Best Weather Station For Kids - Great Educational Choices

Best Weather Station For Kids – Great Educational Choices

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There is something wrong about teaching kids science using textbooks when they can explore the open world and learn everything it has to offer.

And if you want to teach a kid about meteorology there is no better way than with a weather station for kids.

But where to start, and which one? We look at 6 of the best weather stations for kids and cover what we like about each product.

A hands-on approach using weather instruments promotes learning better than any lecture ever could!

Comparison Table of The 6 Best Weather Stations For Kids

Why Kids Should Learn About Weather?

Kids can learn a lot from owning a weather station, whether just as a toy or an actual tool to use daily. While textbooks teach what an anemometer or thermometer is, a weather station will teach you how to use them.

This hands-on knowledge helps with better information retention and transfer. Retention refers to your child’s ability to remember concepts.

When they can demonstrate the use of weather stations, they recall concepts like wind speed and precipitation longer. They may even develop a lifelong interest in it!

The transfer is all about applying the information they learn in different contexts. Whereas textbooks only teach basic concepts, a real device can be used in actual rainfall or snow events. Kids, therefore, have a deeper and more creative understanding of how each tool works.

Besides, using kids’ weather stations is more enjoyable than doing lectures or reading. They get first-hand experience in understanding nature. What is the greenhouse effect? How do tornadoes form? What causes thunderstorms? Curious kids will get all the answers!

The most fun part is predicting the weather. When children know how to read weather observations, they make informed predictions about future conditions. Children can learn how evaporation and condensation work are four or five. Then, you can teach them concepts like temperature and humidity. Later on, they will understand how these factors affect rainfall. Simple meteorology lessons serve as a strong foundation.

What Features to Look for When Buying a Kid’s Weather Station

Kids’ weather stations are different from professional weather stations. They won’t always appreciate the complex graphs on the console or the extensive sensor arrays. Here are the essential features to look for when buying a weather station for kids.


Solar powered weather station

Do you want an actual weather station for your child? Or a realistic toy set with different experiments? Some devices only have limited sensors for temperature and humidity.

Consider what you want your child to learn. And take note that different weather station types have pros and cons. For example, toy sets may be stimulating and educational, but they don’t provide accurate readings. Thermo-hygrometers will not allow kids to learn wind readings.

You also want to look for a kit that your kid is interested in. Perhaps they want their weather station to be colorful. Or they want one with a weather journal.


Some weather kits look adorable and colorful, but they don’t provide accurate readings. They are merely made for fun and an introduction to meteorology. They may include thermometers and wind vanes, but they don’t work.

Look for a weather kit that kids can operate. They should be able to monitor how the temperature fluctuates with a thermometer. And it would be better if they learned how to obtain accurate results. 


There are two aspects under design which you should consider. First, do the colors and graphics seem appealing to children? And is it appropriate for their age?

Don’t expect your eight-year-old to enjoy the Davis Vantage Vue!

The next feature you should consider is how realistic the toy set is. You kid should know what a real anemometer with cups looks like based on their device. If you’re getting them a real weather station, make sure it’s digital with readable information on the console. 


Toys are a significant contributor to children’s development. But your child might be too young for some parts in the weather station. They might choke on these objects if they put them in their mouths. 

Any toy should follow the CPSC standards. This guide will ensure that the weather station kit you’re buying is made of non-toxic materials. 

Throw away any broken part of the toy right away. And store them in the right place when not in use.


Cheap Vs Expensive 3d Words on a scale or balance to illustrate or compare prices or costs to find the best deal, bargain, or value

The kind of weather station you will buy also depends on your budget. You don’t have to spend a lot to get a quality weather kit for kids. There are specific brands that cater to children who are only getting started. There’s no need to buy an actual device!

Top 6 Kids’ Weather Stations Reviews

Take a look at the top recommendations for weather stations for kids. These devices will allow your children to explore their surroundings and develop a love for science.

