a powerful system that can dry your home quickly and easily while also saving you money on your electric bills. Sure, it might be a bit more expensive than the other alternatives but you really do get what you pay for with this model, and with a five-year warranty you will be guaranteed years of use from your system without worrying about repair bills. And when it comes to protecting your home from mold and your family from health problems you want to make sure to pick the best dehumidifier for a large house.

Best Whole House Dehumidifier Reviews

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