Molekule VS Airocide: What’s the Difference?

Air purifiers have become more and more of a necessity in households in recent years. It’s no surprise that everyone wants to get hold of an air purifier as there are certainly multiple benefits to having one in your home. Air purifiers can get rid of unpleasant and unwanted odors in the home and are also beneficial to your health.

The filters within the air purifiers help to destroy pollutants in the air that would otherwise be detrimental to your health. These nasty pollutants can be harmful to individuals with weaker immune systems or those already suffering from serious respiratory conditions like pneumonia and chronic bronchitis. With an air purifier, they’ll help to eliminate these pollutants and also help individuals with respiratory conditions such as asthma, hay fever, sinusitis and more.


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​Molekule VS Airocide

Now that we know why it’s so important to have an air purifier, the next step is selecting one that’s suitable for your home. With so many air purifiers on the market, it can be overwhelming. Here, we take a look at a detailed comparison between Molekule and Airocide – two of the most popular air purifiers on the market.

Molekule and Airocide are both fantastic air purifiers, however, they also come with their own set of positive and negatives. It’s always helpful to know the pros and cons between the two to help you in making your final selection.




  •  It has a sleek design and comes with a fancy exterior aluminum casing with a leather handle
  • You can easily integrate Molekule with your smartphone and control it remotely
  • With its special PECO (photo-electrochemical oxidation) technology, it can eradicate pollutants as small as the nano level
  • Molekule is made to handle larger rooms and can replace the air in a large space evenly and efficiently
  • There are two filters that need to be replaced within the Molekule. The pre-filter every three months and the PECO filter every six months
  • There are only three- speed settings on the Molekule –  silent, auto and boost. The boost setting is also known to be a little loud and may not be a setting that you want to be switched on while you’re at home.
  • There’s only a one-year warranty for Molekule so there’s no protection for anything that goes beyond that period.


  • Made of impeccable design that melds with advanced technology.
  • Easy to set up with a built-in light sensor that will adjust to the low setting when the room darkens and back to high when the room brightens
  • You only need to change the reaction chambers once a year – in comparison to filters that need to be changed multiple times a year
  • Can be used in rooms of any size and cleans the air 24/7
  • You cannot integrate Airocide with your smartphone
  • There are only three speed settings on Airocide – low, high and auto.
  • It’s also known to produce a relatively loud and high-pitched sound
  • Airocide focuses on eliminating
  • gaseous pollutants and airborne microbes only. It does not remove particles above 0.1 micron

​Let’s Take a Closer Look

While typical air purifiers usually use HEPA filters, Molekule’s air purifier has gone one step further and utilized a cutting-edge nanotechnology called the PECO-Filter. This PECO-Filter eradicates pollutants at a much smaller level in comparison to HEPA filters – 1,000 times smaller, to be exact. By being able to destroy air pollutants at the molecular level, it’s no wonder that Molekule’s air purifier has gotten raving reviews.

Airocide, another popular air purifier on the market, uses NASA technology to filter out pollutants. What sets Airocide apart, is that the air purifier doesn’t use any filters. Instead, it has a reaction chamber that destroys bacteria, viruses, pollen, mold spores and virtually any VOC that comes in contact with it. This means that there are also no filters that need to be changed and instead, the reaction chambers just need to be switched out once a year.


While the Molekule is most definitely sleek in design, it’s also powerful in function. This model uses a unique patented technology called PECO (‘photo electrochemical oxidation’) that eliminates indoor air pollution and eradicates pollutants on the molecular level.

This innovative technology utilizes the same radicals used to kill cancer cells – free radicals– to oxidize these pollutants. What this means is that it’s able to get rid of pollutants that are upwards to 1,000 times tinier than what traditional HEPA filters can destroy.

​Molekule takes four steps to provide clean air to your home. First, it starts off with a 360-degree air intake to absorb in the surrounding air from every single angle. Thereafter, the air that’s been absorbed gets pushed through a pre-filter. The pre-filter helps to trap allergens that are larger in sizes like dust and dander while slowing down VOCs before they reach the -PECO-Filter. Then, at the PECO-Filter, a UV light activates a nanoparticle-coated filter that breaks down molecular components.


Once that’s done, harmless molecules are dispersed into the air rendering the air around your home to be pollution-free.

Once the Molekule has been properly installed, it will scan the air in your room and performs high-speed cleaning before it remains on auto until an air quality issue is detected. You can also connect the Molekule to your Smartphone and control it remotely via the application.


Airocide also comes with a sleek design. However, the technology that Airocide uses is different from that of Molekule. Airocide uses a type of filterless technology called the Airocide Photo-catalytic Reaction Chamber.

​This technology was originally invented by NASA to eliminate ethylene gas. They needed a way to completely clean the air with minimum power consumption. Since 1998, this technology has been used for commercial purposes and Airocide is now a household name.


With Airocide’s technology, it takes in organic pathogens that are airborne like mold spores, fumes and allergy triggers from VOCs. Then, it proceeds to purify the air. To do this, it disperses the pathogens across hollow glass tubes that are packed densely together. When the pathogens come in contact with these glass tubes, they become broken down at the molecular level. This process is called oxidation and is both safe and effective.

Airocide is also simple to operate and eliminates virtually 100% of your home’s VOCs, reduces exposure to top allergens and prevents individuals in your household from breathing in airborne pathogens that may result in illness.


After reviewing the differences as well as the pros and cons, I’m sure you’ll agree that both Airocide and Molekule are premium air purifiers that use cutting-edge technology. Since both air purifiers are of such high-quality, it can be difficult to select between the two. Hence, it’s important to select the air purifier that suits your individual needs best.

As highlighted before, having an air purifier in your home comes with many additional perks. However, at the end of the day, purchasing an air purifier is still a long-term investment. To make sure that you purchase the right air purifier, you can go online and read reviews on people’s experience. If you have any health conditions, you may want to speak with your healthcare professional to get some advice on which air purifier may suit you better.