1. La Crosse Technology WS-9782U-IT Wireless Temperature Station

La Crosse Technology WS-9782U-IT Wireless Temperature

This simple temperature sensor is an excellent device for your little girl to become a weather enthusiast. La Crosse is a wireless digital thermometer that monitors indoor and outdoor temperature with a time display.

There’s a weather girl icon on the screen to show what kind of clothing to wear based on the condition. The visually stimulating icon is an ideal model for children to learn basic weather conditions. It induces their learning on whether they need a spring jacket or a winter coat!

The WS-9782U-IT also has a temperature sensor with a weather boy. There’s also an indoor station and an outdoor transmitter. And you need 3 AA and 2 AAA batteries to operate it.

You can choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit, with a 12 or 24-time display. La Crosse Technology claims to transmit temperature readings to the base unit within seconds. It has a 200-foot transmission range and weather-resistant features. 

It doesn’t record humidity levels and complex weather patterns. But everyone starts somewhere! It’s the perfect gift for kids aspiring to have a career in meteorology.


  • A colorful device with a cute weather girl figure.
  • Temperature readings are easy to understand.
  • Weather-resistant outdoor sensor.
  • Adjustable F/C settings and 12/24 time display.
  • Low battery icons show when you need to change batteries.


  • No humidity readings.
  • Batteries are not included.
  • Only 1-year warranty.

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2. 4M STEAM Powered Girls Weather Station

STEAM Powered Girls Weather Station, Meteorologist DIY Stem Toy

This complete weather station kit contains a range of toys with a girly theme. It’s a learning tool that allows your kids to learn about weather trends, climate, and the greenhouse effect. 

It contains an anemometer with three cups, two thermometers, a rain gauge, and a wind vane. There’s also a pink tray of tubes for soil and plants. Your kid will also enjoy 20 pieces of pH paper, a weather journal, a user manual, a compass, and a plastic tube.

This fun, hands-on weather station kit is 4M’s way to empower young girls to join STEM. Who says girls can’t be meteorologists? The set is pink and yellow to motivate children. The detailed instructions also make experiments easier.

Kids can assemble the weather station on their own. In just a few minutes, it’s ready for playing, experimenting, and learning! The assembled setup is 8 and ¾ inches tall.


  • Designed for girls to enjoy science, specifically meteorology.
  • The educational weather station includes complete instruments.
  • Includes a weather journal and guide.


  • Not gender-neutral.
  • Materials are not durable.

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3. Be Amazing! Toys Weather Science Lab

Be Amazing! Toys Weather Science Lab - Kids Weather Science Kit

Be Amazing! Has a weather station that encourages deep learning about basic weather concepts for kids age eight and above. The kit includes 32 tools inside that resemble an advanced weather station. It allows children to conduct over 20 fun weather-related activities. Weather Science is designed for budding meteorologists to learn about climate, tornadoes, and more. These experiments are easy to perform at home to keep the children busy and educated. 

The meteorological instruments in the set keep them occupied whether it’s raining or not! Children can also measure the temperature using a real-life thermometer. Or they can monitor the barometric pressure trends with a barometer.  Aside from monitoring real-time weather conditions, kids will also appreciate the power of nature with this toy. One of the exciting activities children can try is making a cloud in a plastic bottle. They can also form a whirling tornado inside with the tools in the kit. 

The toy set is realistic, non-toxic, and makes a wonderful gift for boys and girls. You can store them in a zippered carrying bag so they can take them outdoors for educative activities. 


  • Includes realistic weather tools.
  • Non-toxic toy set.
  • Children can perform over 20 experiments.


  • Hard to set up for kids.
  • Instructions are difficult to follow.
  • Expensive. 

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4. AcuRite 02077 Color Weather Station

AcuRite Home Weather Station with Color Indoor Weather Station Display and Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

If your kid is ready to have a personal weather station network, AcuRite 02077 is a perfect choice. It offers accuracy in weather observations compared to toy sets for younger children. The device has a color tablet for easier reading of real-time weather conditions.

