Best Humidifier for Asthma and Buyer's Guide - 2024 Reviews

What Is The Best Humidifier for Asthma? – Reviews

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Dry air can trigger symptoms in asthma sufferers and, if that’s you, it may come as no surprise. Asthma is a respiratory disease that causes your body’s airways to get narrow and the bronchial tubes become inflamed.

Sadly, there is not yet a cure for asthma, but gladly it is not fatal, you can find ways to live with it as long as you take the necessary steps to avoid triggering attacks.

Here’s a list of the best humidifiers for asthma you can get now.

Best Humidifier for Asthma Comparison

Asthma Triggers, Signs and Symptoms

Asthma triggers. Man use an inhaler.Flat icons. Vector illustration

Triggers refer to things that can cause or start an asthma attack. Some common triggers include exposure to allergens, breathing in smoke, strong fragrances, too much or too little humidity, or extreme excitement.

How would you know if you’re having an attack? In some cases, you never know you have asthma until you’re faced with a full-on attack.

In other cases, there are symptoms and signs that suggest you may be suffering from this disease. Here are the most common signs and symptoms of an asthma attack:

  • If you feel unusually exhausted after having exercised or you wake up frequently during the night with episodes of intense coughing, these are signs that you may be experiencing respiratory problems.
  • Your body starts to feel bronchospasms, which are caused by tightened airways. You could think that coughing may also be a sign of the flu, but the coughs experienced by people who suffer from asthma are more intense.
  • They often have trouble pausing to breathe, and start feeling anxiety and pressure in the chest area.
  • Other symptoms that a number of asthmatics experience include fast heart rate and breathing that are difficult to control and slow, even at rest.
  • Wheezing – a whistling sound from the lungs when breathing – and throat irritation, with or without coughing.
  • If you suffer frequent respiratory infections, you may also want to be tested for asthma.
    Any and all of these signs and symptoms can significantly affect your quality of life. That’s why it’s good to know what type of humidifier is best for asthma.

Is Dry Air Bad for Asthma

As previously mentioned, asthma attacks are caused by different triggers. There are some uncommon triggers like Gastroesophageal reflux disease, Sinusitis, sleep apnea, and hormonal changes.

Then there are the more common ones like dander, dust, mold, pollen, and of course, dry indoor air! Dry air has been known to have a very negative effect on people with asthma. Breathing in dry air causes irritation and swelling of the airway.

Your body is also triggered to produce Histamine, the body’s compound involved in inflammatory and immune responses (like sneezing, tearing, and mucus production).

How Humidifiers Help Asthma Symptoms

Air humidifier during work. The white humidifier moistens dry air. Improving the comfort of living in the home, apartment. Improving the well-being of people.

A humidifier moistens the air, something that can aid everyone, even those without asthma. Because dry air is an irritant to the respiratory system for all people, you can only imagine what it does to an asthmatic.

Consider that, to combat the irritation of breathing dry air, your body naturally produces more mucus and phlegm. Since these are problematic for someone who suffers from asthma, they’ll want to avoid such excess production.

Humidifiers have built-in filters to get rid of allergens. Some humidifiers also act as air purifiers that address concerns if you have family members who smoke or wear strong fragrances.

In addition, because you can have humidifiers that produce cool or warm mist, you can change the temperature of the environment, which can help reduce the symptoms of asthma, since the weather itself can trigger asthma attacks.

Don’t forget that dry air is also more conducive to allergens such as dust mites, pollen, dirt, and other irritants, so they are more heavily populated in the air you breathe. With a humidifier, these are less likely to be a problem, reducing the effects they have on asthma.

The Proper Humidity Levels

Humidity level glossy icon

A positive thing about humidifiers is that you can control how humid the air is, which also helps keep the space from being too moist. After all, asthma also responds to overly humid environments.

Just like those who don’t suffer from respiratory diseases have more trouble with breathing hot, humid air, asthmatics will find that their chests feel tighter and their ability to breathe and use oxygen is compromised by too much moisture in the air.

To avoid this, a humidifier can be set to a specific level, so that you can keep the optimal level of humidity. This is usually around 50 percent, whether you suffer from asthma, allergies, or other respiratory issues, or have no particular underlying conditions.

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Top 5 Best Humidifiers for Asthma Reviews

Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

50-Hour Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifiers for Bedroom 

It’s no secret that Everlasting has committed to making some of the best humidifiers that money can buy. Delivering a mist output of approximately 270 ml per hour, the 1.6-gallon water tank should suffice for a 24 hour-run unless you set the output to high mode.

