Best Storm Glass Weather Predictors

Best Storm Glass Weather Predictors

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Have you ever wanted an easy-to-use tool for predicting the weather in your area? No cables, no sensors, just a lovely decoration that changes its appearance according to the conditions outside. If so, I have some of the best storm glass weather predictors for you. 

Continue reading to find out which storm glass predictor is our top product recommendation for you. This guide will answer all your questions about the “must have” weather-predicting tool!

Comparison Table of the 8 Best Best Storm Glass Weather Predictors

What Is a Weather Predicting Storm Glass?

Stormglasses are weather instruments containing a chemical mixture of potassium nitrate, ammonium chloride, water, camphor, and alcohol. These 5 components crystallize to signal changes in the atmospheric pressure and weather patterns. 

These ingredients need to be in equal portions to be sensitive to minor atmospheric changes. For instance, the concentration of the chemical mixture will change in solubility when the air pressure increases. The liquid might form floating or sinking crystals or appear hazy.

Some say that you can predict the weather conditions around three days in advance using the storm glass. Many people used it in the 1700s because the more accurate barometers were expensive and inaccessible.

People had to predict the weather more cheaply to prepare for their daily activities and work. An unknown inventor made the storm glass during this century, but it only became popular in the next decade.

Who Made Them?

British Naval Officer Admiral Robert Fitzroy popularized the tool as he used it on the HMS Beagle. He was a weather enthusiast who tried to investigate how storm glasses work. From then on, people called the instrument Admiral Fitzroy Storm Glass. 

The officer was so fascinated by the storm glass that he advocated for its use in the entire UK. He even convinced meteorologists to consider this tool as one of the most accurate methods of predicting the weather. 

He published a book entitled “The Weather Book” to explain the use and properties of storm glass. But he didn’t take credit for the tool. He was aware that England and France had been using storm glasses decades before advocating for it.

Stormglasses became mere decorative items rather than weather tools in the 19th century when barometers became cheaper. If you have one at home, you probably treat it as a conversation piece or a centerpiece in offices. 

How Does a Storm Glass Operate?

Apple-Shaped Storm Glass Bottles

The storm glass works by adjusting its appearance to the ambient pressures. The purified water contains a blend of other chemicals to produce a transparent glow during fair weather. As the weather changes, the solvent crystallizes and becomes foggy.

Fitzroy used the different stages of crystallization to determine the weather trends and create a forecast chart. According to him, you can measure the barometric pressure and temperature with the same tool. 


Modern storm glasses come in different designs and mixtures, so there is no single way to read them.

It’s best to consult the instruction manual to know how to read your storm glass barometer. But if your tool has an enclosed glass container, it doesn’t measure air pressure.

The glasses work differently, depending on the bottles and solution. It’s better to seal the glasses. These weather predictors work better when partially dissolving the camphor in alcohol or water while leaving air space.

The sealed bottle contains colorless liquid while undergoing crystallization or cloud formation. The surface interactions between the glass and clear liquid may cause these reactions. The solution needs to be free from impurities to avoid complex readings. 

To Put It Simply

The basic principle is that clear liquid indicates fair weather, while prominent stars mean snowy or rainy. You can predict cloudy weather through the spreading of flakes throughout the glass. 

The threads and strands forming at the top of the liquid also have meanings. If you see these particles, it means it will be windy.

Expect foggy weather if you see floating spots in the liquid and frosty conditions for crystals at the bottom.

Are Storm Glasses Accurate?

Stormglasses are not as reliable as the accurate weather stations that are commercially available. These items do not always undergo extensive testing to check if the solution adjusts to the pressure or temperature. 

Some brands are also inconsistent with how they may storm glasses. Expect a 50/50 chance that your storm glass is correct. Whether there are crystals forming or threads at the top, take these results with a grain of salt. After all, storm glasses do not provide exact values.

Is It Enough?

If you want to be a professional weather observer who wants precise weather predictions, invest in a home weather station. A simple weather device utilizes barometric pressure to predict the weather conditions, which is more accurate than other variables. 

