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Molekule VS Dyson Pure Cool: What’s the Difference?

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In recent years, air purifiers have become more and more of a necessity for various households. Since air purifiers help to clean the climate of your home by removing pollutant particles such as dust and pollen, it’s no wonder that they’re so popular. Air purifiers are particularly beneficial for individuals that have asthma, sensitive to … Read more

The ProCare Humidifier Review

PROCARE HUMIDIFIER in colorful background

If you live in an area where humidity levels are high, and you have over 40% humidity inside your home at all times, then you probably don’t need a humidifier. But living in dry areas does come with consequences and they’re nothing to sneeze at (no pun intended). Owning a humidifier becomes pretty mandatory once … Read more

43 of The Best DIY Wind Turbine ideas

WIND TURBINE on sunset

Wind turbines are super cool because they are relatively easy to construct and look really great. Whether you are using it for a science project or wind calculations, or you simply want one for the home, there are so many different types that you can build or create. In this article, we’ve combined some of … Read more

All the Different Uses for Dehumidifier Water

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Using a dehumidifier is important in homes where there are high levels of humidity. It can grow extremely uncomfortable to live in an incredibly humid space, causing excess sweat, sticky feelings, and musty smells. But having too much moisture leads to more dangerous health hazards. With the use of a dehumidifier, you can easily negate … Read more

Does Your Humidifier Really Need a Filter?

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Do you find that your home is always arid and dry? Perhaps you sometimes notice your skin is becoming drier than normal? The cause of this might be the fact that your home has not found a proper balance in the levels of humidity required for a correct atmosphere! A humidifier is a wonderful invention … Read more