This particular humidifier includes an oil tray that allows you to fragrance up the room with your favorite scents. Aside from having super cool relaxing properties, essential oils can also help alleviate cold problems, help with headaches, and improve concentrations amongst many other health benefits. The essential oils tray is located on the bottom side of the humidifier.

Because of the filter-less design, the Everlasting humidifier promises that its owner won’t have any additional costs to face. Thanks to its 360-degree rotating muzzle and the possibility to adjust the mist output, you can rest assured that you are in charge of controlling the dry air in the room and not the other way around.

Since it can reduce airborne bacteria, it can chase away some of the most common dry air-related allergy triggers, as well as improve your sleep. Rest assured that if the device runs out of the water while you’re sleeping or are out of the room, it will automatically shut down. You can choose the black or the white version of the product, to make it blend into the scenery of your home.


  • Supports essential oils placed in a designated tray.
  • Generous water tank capacity of 1.6 gallons.
  • It doesn’t require any filter changing.
  • It automatically shuts down when the tank is out of the water.


  • Inconvenient method for refilling, no handle included.

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URPOWER MH501 Humidifier

URPOWER MH501 Humidifier, 5L Large Capacity Whisper-Quiet Operation

Available in both a 3.5-liter and 5-liter water tank capacity version, the URPOWER promises to help you raise the humidity inside the room to optimal levels. The matte black body design of the product is bringing sexy back, as it looks like a once fierce humidifier. With a single press of a button, you can choose between low and high mist output which, in turn, determines how long a full water tank can keep the unit running.

Even if it’s not compatible with essential oils, it’s still a great cool mist humidifier with a lot of power. The mist output volume can go as high as 350 ml per hour. As with all the good humidifiers out there, this one also has the auto shutdown feature that turns off the device when water is no longer detected in the tank.

It’s very important to care for the humidifier as per the manufacturer’s instructions if you want to enjoy it for many seasons to come. It is ideal to clean the humidifier twice per week and to make sure that every time you refill the tank, you first pour out any remaining water from it, in order to avoid stale water that leads to mold and mildew.


  • Vert silent unit.
  • An auto-shutdown feature is included.
  • Sleep mode is available.
  • Possibility to choose between 3 different mist output settings.


  • Not compatible with essential oils

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Anypro Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Anypro Cool Mist Humidifiers, 2 Liter Ultrasonic Humidifier w/Quiet, Timing, Waterless Auto-off and Night Light Function

If you’re looking for a smaller, but efficient cool mist humidifier, the Anypro should keep you covered. Let’s start off by mentioning how cool the nightlight looks.

But this is just one of the many features of this little fellow. Let’s talk about antimicrobial materials because you are, after all, interested in a healthy unit that helps you solve some of your asthma and allergy-related problems. The entire tank of this humidifier is made with antimicrobial materials that are working hard to make sure there are fewer chances of bacteria forming inside the tank.

By rotating the dial located on the front side of the unit, you can turn the humidifier on and off. Above the dial lies a small power and water indicator. When this light turns green, that means that you’ve successfully turned the humidifier on.

If the unit runs low on water, you can notice the light turning red (and the nightlight shutting off). Upon a tank refill, the unit will automatically resume its activity and start delivering mist, but the nightlight doesn’t turn on together with it.

Underneath the dial, you can find the LED light control. By pressing this button once, you will activate the nightlight and shuffle through the colors that automatically change every 5 seconds. If you press the button twice, you will see that the night light stays on permanently. A third press of the button will switch the nightlight off completely.

There is also an aroma drawer which is specially designed for people who enjoy a little aromatherapy. Always make sure that you add essential oils to this tray and not into the water tank.


  • Features an aroma tray for essential oils.
  • The nightlight can be turned off.
  • Built with antimicrobial materials.
  • Automatic shutdown + LED indicator notification when the tank is out of the water.
  • Very good customer service.


  • Difficult to clean.

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TaoTronics Ultrasonic Humidifier

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Also on the more affordable side of the market lies the TaoTronic humidifier. With its 360-degree rotating nozzle, the humidifier can disperse mist into any direction you want, without having to move the unit a single inch.

Make sure that you never try to refill the water tank via the nozzle. Instead, you will have to remove the water reservoir from the base, twist the filter at the end of the tank to remove it, fill the tank with water, put the filter back on, and then put the tank back into the base of the humidifier.

Even if it doesn’t double as an essential oil diffuser, it’s still a great purchase because it actually does a good job of adding moisture into the air. When you turn the humidifier on for the first time, you may be wondering what that ticking sound is.

TaoTronics has added it as an audible cue that the device is functioning. There is also an LED green indicator that confirms this. This green LED will turn red when the tank runs out of water, after which the humidifier will automatically shut down to prevent any overheating of the parts.