You can even get cool weather stations for kids so they can practice and learn all about the weather.

But if the decoration is your top priority, the Galileo thermometer is another aesthetically pleasing instrument you can try. It has colorful bulbs that give you temperature values. 

Where to Place a StormGlass

Stormglasses are perfect for indoor use only. Keep it away from windows and any spot with direct sunlight. Place your storm glass far from areas that experience sudden temperature changes and artificial wind, such as your cooling and heating ducts. 

The most efficient spot is at a certain level surface. Ensure the surface is steady and out of children’s reach to prevent the glass from breaking.

Why You Should Get a Storm Glass Weather Predictor

A weather glass isn’t only functional and historical, but it’s also an attractive decoration. Nothing beats its elegance. That’s why some people love giving it as a housewarming gift, birthday present, or a just-because gift!

It also fits most interior designs and season decors. Some say that a storm glass is a more functional snow globe. 

Can I Make a Storm Glass?

It’s possible to create a storm glass instead of buying one. It’s a fun experiment you can try that only requires a few materials. Have a container that you can tightly seal and the aforementioned liquid components.

A handmade storm glass can be a thoughtful gift for your loved one or a decoration piece for your home. Make sure to do it right so it can give you accurate predictions.

Your glass bottle’s liquid should be clear once you have mixed all the ingredients properly. It can also be as light as amber if you don’t use pure ingredients. Crystals will only form in these conditions. 

How Long Does a Storm Glass Need Before It Works?

Unlike high-tech, complete weather station tools, a storm glass doesn’t instantly work after installation. It takes weeks before it adjusts to the environment and stabilizes to give you readings. You need to wait about one to two weeks before obtaining a weather forecast.

Some storm glasses take longer because they are in the wrong spot or keep moving. Ensure that you let your weather predictor be in one place. Please don’t knock it over or transfer it from time to time.

If you want a storm glass that immediately works, make one instead! The ingredients will mix and stabilize in just a few minutes, so you can start using them right away.

Can I Reset a Storm Glass?

Yes, you can reset a storm glass since most of them need it after solidifying for a long time. This situation usually happens during a long winter season.

You can reset it by slowly heating the liquid while it’s inside the glass bottle. Carefully tilt the glass in all directions to evenly distribute the heat and prevent it from breaking.  

Are the Ingredients of Storm Glass Safe?

Yes. There’s no need to worry about your storm glass safety levels. None of the ingredients are toxic. The main components of storm glasses are:

  • Alcohol.
  • Water.
  • Camphor.
  • Potassium nitrate.

You can clean up with regular cleaning materials if you break the glass. Use gloves, tape, or a vacuum to pick up the shards. Use detergent or a combination of water and vinegar to wipe off the liquid. Don’t forget that it will take days before the smell goes away.

Choosing the Best Storm Glass Weather Predictor

There are several storm glass weather predictors you can find today. But not all of them can pass these essential qualities. Learn the factors to consider when choosing a storm glass.


Check the brand’s background before buying, especially if you’re purchasing a storm glass online. Some famous weather brands like AcuRite sell analog tools like storm glasses. You also want to check the reviews about the warranty and the brand’s customer service.  


Look for the right size of storm glass that will fit your space. If you have a huge office desk, go for extra-large devices so they can stand out in your room. A more oversized storm glass is also easier to read.

However, a storm glass with a compact design is ideal if you have a tiny space. Measure the wooden base’s length and width, along with the glass bottle’s height


It’s better to get a storm glass with a wooden base for a tighter grip and more support. But if you want a model without the bottom, make sure the glass has a thick, flat surface. This sturdy surface will allow the glass to stand up securely. 


Some storm glasses only take a few days before stabilizing, while others last up to a week. Consider how long you’re willing to wait before you can obtain an idea about the weather. The shorter the waiting time, the better. 


You also want to think about the price of the storm glass. Basic models are more affordable than those with digital hygrometers on the base. Try storm glasses with LED lights to add color to your home if you want to splurge.

Top 8 Storm Glass Weather Predictor Reviews

If you want a storm glass that would look good in your home, here are eight of the best models.