The digital weather station includes an outdoor sensor to measure temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure. The illuminated LCD console displays an accurate weather forecast 12 hours from your current weather. 

02077 also calibrates itself, so kids don’t have to adjust the settings to tune in to your location. The Self-Calibrating Forecasting Technology uses a unique algorithm to determine the pressure changes and altitude. After fourteen days, the learning mode turns off, and it’s ready.

AcuRite is a stunning gift idea for older children who already understand how different weather variables work. The color display weather station has dynamic weather icons to monitor the daily weather conditions and predictions. It also indicates whether the pressure is falling, steady, or rising. 


  • Basic weather station for accurate weather conditions.
  • LCD color display makes the console look modern.
  • Broad temperature and humidity range.


  • Not for kids below eight years old. 
  • Short wireless transmission range. 
  • No advanced sensors. 

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5. Ambient Weather WS-2902C WiFi Smart Weather Station

Ambient Weather WS-2902 WiFi Smart Weather Station

Ambient is a fantastic pick for kids who want to monitor more complex weather factors through smart home connectivity. The WS-2902C allows them to monitor home and backyard weather conditions with basic weather instruments. The WiFi-enabled weather station includes a functional wind vane, wind speed cups, and a thermo-hygrometer with a radiation shield. It also contains UV light and solar radiation sensors, a rain gauge, and a bubble level. 

It’s not manufactured for kids’ use, but it’s a lovely upgrade for teens who are passionate about meteorology. The array of sensors has a 330-foot wireless transmission range, while the console’s key feature is its LCD screen.  The information that the remote sensors appear on the LCD and your smartphone. Download the AmbientTool application on the Apple App Store or Google Play to remotely monitor the everyday weather.

Ambient Weather can be an expensive weather station, but you can upgrade for additional sensors and stream conditions from its application. If you’re looking for an excellent investment for your teen, this is it!


  • WiFi connectivity with a smartphone application.
  • Upgradable sensor array.
  • Wide wireless transmission range. 


  • May not be user-friendly for kids.
  • Requires outdoor mounting using a pole. 
  • Expensive.

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6. Davis Instruments 6250 Vantage Vue

Davis Instruments Vantage Vue and WeatherLink Live Bundle with Console

Are you looking for a weather station to install at school? Davis Instruments will fit the school’s budget, especially if you get the 6250 Vantage Vue.

Davis Instruments is the best weather station brand regarding reliability, durability, and accuracy. Their Vantage Vue monitors humidity, temperature, wind speed and direction, and rainfall. It comes with a console that presents graphs, wind chill, alarms, moon phase, and dew points.

Get the Vantage Vue by Davis if you’re a teacher planning to use a quality device for weather-related subjects. It updates every 2.5 seconds and allows you to share information with third-party weather sites. 

Not only does it help in teaching science, but it also gives school administrators an idea of the current conditions at school. It can help teachers and students decide on class activities since it measures real-time data. 

The sensor suite is solar-powered in the morning. The supercapacitor offers power in the evening for continuous operation. It even has a backup lithium battery if the solar panels don’t work. 


  • Accurate temperature and other weather readings. 
  • Best for educational activity at school. 
  • Includes complete sensors. 
  • Includes WeatherLink Live Bundle.
  • Mounting hardware included. 


  • Dated display console.
  • Not beginner-friendly.
  • Expensive. 

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Wrapping Up

It’s proven that traditional lectures do not always promote deep learning. Teach meteorological concepts to your kids using weather stations designed for their age. 

La Crosse Technology WS-9782U-IT is the best choice for a kid’s weather station, followed by SmartLab Toys Storm Watcher Weather Lab and 4M STEAM Powered Girls Weather Station. 

The temperature sensor by La Crosse provides actual readings, unlike the toy set from Smart Lab and 4M. It’s also more basic and easy to understand than all-in-one sensor suites. 

Overall, the WS-9782U-I digital thermometer strikes a balance between entertainment, education, and functionality! It will nurture their love for meteorology in the years to come. For more great tips, check out our guide to the best home weather stations.

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