The extra-fine ceramic filter that’s been added to the device will make sure to clean the water of impurities and deliver a healthy batch of fresh mist each and every time.

On a full water tank, the device should be able to run for about 10 continuous hours, depending on the mist output setting of your choice. As you order your own TaoTronics unit, you will receive an additional cleaning brush, as well as a filter and the user manual.


  • Automatic shutdown feature and a visual indicator.
  • Both visual and audio cues that notify you the device is functioning.
  • Features an extra-fine ceramic filter.
  • It comes with a 360-degree rotating nozzle.
  • The ceramic filter can be cleaned, no replacement is needed.


  • Hard to carry after refill (no handle).

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Air Innovations Cool Mist Digital Humidifier

Air Innovations MH-701BA Ultrasonic Quiet 1.70 Gallon Cool Mist Aromatherapy Digital Humidifier

The very first time we laid eyes on the Air Innovations humidifier we thought “Wow, that’s a very odd-looking electric toothbrush!”

All jokes aside, this is one of the best-looking humidifiers we’ve ever seen. Not sure if the unique shape or the fine chromatic finish had us convinced, but it looks absolutely amazing, no matter which of the 4 colors you opt for. But since quality and air moistening are what really interests you, let’s see if the Air Innovations unit is worth its money.

When you first receive the humidifier and unpack it, you will notice that the remote control and the mist nozzle are located right at the top of the package. Oh, a humidifier with a remote control. Gotta love that!

Since this unit is unlike every other humidifier, we should specify how to fill the water tank. As you’ve noticed in the pictures, this humidifier has a nozzle that really stands out. And every time you want to fill the tank with water, you will have to remove that nozzle.

Actually, both nozzles, since you have the extension and the dual-direction mist nozzle above the water tank. After that, grab the humidifier by the handle so you can remove it from the base. After making sure that the handle is back in place, turn the water tank upside down and remove the tank cap. Refill the water tank using cold and clean water and then put the cap back by screwing it tightly in place. Always test to see if it’s tight and make sure no water is dripping. When you place the humidifier back into its base, make sure that the notches on the water tank and the base are correctly aligned.

There’s something very cool about the display located on the front of the unit, but we can’t exactly put our finger on it. The whole unit screams elegance anyway. When you first turn on the unit, it should take about 15 minutes before you can see the first mist output. Turning the unit will automatically adjust the humidifier to the lowest setting.

The mist button will allow you to shuffle between the different modes, such as medium, high, supreme, and turbo settings. That’s 5 different output levels, almost gave us the chills. Take note that when you turn the device to turbo mode, you should use the extension nozzle.

The humidistat feature activates the humidifier to automatically detect, monitor, and control the ideal humidity inside the room. How does this work? You input the desired humidity level and let the machine do its job.

Once your desired level is reached, the device shutdowns and it automatically turns back on once the humidity has dropped below the ideal level. When the humidifier tank is out of the water, you will be notified via an icon that lights up on the display. You also hear 3 beeps and see the machine automatically shut down.


  • Auto power off when out of the water.
  • Features 5 different mist output settings.
  • Possibility to program a delayed start for the humidifier.
  • The timer that turns off the humidifier when you want it to.
  • Automatic mode allows you to set the desired humidity level.
  • It comes with a remote control that mirrors the functions of the unit.


  • More expensive compared to other cool mist humidifiers.
  • Mist creates white dust that is visible on your furniture.

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The Bottom Line

We’ll always be fans of the best humidifier for asthma which provides a wide range of features for a reasonable price. Maybe that’s why the Air Innovations humidifier has impressed us so much.

That and the absolutely gorgeous design of the unit. But it’s not just how it looks, it’s also about the many things it can do. Featuring a remote control that mirrors the buttons you see around the display, this humidifier is excellent.

There are 2 main features that stand out and are worth mentioning once again. First, we love every humidifier that allows you to input the desired humidity and have the machine work its way toward achieving that target.

The Air Innovations unit will not only turn off when the humidity inside the room is at your desired level, but it will also turn back on again if the air becomes too dry. Second, we love the fact that you have 5 different mist output settings.

The supreme setting promises to be so powerful, that there is actually an extension nozzle that’s required when the unit is set to the maximum level.

The 1.7-gallon water tank is very generous and won’t require as much fiddling with refilling it as it does on a unit that can hold less than a gallon of water. And if none of these features has impressed you so far, maybe the capacity to cover as much as 600 square feet will!

Best Humidifier for Asthma and Buyer's Guide - 2023 Reviews

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