1. AcuRite 00795A2 Galileo Thermometer with Glass Globe Barometer

AcuRite 00795A2 Galileo Thermometer with Glass Globe Barometer

This functional and decorative piece from AcuRite has a beautiful design that works well for your school and office. The storm glass shows the room’s temperature and offers weather forecasting. 

The Galileo thermometer works based on buoyancy and air pressure principles. It contains glass spheres that rise or fall based on changes in the atmosphere. You will see around liquid container with an etched globe that predicts the weather on the right. 

The round device works according to Galileo’s principle. It uses the force of the atmospheric pressure by pushing the pressure down the glass spout. It affects the liquids inside the globe to give you information on whether a storm is coming or not. 


  • It has an attractive body.
  • Includes a Galileo thermometer.


  • The Galileo thermometer doesn’t work well.

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2. Kikkerland ST71 Storm Glass

Kikkerland ST71 Storm Glass

Kikkerland features a minimalist storm glass with a wooden base, which you can decorate at home and in your office. The airtight glass body has crystals for weather forecasting that do not leak. And it also doesn’t break easily because of its solid base.

The foundation is simpler yet thicker than other storm glass predictors, keeping the glass tube from becoming flimsy. At the bottom, you will see a guide that says clear liquid indicates fair weather. You’ll also know there’s a thunderstorm if you see crystals at the top.

The classic weather predictor works through Robert Fitzroy’s principles by analyzing the atmospheric pressure using the markings on the glass. It’s a wonderful gift for all-weather enthusiasts, especially those who collect vintage weather tools! 


  • Doesn’t take much space.
  • Decorative and elegant design. 
  • Simple operation. 
  • Makes a great gift.


  • Not as accurate as other storm glass predictors.

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3. Lily’s Home Analog Weather Station

Lily's Home Analog Weather Station, with Galileo Thermometer, Glass Barometer, and Analog Hygrometer

Lily’s Home is a reputable brand among storm glass weather predictors so you can count on this 3-in-1 device. It’s one of the best storm glasses with a solid frame. It’s complete with a glass barometer, analog hygrometer, and Galileo thermometer.

The glass barometer on the left resembles a globe to detect air pressure and weather changes in general. It features a beautifully etched map that makes the barometer more stylish.

The analog hygrometer in the middle gives accurate humidity levels in multiples of ten. Figure the amount of moisture in the air based on the number it’s pointing. Lastly, the thermometer has glass bulbs that provide measurements from 64 degrees to 80 degrees. 


  • Most functional analog weather station. 
  • The glass is well-built.
  • Attractive design. 
  • Excellent conversation piece. 
  • Sleek wooden base.


  • The Galileo thermometer is fragile.

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4. Christmas Snow Globe Storm Glass Water

FOXKEY Storm Glass Weather Predictor, Christmas Decoration Snow Globe Drop-Shaped Weather Forecast Bottle

This storm glass weather predictor can also be a snow globe for your Christmas decoration. Many brands sell a similar design, but F Foxkey is the most common and reliable. It guarantees you that the liquid inside is not just water because it contains different minerals. 

It produces several crystals inside as the temperature decreases. It’s both a fascinating and educational sight inside your home during the holidays! No matter how much you pay attention to the model, you won’t notice how the crystals form. 

You can also use the snow globe after the holidays as office decor. Make weather predictions based on crystal formations using this glass vessel. Even give it as an unusual gift to your friends and family. 


  • Choose from different sizes to suit your preferences. 
  • It has a sophisticated water-drop shape. 
  • Attractive handmade decoration. 
  • Amazing customer service.


  • Extremely fragile. 
  • Some items do not change despite weather changes.

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5. EON Concepts Storm Glass

Eon Concepts Storm Glass Weather Predictor - Barometer Bottle with Stunning & Colorful LED Wood Base

The best storm glass you can give as a gift is the Eon Concepts LED Teardrop-Shaped Storm Glass. The decorative weather instrument comes in three sizes, ideal for coffee tables and office desks. 

Monitor current weather conditions with this weather drop bottle by checking the liquid inside. This curvy bottle contains chemical substances that form crystal pieces depending on the temperature. Something that makes it distinct is that it sits on an LED base with seven different colors. 

You can operate the beautiful novelty piece by pressing the white button. The product has also received good reviews because of the beautiful gift box. The black gift box makes the device perfect as a wedding gift or birthday gift.


  • The attractive design and packaging make it a charismatic gift.
  • Customizable LED lights to set the mood.
  • It can withstand wear and tear. 
  • A mix of modern and antique pieces. 


  • Expensive price range. 
  • Some models failed to create crystals.  

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6. Ambient Weather B1025C Antique StormGlass

Ambient Weather B1025C Antique Storm Glass Wall Mount Liquid Barometer with Drip Cup

Ambient Weather is a famous company among high-tech weather stations. But the brand also has an analog device, the B1025C Antique Storm Glass. The traditional device works according to the concept that decreasing air pressure is the first step to stormy weather. 

It contains a narrow spout that attaches to the body under the water level and rises above it. The water inside the container rises when the air pressure is lower than when it was sealed, and vice versa.

An antique weather station is a helpful tool and a decorative gift item! The elegant design is ideal for offices, libraries, restaurants, and living rooms. Anyone who knows how to read it can accurately determine the air quality. 


  • Comes from a reliable weather brand. 
  • Provides accurate predictions. 
  • Unique shape and design.


  • Installation is difficult. 

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7. CAVALLO Mercantile Storm Glass Weather Predictor

CAVALLO MERCANTILE Storm Glass Weather Predictor with Dark Wood Base

The CAVALLO Mercantile Weather Predictor is another beautiful weather prediction glass that resembles a teardrop. But its unique selling point is its price. This 18th-century-inspired unit is slightly cheaper than other storm glasses but just as attractive and accurate. 

The weather glass may not have an LED base, but its dark wood base makes it look more luxurious than others. It’s also unique because most devices have lightly wooded grounds that look unfinished. Choose this product if you own other dark wood pieces in your space. 

CAVALLO is also available in small and large sizes. They all form crystals inside the storm glass weather station to indicate weather changes. If the crystals are on top, it means it’s about to snow. And if the crystals form a cloud, it shows cloudy weather. 


  • The unique black base fits traditional and contemporary homes.
  • Classic, simple-to-read design. 
  • Available in three sizes.
  • The artistic piece makes an elegant gift. 


  • Some items have contaminated chemical liquid. 
  • No LED lights.

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8. Apple-Shaped Storm Glass Bottles

Storm Glass Weather Forecaster, Stylish and Creative Apple Shape

Ditch the water-shaped crystal weather predictor! A more adorable design for a storm glass would be apple-shaped to fit your home sweet home. You can also give it a present to kids because of its lovely shape. But adults, especially women, will also enjoy the weather predictor. 

The weather predictor is 100% brand new and high-quality to provide precise results. Although the colorful liquid is only blue, the white snowflakes produce different shapes according to the weather. 

The large crystals mean that it is cold or will snow. Meanwhile, a hazy liquid indicates a cloudy day. If the water is just plain blue, you will experience fair weather. 


  • Unique, contemporary design for any part of the house. 
  • Affordable price point. 
  • Perfect gift for children and women.
  • Portable and easy to assemble. 


  • Only available in blue liquid. 

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With all these storm glasses on the market, it’s safe to say that you should get one from a reliable weather brand. That’s why AcuRite 00795A2 hits the charts for the best storm glasses. Unlike its runner-up, Kikkerland ST71, AcuRite has a thermometer and barometer.

The device also features an etched globe design, making it more beautiful than its plain competitors like Ambient Weather B1025C. If you’re gifting a storm glass to somebody, this model is also the perfect choice!

Overall, AcuRite 00795A2 is the most functional and gorgeous weather device you can have! But in the end, the storm glass is nothing more than home decor. It can’t beat the accuracy level and reliability of a real tool for weather forecasting. 

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